Computers for Seniors

Here’s a program to teach senior citizens how to use computers and the internet to help them stay connected.
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Learn More at here: or call 888-230-388 Telikin Holiday Special on CBS and CW Networks 2010 Telikin is a simple and easy to use touchscreen computer that combines video chat, photo sharing, email and many more popular features into a sleek, touchscreen device. Originally designed as a “senior computer” (a computer for seniors and baby boomers), the Telikin has also proved popular with families, children and individuals looking for an easy to use computer or PC or Mac alternative. The Telikin Computer’s easy to use interface, large touchscreen (LCD), and features like video chat, email, safe web browsing, games and more make it a great senior friendly computer and popular PC alternative for baby boomers, families and children. Features like easy to use video chat, photo sharing, email, contact and calendar syncing, a word processor, games, Facebook syncing and much more make a Telikin Computer an excellent family communication center as well as a great computer for mom or dad. Photo albums automatically sync with Facebook accounts to display photos on your wall right within the built-in photo viewer! No need to login and go to the wall to share and view photos of loved ones, just touch the screen and view Facebook photos right from the albums screen! The easy to use video chat, like all the Telikin’s features, are easliy accessible by the click of a mouse or single touch of the beautiful widescreen LCD touch display. Simply touch a contact

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