How One Non-profit Made the Move to the Cloud Starting With the Right Mail Hosting Provider

How One Non-profit Made the Move to the Cloud Starting With the Proper Mail Hosting Provider

Twin Falls, ID (PRWEB) November 15, 2011

The Boys &amp Girls Club of Magic Valley is one of Tech Strategies’ oldest customers, they had been the second client that signed on to their Kerio Email Hosting Resolution ( and they’ve been employing it ever considering that. Prior to they moved to the TSI Cloud for their email answer, they had an on web site mail server, that had it is ups and downs. With a restricted spending budget for tech support and an even a lot more restricted budget for hardware, it was an simple choice to make the move to the cloud for email service. Getting able to share calendars and get in touch with lists and be able to sync iphones and android phones, laptops and desktops all wirelessly was just an added bonus back in the day, now it is a necessity for them. 4 years ago when they produced that move they felt they were ahead of the game and that their team was actually connected and in sync.

As time went on, and it came time to replace the server that ran their member tracking computer software, they again looked to Tech Methods, to fill that want via the cloud. By utilizing Tech Strategies’, Streamed Application Service, (, they were able to move that application to the cloud as well, and it then also gave the team at the Boys and Girls club access to that critical data outside of the clubs physical network all by way of a secure cloud based Streamed App Service from the identical provider they had already entrusted with their e-mail hosting service. A few months soon after moving their member tracking software program to the cloud, the club added a new website, and they required to be in a position to access the member tracking software from that location as nicely. Considering that they had already produced the move to the cloud it was as straightforward as getting the Web up and running at the new site.

The last critical piece of the pie for the Boys and Girls club recently took location this fall, when they moved their last onsite service to the cloud. That service was the clubs file servers. The club has relied heavily on shared files to share documents and function as a team, but they could only do that when they were all at the identical website. With team members working in different geographic location and VPNs being to costly for the club, they necessary a answer so they could accesses their files anytime and anyplace. So they turned once more to Tech Strategies, who designed a custom solution to fit their wants and make a secure cloud sharing service that worked simply and easily. On leading of becoming able to access their documents and shared files from anyplace from any personal computer, they can also access their documents and shared files from their iPhones and iPads as properly.

The club now has all their mission critical info in the cloud, and they are turning what utilized to be a data closet into a actual coat closet, and the team at the Boys and Girls Club is totally connected all because of one intelligent move to the TSI Cloud 4 years ago to solve their email hosting demands.


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