How to Clear All the Computer History Files

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A very common question in our everyday lives is that how to clear history on computer because computer can monitor and store lots of activities you have done on your computer, including every page you have viewed, every game you have played, every video you have watched and so on. And more history files saved on computer will take up some space. So knowing how to clear history on computer means privacy protection and computer optimization. Actually, we all know that to some extent, history files are useful. If you operate a particular software application or open a website you recently visited, you sense that the speed is faster than your first time when you turned on it. However, the traces of history also have bad sides just like a common saying: every coin has two sides. These history records may violate your privacy in case your machine is shared by others or somebody that can access your pc. If you want to safeguard your privacy and do not want others to know your web browsing habits, you have to regularly get rid of history. This is particularly important if you share computer with others because your history files can be easily known and monitor if you do not clear history. Imagine that it is your account that someone knows, how terrible! Besides, to speed up your computer, you should also clear history. Computer have limited space, if history files occupy much more space, then your computer speed will slow down gradually. In a word, to optimize computer and protect privacy, every computer users ought to clear computer history completely. Though the fundamental steps to eliminate browser history are similar, there is still a little difference for different browsers. Now just take Internet Explorer and Firefox for example. To clear history in Internet Explorer, please follow these steps: go to the Tools menu first, then choose Internet Options in the drop down box, then select the General tab. Here, after clicking on the Delete browsing history button, you will see the Delete Browsing History window, simply choose Delete all option to remove all records of the Web browser history. To eliminate your web browsing history in Firefox, here are the steps: likewise, go to the Tools menu and then in the drop down box visit Clear Privacy Data. Then you are able to remove all your browser history files, including passwords in your Firefox. However, you should note that browser history files are just one type of history. That is to say there are many other kinds of history files you have to clear. And some of them cannot be removed by hand, so, to clear history on computer, the best method is just using cleaner tool. Just try!

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Each PC users should know how to clear history on computer as clear history on computer can protect privacy and speed up PC, so try to clear history regularly.

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