Keeping an Eye on Your Children with Simple Computer & Internet Monitoring Software

Article by Jay Thurston

Let’s face it. We all know that the net is filled with inappropriate topic matter, and of course, we worry about what our kids are undertaking on the property computer when we’re not about. Whether or not it is pornography, drugs or alcohol you’re probably worried about your kid(ren) “researching” it on the web.

You’ve most likely regarded as some type of pc monitoring software package to “maintain an eye” on them. Net blockers that come with our computers and browsers can only go so far. So, now that we know we need some type of monitoring computer software, where do we go from here?

There are tons of possibilities out there when it comes to computer and net monitoring software package, and it does get overwhelming. My wife and I did some research and soon discovered that there are lots of choices that didn’t genuinely satisfy us. Most of the computer software was too confusing, too expensive and not basic adequate to do just what we required. I’m sure that most parents are seeking for the identical items we want:

1. Easy-to-use monitoring software program.2. Software program that runs continuously and discreetly.three. The ability to know about inappropriate pc use Right away.4. Only know the poor things that the youngsters do on the computer, but leave the rest alone. We do not want to know every single detail. (Our kids DO deserve some privacy!)five. Affordability.

We soon discovered that we couldn’t locate this and we decided that, “sometimes too considerably is not sufficient.”

I stated to my wife, “An individual must design a system that only picks up key phrases that could relate to inappropriate topic matter, and that details should be automatically emailed to the user(parent).”

And this is how was born.

We speedily brought the thought to a programmer, who happens to be related, and the rest is history.

We produced affordable, effective, secure and Valuable computer and world wide web monitoring computer software that is designed for the user.

We also donate ten% of our proceeds to the Children’s Miracle Network. Please visit to see why.

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