Data Center & Internet Hub Cuts 75% of Google Adwords Budget with Social Media

1102 GRAND, Kansas City’s information center and World wide web hub, saw a 200-300 percent boost in its site and blog visitors, and cut 75 percent of its Google Adwords budget. The marketing ROI is portion of an ongoing social media campaign with Jennings Social Media Marketing and advertising ( Darren Bonawitz, principal of 1102 GRAND, said that Jennings Social Media Marketing helped 1102 GRAND have a far better perspective of on the web marketing and advertising techniques. “We had been in need of advertising and marketing professionals and that is specifically what we found in Jennings Social Media Marketing and advertising. We have worked with Jennings Social Media Marketing for roughly two years. In that time 1102 GRAND has had an improve in site visitors, saved 75 percent of the budget on the Google Adwords campaign, been requested for more interviews than we can manage and been in a position to realize substantial quantifiable outcomes via extra revenue,” stated Bonawitz. Bonawitz added that the focus on social media is really advantageous. “Jennings Social Media Advertising and marketing implemented many facets of social media marketing which includes Facebook, Twitter, e-newsletters, weblog, case studies, organic search engine optimized press releases and Net videos. Social media is such a important tool simply because it is continuously working. We have had so numerous great results, and it is hard to argue with outcomes,” stated Bonawitz. 1102 GRAND is a Midwestern carrier hotel and network neutral collocation facility specifically enhanced with the infrastructure
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