Government Spying: 1st Verizon Phone Calls, Now 9 Big Internet Companies: Report

Washington Post reports U.S. government able to tap the servers of nine Internet companies. For more on this story, click here:…
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30 Responses to “Government Spying: 1st Verizon Phone Calls, Now 9 Big Internet Companies: Report”

  • Toxicpens:

    -It’s not just terrorists the government is afraid of. It’s hackers as well. Hackers are growing more sophisticated than the government themselves. So, to make it easier to catch hackers, they are invading “our” privacy on the WEB.

  • GermantownFamily:

    Peeping Tom’s but legal. We knew they are doing it just public now. This is why government is tooo BIG.

  • LoveIsNotNotLove:

    And, who do we owe this great honor and gift bestowed upon us all by The

    “Patriot” Act, pray tell?

  • LoveIsNotNotLove:

    A Prison Planet Gulag Ghetto Police State NWO Earth? .. or what?

    ..are we headed for what the NSA called Turnkey-Facism or is this just new norm?

    Are we headed for Dystopia or Utopia?

    Do The people even have a say in the matter anymore, or are THEY going to just shove it down our throats like forced-feeding on Gitmo, in The Land of The Free?

  • tamaskanman:

    I was on midget porn this morning, while finishing up on the computer looking up at different types of hunting rifles. then i finished my morning off calling my girlfriend telling her all the sweet things i would do to here tonight…. I dont care if obama himself was listening..actually i think that would be pretty sweet..and probably give him a laugh…

  • Chromozome1205:

    We are not ok with this. At all.

  • Chromozome1205:

    paranoid even more to us now. Would you want to talk to an American online if you were from another country knowing that you may be monitored and recorded all the time? Not only is it a violation of rights, but they are using us and alienating us.

  • Chromozome1205:

    B/c it is a blatant violation of our rights, PERIOD. It is not fair and It makes me feel like I have done something wrong. We already have driver license numbers, Cc numbers, Social Security numbers. How much more do they need? Why can you not see what they are doing to us? I will be petitioning this and I will no longer be using any of these companies as providers, and I have already canceled my phone service. Even if it doesn ot target Americans ppl outside of the United States will be…..

  • JoseCleveland:

    So now I see….that I can recall…that it was not shish kabobs but she was part of some arab terrorist group ending in kabob.
    Well…good work then. Lancaster NY. Former HUD reporting in…and only due to:

  • jetified099:

    Wait,i think i’ve read this somewhere..oh Digi tal Fortress

  • JoseCleveland:

    Many could write freely…
    and would… and have…

  • JoseCleveland:

    American 11 Boston. How do you hear? Recall that I had thought abt the
    hostage situations in the air when I was high sch grad (or ’79). I had
    not known that so many people had gone into that kind of work.
    Well…this is an act of WAR as they called it. My weird job now:
    wi/hopeful money later & due to it being George Bush…is that I talk &
    write about Laura Bush passing out by me in the Dept of Labor Office in
    Buffalo NY before 911-01 but in Year 2000. Other fed level info came up too.

  • JoseCleveland:

    The real reason why Candise from HUD’s statements
    were not needed on 911 Day or week of investigations.
    Old high sch friends owe money to Russia ? Someone we
    knew as Jim is Depardieu and he just left & was welcomed
    by Putin himself. I did report seeing Putin around in the area
    of the mortgage bank that I had worked at too & before HUD.
    And on Easter Sunday by the Buffalo Airport w/2 cars w/women

  • JoseCleveland:

    Economics matter and this speaker will talk to present-day govt personnel
    about their one day off. Extreme Emergencies not taken into account had
    done my own money problems and non-definition of the problem. No war
    called, only you sick by yourself & due to someone when you
    were a kid..and not we had 3 Arabs stuck in an elevator, betw floors &
    on camera with the doors opened who mentioned Millions of $ to the
    staff…you were sick,mugged & knocked out
    Depardieu wnt to Russia & we thought you wo

  • tamaskanman:

    this is like a cop trying to explain why he shot a guy running through the mall with a sword taking peoples heads off.

  • tamaskanman:

    Why do people care if some government guy goes and listens to old phone calls…whats the worst he can hear..o sally im coming over after work put that little dress on.IS this why people are upset? HHA obviously its just a computer automated program scanning for key words like- billy I need more nitroglycerine and the third truck of magic powder will be here tonight. All this means is if your doing something extremely rong, your going to get busted. All pros no cons, for society.

  • jwj1377:

    “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.”?! I’m not a dog. And the government is not my master.

  • bauder4:

    the internet has never bin secure.

  • Yelena Psalm:

    How can Americans be ok with this?

  • Dalvin Tapia:

    Lies lies lies 

  • ramir332:

    Guys, lets all just revert back to using plastic cups and strings.. :)

  • Tilly Robinson:

    If you not doing anything wrong, don’t worry about it.

  • Jon Kessler:

    Well… Shit…

  • DuucKSauce:

    This is bullSHIT!!! For terrorist? ? Yeah fucking RIGHT…….more to invade your privacy. Fucking corrupted ass government

  • karenjwaters:

    Why can’t I share this story?

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