DirectTV Direct Cinema How to Hook Up DECA Internet Connect to TV Watch Youtube

Why do you want this little box? Well, it let’s you watch Youtube videos on Directv. The quality is descent. After spending about three hours on the phone an…
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  • MrOggy77:

    Its so you can access On-Demand, youtube and pandora, and a few other things.

  • AirMaxPenny:

    What does the DTV box use the internet for? I have had this unplugged for months and haven’t noticed any difference. Just curious what I am missing.

  • Jack Hammer:

    THANK YOU!!! Weeks of trying to figure out what happened! 1:46 later, good as new! Thank you for a very valuable video!

  • Bonnie Campos:

    hi,The HR44 has a wifi built in deca so you would have to wait untill it downloads your youtube and pandora on you genie HR44..

  • Travis Augustine:

    talk about fire hazard

  • Matt J:

    You are a hero! Thx for posting this. I completely forgot about the SWM splitter.

  • Austin Gridley:

    The HR44 is not available in all markets. The HR34 does not have wifi and that is the “Genie” in many markets. The HR34 and HR44 are both considered the “Genie”.

  • TheCarWashChannel:

    No, you’re wrong. The HR44 has WiFi. I looked it up.

  • Austin Gridley:

    You would need a Cinema Connection Kit. It does the same thing with Wifi.

  • Austin Gridley:


  • Austin Gridley:

    No. You need the cinema connection kit. The genie only has ethernet.

  • TheCarWashChannel:

    The genie has wifi, right?

  • TheMikel302:

    DECA simply stands for DirecTV Ethernet to coax adapter. It takes your cat 5 and turns it into a coax cable. All his set top boxes meet up at his green label swim splitter and so does the deca. So now the internet will travel back to his hddvr which may have an internal DECA hr24 or hr34/44 or an external DECA hr 23 and below to convert it back into cat 5.

  • vinnyz3:

    just 2 days ago, they gave me a free wifi one. I cant watch youtube and etc, but im still trying to find out how to connect the media on my laptop.

  • Brandon Bailey:

    Ok what do I do if my router and dvr box cant be in the same room?

  • Ronnocbot:

    Does it give internet? Free?

  • Bill Page:


  • Nick L:

    Hi Dragon
    Would it be possible to get some help to resolve a problem i am trying to solve in regards to the DECABB1MR0? May be you can email me at or provide a way to contact u

  • faceones ok:

    it dont go that way whoever this is did it wrong way

  • Oscar G:

    You no longer need to run a cat 5 and a Coax line to the receiver comes in handy for older houses

  • Oscar G:

    It’s so

  • David Wild:

    you’re so right no one at DirecTV knows with that for. I was sent at Genie without the deck hook up so when I tried to watch my shows in different rooms of course they did not work. I called DirecTV, 5 phone calls later I got someone that knew what they were talking about. Plus charge me 35dollars for it after I just paid $334.00 for the genie. because I was a customer of DirecTV for 10 years I could not get an upgrade so I had to purchase the genie myself.

  • Dragon Steel:

    PART 2: The green label basically means that the MOCA frequencies will not interfear with the SWM frequencies for the satellite signal. White labels to work but introduce potential failures in the MOCA system. The MOCA system is also what makes the “whole home” possible due to the low frequency nodes (there are 16 nodes available, each MOCA device uses one node). You can power receiver decas with power inserters and use them to transmit internet over your cabling to computers. Not DTV approved.

  • Dragon Steel:

    I am a guy who has installed more than 10,000 of these, I literally know everything about them. The are simple, they are called a DirecTV Eithernet to Coax adapter (DECA). A SWM system is required and if you have any receivers less than the model H24 and HR24 your receivers will require Receiver DECA’s as well for them to connect. This does connect directly to the cabling, you have that right. The splitters and LNB must be green labeled indicating they are capable of passing MOCA frequencies.

  • Alexofdark94:

    Do i need to set it up on the device like access code etc?

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  • Bill:

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