Gregory Johnson reviews the basic diagnostic steps for a Mediacom Scientific Atlanta 2100 cable modem. These instructions are also helpful for other cable and DSL modem issues.
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  • TheTrainIsCominggggg:

    My E2100 modem gets cut off all the time when voltage is set at 50.0 something

  • Sniperboy3454:

    Yeah i have the cisco from medicom and im in the middle of multiplayer on line on my 360 and my modem like turns off and resets its self can anybody help but i give off rele good connection just cant keep it and help

  • camboy1132:

    At&t cap 150gb month, switch Media-com cable they just started meter June 1st shows how much data you use. so will we have to go to a coffee house and use there wifi? also you button on your shirt is going pop off any day.

  • camboy1132:

    At&t cap 150gb month, switch Media-com cable they just started meter June 1st shows how much data you use. so will we have to go to a coffee house and use there wifi?

  • metallicafan1129:

    Now my modems power light wont come on, but my pc light is on and its plugged in, I have no idea wats goin on, can anyone help?

  • acaftermath:

    is this modem better? or the motorola sb101?

  • Estrangeftw:

    i have that modem aswel..im wondering hoow 2 open ports on it..=/

  • resourcesforlife:

    If it is powering itself off, you may have a problem with your power strip. Try a different outlet. Surprisingly enough, some surge protectors can get faulty. It could also be that the unit is overheating.

    I’d recommend calling your provider and describing the problem to them. I know in our area, customers can pay a small amount more to purchase a very nice high quality modem instead of the refurbished and recycled units that are unpredictable.

  • suecra13:

    I have this modem too, but with Road Runner internet service. Instead of that, it’ll turn of while browsing, or online gaming, or ANYTHING online. It’ll just have the PC light and the Power light on. Then it’ll just come back on, after an undetermined period of time. Sometimes minutes, sometimes hours. Any tips? We got a new box too, and it’s starting to do the same thing now.

  • lfpj1400:

    just connect ethernet to the back of your xbox and put reset on the back

  • habbomanish:

    Atlanta is the best, i mean the modem.

  • bunny120700:

    hey can i connect my xbox 360 to it because i have one of those 2

  • resourcesforlife:

    If you have the same service provider (MCHSI or Mediacom High Speed Internet) you’ll need to contact them for instructions on how to make it work with your computer and the game box.

  • jordynitro:

    any idea on how to activate my connection ? and what is Mediacom ?

  • resourcesforlife:

    You’ll probably want to contact Mediacom. The easiest hookup, that’s usually software and setup free, is to plug in the Ethernet cable. Perhaps their box is messed up. Remember that you normally need to do this: (1) turn everything off and disconnect power, (2) power everything back on. (3) Then the box recognizes your computer. Also, some Mediacom systems require that you activate your connection.

  • jordynitro:

    Hey, i have the same modem, and only the usb cable will work with my Pc. it goes on local area conection and starts fine. when i use Ethernet it doesnt say anything and i want to use ethernet so i can connect my xbox up aswell. any idea?

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    thanks for information….

  • tom:

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