January 1st, 2015, Solveforce Offers WISP 4G Technology Options in Dallas, Texas

January 1st, 2015, Solveforce Offers WISP 4G Technology Options in Dallas, Texas

WISP 4G Technology

Dallas, Texas (PRWEB) December 29, 2014

Solveforce will now be providing the Dallas, Texas region with the world’s only real-time online quoting tool in January 2015. This tool provides live quotes and the best selection of WISP 4G (http://wisp4g.com/) available today.

WISP 4G Technology

Most people get Internet service from either a telephone company or a cable company because those providers already provide physical connections to their homes and businesses. A WISP (wireless Internet service provider) doesn’t need to bring wire to your location, making it a good solution for serving rural areas where telcos and cable companies couldn’t be bothered to invest. WISP was unable to match the speed and reliability of DSL and cable modems, however, until recently. As wireless technology has evolved, WISP 4Gs are beginning to compete in urban areas on speed and price. Here’s how it works.

A WISP 4G (http://3g4gwisp.com/) is distinct from other wireless services currently used. Most cell-phone service providers offer wireless Internet service—with 4G LTE being the fastest current technology—but that doesn’t make them WISPs. Cell-phone service providers don’t expect us to use their service 24/7, and most place very low caps on the amount of data you can transfer over their networks each month (and charge hefty fees if exceeding that amount). Being able to access the Internet while being out and about is a distinct advantage, but LTE data rates are relatively slow, and coverage can be spotty—especially away from large metropolitan areas.

About Solveforce WISP 4G

Wisp4G.com is managed by SolveForce, a WISP Consulting Agency that offers its consulting services in the Dallas, Texas Region and has been providing business solutions since 2004. They are recognized all over the globe as a WISP 4G consulting agency that offers National advisory and auditing services for the telecommunications and Internet industry. Founded by Ron Legarski, this master agency has accomplished many awards and achievements. With high quality solutions to offer, the company’s future plans are to integrate even more cities and companies in their coverage areas and remain the leader in the telecom and internet solutions industry throughout the Pacific Region.

SolveForce.com, LLC can be reached at 888-765-8301 via toll free or visit one of their real-time quoting websites at http://www.solveforce.com/wireless-internet-services.html.

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