Nashville Marketing Agency Leads the Way Fusing Internet, Computers and Multimedia for Businesses

Nashville Marketing Agency Leads the Way Fusing Internet, Computers and Multimedia for Businesses

Horton Group

Nashville, TN (PRWEB) August 23, 2013

Thanks to explosive internal growth and expansions into new markets, Nashville interactive marketing agency, Horton Group, is now capable of offering clients access to a full range of services from web development to multimedia. The wide breadth of marketing services offered at Horton Group illustrates how the Internet, along with innovative, user-based computing applications and multimedia have led to a fusion of various marketing tactics.

“Innovation is a constant here at Horton Group; we are always looking for improved tools we can leverage to give our customers a competitive edge,” stated Horton Group Technical Lead, Chris Schaub. “One of the best things we offer, in addition to improved tools and resources, is foresight. Our staff is packed with people who are knowledgeable in a wide range of online marketing tactics and traditional routes as well. They know where trends are beginning and how to best utilize those trends in the most effective ways.”

Horton Group has recently put forth a small business package designed to give customers with smaller budgets an opportunity to enjoy the versatility offered by marketing through various online channels. Using this resource websites, social media, SEO and other interactive elements can be easily managed from central locations. Horton Group also offers more traditional marketing services as well, such as video, brochure design and billboards, which can then all be tied back into an elevated online presence.

“One the best examples of our ability to fuse various online marketing means into one successful campaign can be seen in the work we did to help promote Nashville’s resurgent summer concert series, Nashville Dancin’,” noted Business Development Manager, Jeff Recker. “We started with a new logo design, built a website and then began work on a grassroots social media campaign. Everything came together by integrating mobile tools, video creation and other viral marketing methods. We were able to bring people together online and on the Riverfront.”

Horton Group continues to adopt and create innovative solutions for customers who are seeking to take advantage of the incredible marketing power offered by the fusion of versatile computing tools, the Internet and multimedia. The agency will again harness their collective efforts as they help launch promotions for two local Nashville events: The Nashville Whiskey Festival and The Nashville Beer Festival. They are also heading the re-branding efforts for a globally recognized service company.

About Horton Group

Horton Group has been working with clients of all shapes and sizes since 1996. The full-service Nashville online agency provides web design, web development, email and mobile marketing, media buying and local search marketing. The Horton Group team is dedicated to providing businesses and organizations in and outside of the Nashville area with creative and insightful ways to engage customers and build branding.

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