Autism And The Impact Of Computers And Technology

In this video I share my story of where my fascination with technology and computers stems from. I discuss how technology has evolved over the years. I talk about the “techno fright” I once had and how somebody very special came into my life to help me overcome that. Later I go on to talk about a major computer crash that I had and how that was solved. In my honest opinion I think people with autism are actually affected more profoundly by these computer crashes than quote “normal” people. I couldn’t have solved my computer dilemma without the help of an online technician named “RL” In the end I mentioned three technology dreams that I have! Enjoy this video! Dianne PS. I didn’t mention every single detail of my computer crash but I mentioned enough to give you the “gist” of it.
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This atypical topic for the Brookdale Computer Users Group (BCUG) was a serious discussion on the computer connection with human spirituality. Oft referenced were the generational differences as they apply to computers and technology and how we each interact with machines: from the printing press, to radio, and to social media. (Length: 50 minutes; Size: 11 MB; Audio: Excellent for the most part)
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