Facts about Internet Tracking and How You’re Being Watched

Article by Tricia Abney

Tired of Google’s new advertising/privacy policies? Want to put a stop to it? Watch the video and I’ll show you a couple of ways that you can combat it. I’m am NOT a privacy expert, these are just some steps that I have found in my research to stop Google from tracking me. Links mentioned in the video: www.doubleclick.com http www.google.com www.networkadvertising.org “Big Rock by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0″ creativecommons.org Additional Tags : Privacy internet tracking cookies cookie doubleclick network advertising initiative google You Tube ak47 ak 47 ak-47 IO IO concealed carry ccw .45 gun firearm pistol revolver shotgun rifle knife knives gear semi auto self home defense shtf wrol prepping prepper prep survival 2a 2nd amendment glock s&w smith wesson m&p mossberg remington ammo ammunition supplies bug out bag bob bob ar15 ar 15 m4 m9 taurus pt92 1911 92fs 9mm 45 acp 40 caliber 38 spl 357 7.62 5.56 7.62×39 sks mosin nagant review politics springfield xd .22 12 gauge sig sauer ruger .380
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