A Challenge for Paperless Distribution

A Challenge for Paperless Distribution

(PRWEB) January 15, 2005

Over the years, many technology experts have predicted the time when offices and companies won’t anymore be burdened by the amount of documents needed to keep it running. However, with the steady growth of technology and advancement in document management, many seem to be more comfortable with the mix of electronic and paper materials available to manage our day-to-day activity.

Many kinds of office documents are largely responsible for this phenomenon. With documents today evolving to multi-functional materials, even the steady hand of technology manufacturers that guide us to “paperlessness” is not enough to detour consumers with what they really need.

There are advertising flyers, memos, newsletters, reports, presentations, and figure tables that need to be reproduced. More business transactions seem to be done on paper than in any other medium. In addition, more have asked for materials done in a thousand more colors, styles, and texture. It seems that instead of lessening the paper printing industry, it has boomed in direct correlation to the advancements of the computers and the Internet. As an article on the web said, technology is not making paper documents obsolete. Rather, it made printed documents evolve right along with it.

How is this possible? According to Xplor International president, “Paper-based documents, which accounted for 90 percent of document production in 1995, will only account for 30 percent in 2005. In the meantime, digital technologies will dramatically increase access to information and drive up the number of documents used by the companies. The end result will be an overall increase in printed documents…”

Access to information worldwide, the steady increase of digital documents, and the ever-expanding base of documents used in various organizations. These seem to ensure that printing outfits out there would have a constant supply of clients and customers in the years to come.

So take heart. Digital technology ensures a steady source of income for many years more.

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