Cutting the Middle Man Out – Affordable Technology for the “Green” Consumer

Cutting the Middle Man Out – Affordable Technology for the “Green” Consumer

Retail technology at wholesale prices

Long Island, NY (PRWEB) May 08, 2011

As consumers we have come to terms with the fact that in order to purchase almost any product whether a shaving razor or an SUV somewhere along the line there is a distributor, agent, or sales representative standing between you and the source of that commodity. Wouldn’t it be ideal that if instead of haggling for hours with a car salesman over inflated prices one could just walk up to the factory and pay the just price?

For the past decade National Computer Liquidators has been supplying the largest technology resellers in America with refurbished computers that ultimately end up in the homes and businesses of those who are seeking more affordable computer hardware solutions. Now the company is making an aggressive push to deliver these same quality products directly to the consumer through its new venture Innovative Computer Products.

When asked about the challenges of transitioning a business focused on wholesale distribution to that of retail outlet centered around one on one customer service Vice President of Sales Richy George responded “In reality the infrastructure is in place already. Our plan is to shift the focus of our quality representatives, and build on the positive reputation we have developed with our enterprise clients and wholesale partners”. He added “The greatest challenge right now is getting the word out that this opportunity to purchase cheap computers,laptops and other computer equipment exists. Our staff is well prepared and knowledgeable enough to comfortably handle the customer service and logistics associated with the transition”.

It is not to say that National Computer Liquidators will cease delivering massive quantities of refurbished apple computers, refurbished laptops, and other used other computer equipment through wholesale channels rather Mr. George continues “We will still distribute through our partner channels, but our focus today is to offer the business and consumer community an affordable means to connecting to the internet and meeting all other possible computing needs. “

Innovative Computer Products is able to offer such competitive pricing by acquiring their entire inventory of used computers directly from primary sources. The retired and off-lease equipment is acquired from businesses liquidating computer equipment in bulk quantities. The equipment is thoroughly cleaned, repaired, refurbished, tested by experienced and skilled technicians, guaranteed to perform like new, and given an industry leading warranty by Innovative Computer Products.

When discussing the overall business model Mr. George commented “It is truly an environmentally responsible business, we are working hard every day to ensure technology is reused and the public understands the value in avoiding careless disregard of perfectly sustainable technology”.

The consumer clearly benefits when offered the opportunity to connect directly with the source of any product, and today’s socially responsible buyer is sure to be won over by the idea of saving “green” while being “green”.

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