Fasoo Announces Enhanced DigitalQuick: Persistently Secure Files

Fasoo Announces Enhanced DigitalQuick: Persistently Secure Files

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Sunnyvale, CA (PRWEB) July 31, 2013

Fasoo USA, Inc. announced that its new file security cloud service, DigitalQuick, has been upgraded to let users secure individual files without having to drop them into a secure folder. This makes it easy to quickly secure and control any file. Added to the existing folder-based security, this enhancement provides flexibility to users for quick file security. DigitalQuick was first unveiled last February at the RSA Conference 2013 and is available to the public as a free download from http://www.DigitalQuick.com. DigitalQuick makes it ideal for users seeking persistent digital protection of sensitive files or folders on their computer and in the cloud.

Since the news on the NSA Prism program was made public, both business users and consumers have questions and concerns about the privacy of their data. What other aspects of this surveillance program should users be concerned with? What other information is yet to be made public? The general public may never know the full extent of the Prism Program. However, people do have options to protect themselves from these types of programs in the future. In light of Prism, it’s important to properly protect sensitive information, whether it’s stored online or stored on your computer. Storing files without the proper level of protection increases the likelihood of your private information being exposed to the wrong people. It is important to know that the nature of the threat has expanded from hackers, organized crime and competitors to new groups, such as the NSA!

“We have a new level of threat from a variety of different sources including our own government!” said Bill Blake, Fasoo USA’s President. “We need to protect all of our confidential information or accept the ever-increasing possibility that data will be compromised.”

Encryption: Use It or Lose It

File encryption is a very simple and easy way to protect information from unwanted eyes. Encryption prevents unauthorized people from accessing the information contained in user’s files. With an increased awareness and demand for private files to remain private, file protection services such as DigitalQuick are high quality and user-friendly programs that protect files on the computer and in the cloud.

While other services provide simple file encryption and access control, DigitalQuick gives users the ability to be in control of their own files. Users can securely backup or share a file with others by right clicking on the file and granting/limiting access. Adding members and giving them edit and print capabilities are done with a few mouse clicks. DigitalQuick also lets users clearly track all their file and specific user activities. File owners can view who accessed files, what actions were taken, when and using what device.

Considering how easy it is to protect confidential files, should privacy be put at risk? Not protecting this information puts users, their family and their businesses at risk.

DigitalQuick supports Windows, iOS and Android and a Mac version is on the way.

To download DigitalQuick, visit http://www.digitalquick.com, and to learn more about Fasoo, visit http://www.fasoo.com.

About Fasoo:

Incorporated in June 2000, Fasoo set a landmark in the DRM industry with the first commercial DRM services in 2000 and enterprise DRM solutions in 2001. Fasoo has successfully retained its leadership in the EDRM market by deploying EDRM solutions to more than 1,100 organizations at the enterprise level with more than 2 million users securing their confidential files, including SAMSUNG, HITACHI and POSCO, among others. Fasoo DRM is distributed through global reseller channels that include Brite Computers, Hitachi Information Systems and Hitachi Solutions, Ricoh USA, and Toshiba America Business Solutions. From Digital Rights Management (DRM) to programming analysis, Fasoo provides innovative technology while continuing to provide solutions for the constantly changing IT world. Fasoo is a global company with U.S. headquarters in Sunnyvale, CA.

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