Biometric Time and Attendance: New Cloud Based Software For Managing Multiple Departments

Biometric Time and Attendance: New Cloud Based Software For Managing Multiple Departments

MinuteHound Cloud Based Attendance Software

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 02, 2013

Businesses all over the United States are looking for money-saving solutions without sacrificing productivity or efficiency. Through a combination of factors, including timecard fraud, inefficient payroll reporting and inaccurate data entry, among others, firms lose more than an estimated $ 148 billion every year. In fact, “buddy punching” and schedule exceptions alone cost the average business roughly five percent of its total payroll (according to the American Payroll Association).

The MinuteHound system consists of a set of fingerprint scanners and a software suite designed to work together in order to gather employee timecard information. The system is job-description neutral because every employee is expected to clock in and out using his or her fingerprint. The scanners are plug-and-play, so there is little, if any, training cost involved. The employee simply swipes a fingerprint when arriving or leaving work for any reason. The employees’ fingerprint data is not stored on the scanners themselves, nor on the computers to which they are connected, so there is zero chance the system will compromise the employees’ identities or fingerprints. MinuteHound has 128-bit encryption technology built into the system, and the program fragments the fingerprint data into four packets. Then, it sends each packet to a separate server in a different location.

MinuteHound’s new cloud-based software allows managers and others responsible for managing timecard data to access it from any computer that is connected to the internet. Its advanced protocols even send an email or text message to the appropriate party when an employee arrives late or leaves early from an assigned shift. Both of these are distinct advantages in today’s global marketplace because managers and payroll specialists have instant, real-time access to the information. Possible savings from these features include cutting unneeded overtime costs and not losing productivity because of delays in calling in extra help when it’s needed. The system also saves paper and is environmentally friendly.

The MinuteHound Biometric Fingerprint System works with a company’s existing computers, so the startup costs are minimal: According to the company’s website, each punch clock costs $ 99.95, and each site only requires one scanner. The system is flexible, and the company claims it can collect and collate data for 50,000 employees or more. MinuteHound has such confidence in its product that it offers round the clock technical support at no charge. The company also has a money-back guarantee and promises to cover return shipping costs if the products are returned.

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