How To: Manually Setup Wireless Internet (wifi) In Ubuntu 11.04

This is a simple and to the point video. It’s basicly going to show you how to setup your wireless internet on your system manually if it’s hidden. Inbox me if you have any questions. Comment, Linux, and Subscribe.
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  • honeyresearch:

    I tried to do this and it didn’t work in Ubuntu 11.10. It creates a network but not a WiFi one… can you help me with this?

  • zIProtege:

    i require a DNS server for m connection to properly work
    how do i edit the DNS settings?

  • sancsengo:

    Are you from Israel? :)

  • 104narutoking:

    plz plz plz answer so when i click the wifi button in beggining it only shiws vpn connections

  • ZachsVlog:

    @MrLinuxLive He says: The internet won’t connect via my computer’s USB adapter to my router. I don’t know what to download, and their website is telling a different story. So frustrated. Simplest thing, and Ubuntu can’t do it! (It took me 10 minutes to transcribe that)

  • lifebegins1:

    YO YO YO YO 

  • biggat4:

    look dogg it worked man and im from south texas and i got it keep it up bro you helped me out alot

  • lactritinh:

    @JamesN345 you can switch off your wireless physically, then turn it on. by now Ubuntu will ask you to install the driver. just install and connect to your wireless. (you have to restart after install driver. if you cannot find your wireless then try the video’s way) :) good luck!

  • JamesN345:

    my ubuntu doesnt have the option to connect to hidden wireless network. plz help

  • guitarskills2:

    @MrLinuxLive Like many of the other people below me, Our wireless firmware is missing. Any help?

  • afzalahmed86:

    How do I install the wireless driver and where can I download it from? When I go to set up my wireless network, it says Firmware missing.


  • MrLinuxLive:

    @chicsolflipdow – I don’t know what you said. Will you please use complete English.

  • chicsolflipdow:

    It wont connect via my comps usb adaptor 2 ma router, I dont know wht 2 dwnlod eri website is tellin a diff stori, so frstrted, simplest ting n ubuntu cant do it.!

  • ImTheBatchMan:

    @gh44gh44 Can you send me the links too please?

  • gh44gh44:

    @returnofthedead60 it can’t be fixed but i found a super os linux ubuntu 11.04 it has the drivers downloaded u just have to install them and it comes installed with almost all the apps i’ll send u the link

  • gh44gh44:

    @gh44gh44 sorry for the grammar mistakes i’m half asleep !!

  • gh44gh44:

    @returnofthedead60 it can’t be fixed but i there’s ubuntu super os that has the drivers download so that should work when u install the add drivers without downloading them by connecting to enthornet this i’ll send u the link but u have to choose between 64 or 32

  • returnofthedead60:

    @gh44gh44 bro I got the same BS problem as you. It says firmware missing) i know this is 2 weeks later but did you happen to fix it? Please let me know if you did. I cannot connect to the internet at all. Its driving me nuts man.!

  • MrLinuxLive:

    @DenisVashchenko -I hate to tell you this, but if it’s a hardware problem, there is a chance that changing the Ubuntu version MIGHT not fix the problem, then again it might.

  • MrLinuxLive:

    @DenisVashchenko -Could be a bug because there has been many problems out of wireless drivers and cards this release. go back and double check all your stuff and make sure you have your passcode and ssid right.

  • MrLinuxLive:

    @DenisVashchenko -lolx :D I don’t do this for money. I have a question. Are you connecting to a network with a password?

  • gh44gh44:

    i’m not connecting manually under the icon they say that the device is not ready what does that mean i cannot connect to anything and there is no hidden networks

  • MrLinuxLive:

    @gh44gh44 -Are you connecting manually or the network is unhidden?

  • gh44gh44:

    hey man plz help me i installed ubuntu but every time i try to connect to a wireless network in the icon under wireless network they are putting device not ready (firmware missing) plz help man

  • DUFreeperbuddy:

    @MrLinuxLive I installed Linux like 5 minutes ago. So im not sure.

  • dale:

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    tnx for info!…

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