Ebook DRM and the Internet Library – Self Publishing 2.0

Ebooks aren’t paper books, and library models that ignore their differences may force publishers to use restrictive DRM.

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  • RelatedGiraffe:

    I think it would be a bad idea to base the license on the IP, since IP numbers can change over time. Why not just base the licenses on the different accounts (logins)?

  • BFResearchSE:

    Good points Morris. I am thinking about just putting up a website with login where people can read the book and the license is based on the IP. The pages would not be printable but could be viewed online by the user. If they give away their user name, it does no good because the login recognizes the mismatched IP. I still need to discuss this model with a website developer but just what I am considering.

  • internettopmentor:

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  • Tytonnis Reldas:

    Good information for a beginner like myself in understanding the pitfalls of self epublishing and DRM.

    I firmly believe that artists/authors should be paid for their craft but the current digital media does not recognize the legal user/purchaser to allow the user to move, copy, print between other systems legally without making additional purchases.

    Without the freedom to move content between devices the current DRM seems too restrictive for “fair use” to the consumer.

  • fonerbooks:


    Laws and legal action are the only protection, DRM is all crackable – it’s more like a bicycle lock.


  • Jimmy MG Lim:

    quite interesting so DRM is the only way to protect authors and publishers then? perhaps some model would exist so every copy can be transferred / printed for x amount of times. this probably would eliminate the complaints.

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  • jonathanwreed:

    This is an interesting take on some DRM issues that can impact ebook sales and success. Morris is trying something new with ebooks where he doesn’t use DRM and so far it has been working for him, but he points out some concerns that could drive him back to DRM.

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