Hiring Filipino VAs Hassle Free: New ?Done for You? Recruiting Service

Hiring Filipino VAs Hassle Free: New “Done for You” Recruiting Service

John Jonas and wife Kim

Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) April 04, 2012

Hiring new employees is a daunting task, especially when a workforce is based overseas. The new ‘Done for You’ service offered by OnlineJobs.ph eliminates the tedious correspondence and time demands of recruiting. They provide an indispensable resource for outsourcing employers (and anyone who entertains the idea of outsourcing to the Philippines).

“Our ‘Done for You’ service provides a qualified and competent employee match for your business. We’ve developed this system to propel entrepreneurs into a successful outsourcing experience. Hiring Filipinos has never been easier, and it comes with a money-back guarantee,” says John Jonas, creator of OnlineJobs.ph.

The new service eliminates the stress of:

o    Sorting through thousands of resumes

o    Determining whether applicants are qualified

o    Working out time requirements

o    Settling salary demands

o    Arranging internet and computer services

It’s a simple process. First, OnlineJobs.ph reviews the employer’s list of job requirements. Next, they select several qualified applicants from 45,000+ resumes, based on the employer’s needs. Then they administer tests to each of the applicants to find the most proficient candidate. Finally, they work out salary and time requirements with most qualified applicant and send the information to the employer.

And while the ultimate goal of the service is to successfully match employers with ideal employee, OnlineJobs.ph guarantees money back if the employer is not satisfied.

“[OnlineJobs.ph’s] pre-found employees in the Philippines are the best. I tried before to hire internationally on my own and had poor results…Thank you so much, John Jonas and team, for putting together this invaluable resource,” says David Crenshaw, successful outsourcer through OnlineJobs.ph.

With over 45,000 Filipino resumes, OnlineJobs.com is the largest online marketplace for finding and hiring Filipino employees. Their expertise and ‘Done for You’ recruiting set employers up for successful outsourcing to the Philippines.

About the Company

OnlineJobs.ph was created by John Jonas, CEO of ReplaceMyself.com and avid outsourcing entrepreneur. Since 2007, John has used innovative methods to teach business owners how to increase efficiency and decrease cost by delegating labor to the Philippines. Hand in hand with Replacemyself.com, OnlineJobs.ph offers entrepreneurs the tools to successfully hire, train and manage Filipino virtual assistants.


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