First Step To Speed Up Vista Internet Connection

Article by Kok Choon

There are several speed up Vista Internet connection advise everywhere, nonetheless, most of the issues came from hardware incompatible, tweaking Vista will not support a lot in this situation. The very first step ahead of tweaking the network related settings is trying to test your hardware, I will show you how to do that with an successful tool from Microsoft.

The utility is called “Net Connectivity Evaluation Tool”, this tool will install itself on Net Explorer, and you need to have Web Explorer to use it. There are five sorts of connection tests will be performed:

Kind #1 – Fundamental Net Connectivity Test.This is the most fundamental World wide web connection you establish between your computer and your router. With no this I doubt that you can connect to any net site.

Sort #2 – Network Address Translator Sort.This test the router capability to translate your private address into global connected address. Each and every router should have this, if not you need to alter your router.

Sort #3 – Traffic Congestion Test.If your router does not support Explicit Congestion Notification (ECN), your connection will drop significantly when too many people share the ISP line at the very same time.

Type #4 – UPnP Support.Most contemporary router will support UPnP, if your test show otherwise, most almost certainly you haven’t activated it. Login to your router and configure it accordingly.

Kind #five – Several Simultaneous Connection States Test.This will open up to 80 concurrent TCP connections to the server for 2 minutes. If you fail this part, your world wide web connection is not dependable. Try an additional router or modem and test once again, if the result is still failed, you require to tune up your Vista TCP connections.

These tests will assist you to decide whether your router is functioning effectively, you ought to change the router ahead of attempting any tweaks, unless your router is brand new!

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