Is Wireless Cell Phone, Computer, Internet Radiation Wifi Slowly Killing People Part 2

Cordless Phones Wellness Rsks : Blue tube headset : Because there are practically no workplaces without computers any more, I have not held a job since 1990. I had resigned myself to living on Social Security Disability, and learned, together with other members of a support group I had discovered, how greatest to live with my disability. This mostly meant studying to avoid exposure to electromagnetic fields. But in July 1996, to my dismay, I learned that an innovation was coming to my city, which threatened to make it impossible to steer clear of exposure any much more. At that time, cell phones were nonetheless a luxury item that only worked in some places. Folks were not accustomed to staying connected whenever they left their residence, and even at house most nonetheless had a cord, not an antenna, attached to their telephone. Most were not accustomed to holding devices that emit microwave radiation subsequent to their brain. In 1996, the telecommunications business began a marketing and advertising campaign created to alter all that. For Christmas that year, all more than the country, digital cell phones were going to be on a lot of shopping lists. And to make them more practical, tens of thousands of antennae were going to be erected on towers, buildings, church steeples and lampposts all more than the country prior to Christmas, and hundreds of thousands far more in the course of the next couple of years. In response to this emergency, a few buddies and I produced the Cellular Phone Task Force, and contacted all the public
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Protection Against Cell Telephone Radiation : Today I am homeless. My money does not present me shelter. My good health does not guarantee my survival. My pals are unable to support me. I am getting killed, but the law delivers me no protection. For eight years I have supplied advocacy and support in North America and worldwide for people in similar circumstances. Some have epilepsy, or heart disease, or diabetes, or cancer. Some have allergies or asthma. But most, like me, are in great wellness. The assault we are all suffering is a radical increase in electromagnetic pollution, or electrosmog, that is engulfing the earth. In 1982 1 was in my final year of medical school, a promising career ahead of me. For numerous months I had been getting headaches and difficulty concentrating and remembering things. Then, whilst on a surgery rotation, I suffered crippling pains in my hips, producing it difficult to help in operations. My heart rate slowed to less than 50. 1 day I collapsed and was unable to get up. My chest hurt, and I could not get sufficient breath. I was sure I was having a heart attack. Throughout the next two weeks I lost 15 pounds. And I was a slim man to start with. It wasn’t a heart attack, but it was still six months prior to I could walk up a flight of stairs without becoming short of breath. It was three years just before I was powerful enough to ski again. It was seven years prior to I met someone who validated my own knowledge that becoming near specific electrical appliances
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