Rarely Seen and More Rarely Owned… A Complete Series of Restored Gilded Age Lithographs Depicting Various Poker Players of the Day

Rarely Seen and More Rarely Owned… A Complete Series of Restored Gilded Age Lithographs Depicting Various Poker Players of the Day

The Art of the Game of Poker

Delray Beach, Florida (PRWEB) November 16, 2012

Poker Series Select has just published its web site November 12th, 2012 to present the original and complete ‘Poker Series’ of 1895 to the public. Anyone who appreciates art, history or the game of poker will enjoy any of these fine reproductions. Each tells a story of men playing poker in different environments and of different stations in life. The images range from lustful lifestyles of extravagance, when ambitious societies created robber barons and when great fortunes and monopolies were made to less fortunate and even desperate gambling gents across the country. Not all prospered, as you will see.

Our in depth research has concluded that this collection is not available anywhere to the public including the internet or Library of Congress. It’s so old, it’s new. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time ever the entire series is offered to the public since its original print. The lithographs have been expertly restored. Giclee’ print and quality materials of fine art paper and canvas are used for reproduction to produce the images as close to the originals as currently possible.

These wonderful and all but forgotten images are finally available for all to enjoy. Three artists (possibly four, as we cannot determine positively who painted ‘A Raise in the South’) were commissioned to paint them. A. B. Wenzell was renowned for his paintings of the Nouveau Riche. He, himself, came from a wealthy family. J. Hambidge pioneered the theory of dynamic symmetry in his paintings. The Hambidge Center still stands in the south. T. D. Thulstrup was praised as the foremost military artist in America. Each painting comes alive to tell a story by the artist. To learn more of the artists and their subjects of the series, visit http://www.PokerSeriesSelect.com. Any of these reproductions will certainly be cause of conversation and admiration by all.

Although the original series of lithographs was published 117 years ago, you may agree the sociology of the Gilded Age in regard to wealth, poverty and greed is still comparable even in today’s society. One thing each plate of the series has in common is the fact that there are five men playing poker around a table all vying for the pot no matter what the stake. 

Poker Series Select is a new, online small business. It was created with the sole intention to share these wonderful images of the original ‘Poker Series’ of 1895.The owner, Carol Ravant-Lalla, has owned other small businesses. She is an artist, a writer and illustrator of a children’s book, lover of history, creativity, all arts and animals. She lived in Las Vegas in the late ’70′s. Although, she, herself, rarely gambled, she learned it’s more about the game itself and to challenge oneself than just the winnings that drives the gambler. The original lithographs owned by a dear friend since 1961 were damaged. Ms. Ravantti-Lalla found the expert help they required for restoration. Poker is now represented by a finer art form thanks to these reproductions. The prints may represent a bygone era but they still engage and connect with those who appreciate fine art, history and of course, poker. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do. You may contact Carol Ravantti-Lalla at 561-502-7394 or e-mail her at admin(at)pokerseriesselect(dot)com.



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