ComputerZen Urges Brisbane Families To Improve Computer Security As AFP Swoops

ComputerZen Urges Brisbane Families To Improve Computer Security As AFP Swoops

ComputerZen Director, Toby Hazlett

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (PRWEB) June 03, 2014

Over the last twelve months, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) as well as state police have made arrests and issued cautions to people suspected of suspicious online activity. Brisbane IT ( company, ComputerZen, has revealed that many of these people are not who most would consider criminals, but instead were young people who were able to access websites with connections to criminal activities.

“We know that many people are concerned about online security to the point where they are even reluctant to transact through online banking” said Toby Hazlett, Director of ComputerZen.

“And it is right to be concerned – but not afraid. There are measures that can be put in place to protect your computer, and we are strong advocates for every computer having a correctly set up Firewall. These must have the appropriate level of security, and ensuring this is one of the ways that we help our clients.”

Unsuspecting Cybercriminals

Of even greater concern to the ComputerZen team, however, is the possibility of criminal charges being laid against web users who inadvertently access crime-related sites.

“Adults’ browsing activity, and that of their staff or the young people in their homes, if not properly safe-guarded, can leave them susceptible to not just computer viruses, but to criminal charges as well.”

Mr Hazlett is urging all businesses and households with computers to re-evaluate the security measures they have in place, and to take appropriate action to safeguard their data – and the reputations of their family members.

“For many young people hearing about how to access ‘forbidden’ sites is a thrill and a challenge” he continued. “But very often, if a website is hidden and only accessible through very creative means – well, let’s just say there is a reason for the cloak and dagger secrecy. It is very likely that the people behind those websites are engaged in illegal activities and by accessing those sites you become connected by association.”

‘Goner’ Virus

The ComputerZen team is often called to homes and businesses following problems resulting from computer viruses. The most recent one, known as ‘Goner’, arrives via email and, if opened, will begin its attack on the computer’s email system.

“We urge people to not open this email, but should they fall victim to this, or any other virus, to call us immediately so that we can mitigate any data loss, and get repairs under way” said Mr Hazlett. “It is often at times like this that we discover poorly set up or non-existent Firewalls.”

For more information on how Brisbane households and businesses can improve their computer security, the ComputerZen team welcomes your call on 1300 266 936.

About ComputerZen

ComputerZen is a Brisbane based Information Technology company providing reliable IT solutions to an area from Coopers Plains in the South to Bracken Ridge in the North.

The company’s services include computer repairs, data recovery, internet security and networking for both homes and businesses. Known for reliability and transparent pricing (with a No Fix No Fee Guarantee), ComputerZen also offers weekend and after hours callouts.

ComputerZen can be contacted by phone on 1300 266 936 or to arrange an appointment visit

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