A Security Expert Says Get A 2nd Offline Computer!

Most home computers have malware or spyware in them.
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33 Responses to “A Security Expert Says Get A 2nd Offline Computer!”

  • Randy Simms:

    From Microsoft:
    Whether you manage computers in a school computer lab or an Internet café, a library, or even in your home, this software helps make it easy for you to keep your computers running the way you want them to, no matter who uses them.

    Steady State Folks Try it.. Dare to Track it’s contents. After Logoff

  • bilaal:

    100% is wright the information in your computer is open no matter wat.

  • stripcam:

    I use mac os x as a 2nd installation on my windows 8 / mac os x boot up, it’s based on freebsd unix and while there are mac os x virus’ this os x has never had a virus in the 8 months I’ve been running it.

  • BendingRealityTV:

    Thank you!

  • fatfantastic:

    When the police want ot tap your computer, you will see a man poking around in the green TELEPHONE EXCHANGE BOX, at the end of your road.

    Thats what its there for. Complete conrtrol and visibility over your calls and internet.

    There are people on your road, right now, spying on you, on behalf of the british and foreign govts.

    They can see what you can see, on your screen, and they can watch everything you buy, sell, anything they want !

  • frankz00:

    Heck yeah keep a second offline computer. Sneakernets are coming back in a big way! US government is going to destroy the tech industry in USA like they did the other industries they’ve already ruined!

  • may causebleeding:

    Wasn’t Windows so popular with TPTB because there was a backdoor left in the system even after multiple ‘security’ updates?

  • AndrejGregus:

    wifi card physically disconnected would be good idea too, plus if one has smart meter or if someone uses ethernet over powerline, it would be safe to run comp from baterry or from ups, to avoid possibility (not sure if it is possible) of being accessed that way besides mentioned core v-pro intel cpu-s w/ 3g chips

  • Sol Cuddeback:

    Like the gentleman said, use a bootable CD and run the Linux OS in a ram disc. No need for two machines.

  • TheTempacct:

    You can get a small Internet ONLY computer for $50!

    If you’re an acitivst your system will be compromised and messed up; it’s STUPID to not have a second CHEAP/DELETABLE system.

    Google “Raspberry PI” for a $25 computer; Beagle Bone is $45 and FASTER.

  • gurnstein:

    I’ve used Linux for a few years now, but I’ve not locked down my system really. I use Firefox with security add-ons and browse with Startpage but that’s all. The thing is a lot of people often ask me to sort out problems on their computers,nearly all Windows, because they don’t have a clue. I’d say that would account for the vast majority of online users, so the NSA and other spying services will get their data.

  • Charles Bronson:

    If you like a locked down system, get ready for systems that only run Microsoft OS – “Secure Boot”. Malware is history except for the government that can afford to have their application signed. Also, TOR is run by intelligence services.

  • JaskanFactor:

    If there was the technology to do this, we wount find out till another century, but it could well be insinde intel IP now.

  • JaskanFactor:

    All this sounds like damage control, cause we may yet be on our way back to the jungle, as its starting to look like every single aspect of technology that makes our lives easier could also be used against us.

    So drop Skype and try Peer to peer instead, and they will follow you there, until you return to the forest canopy, and then you can see them below watching and waiting.

    I can hear All the birds and bees saying “its about time”

    Snoopers Paradise, for those who get off on other stuff.

  • Tom Sullivan:

    Can you explain how a 3G chip will work inside a sheet metal case?

  • marniespeaks:

    manufactures have ways that they rigged the computer hardware and scan your computer remotely – you don’t need to be connected to the net

    you’d need a very old computer to by pass outside access and if you use a flash drive from the new to the old then back to the new they’ve read your old hard drive.

    you can encrypt everything, but if they can’t break now they will eventually. your computer will tell them how.

  • The Gnostic Truth:

    This guy is bloody honest.

  • elektron2kim:

    The problem with 2 systems on one computer, is that the booting mechanism can be hacked / infected with a virus relatively easy from the Windows part, so the entire system can become unable to boot up. It makes some sense if always using the internet from the Linux part, though.

  • AndrejGregus:

    intel v-core pro and sandy bridge cpu-s allegedly got 3g chip inside, so through there they could access your comp even if not connected to internet by LAN etc

  • Invesigator:

    A rule of thumb: convenience is the opposite of what is ‘right’.

  • Invesigator:

    This is a very valuable video. My appreciation for Morris.

  • joel1923:

    Buy a typewriter. They are still made in many countries, and you can also buy reconditioned ones.

  • ResistEvolve:

    Snowden supposedly had a confidential email service, I read recently. But the owner of it was threatened, and he decided to close it down rather than betray his subscribers.

    I know many are questioning a lot about Snowden. Lavabit was the service, and I think it was legit.

  • Abu Ismael:

    If you have a secret then never voice it or type it.

  • erendili:

    Correct, you don’t need 2 computers. But a smarter way would be to install linux or bsd on your computer and run a virtualized os (windows, os x) on top of it. On any suspicion you can always rollback your virtualized os to a known clean state in an instant.

  • BloodRising26:

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