SearchMarketMe Announces National Conference for Internet Marketing Agency Owners

SearchMarketMe Announces National Conference for Internet Advertising and marketing Agency Owners

SearchMarketMe President &amp CEO, S. Boyd Karren

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) August 17, 2011

SearchMarketMe’s annual conference for its network of Web Advertising and marketing Agency Owners, “Money U.,” will take location October 6-8, 2011, in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Our theme this year is ‘Money U.’” said SearchMarketMe’s Director of Education, Will Rak. “And we’ll have a considerable concentrate on helping our Agency Owners boost their revenue growth through improved collaboration with fellow Agency Owners. This technique can boost capacity without growing overhead.”

The conference will follow a unique two-track model focusing on sales and fulfillment topics, and attendees can program their own “class list” over the two days of instruction and brainstorming, based on their respective interests in sales and/or fulfillment activities.

“There will be a handful of group-wide sessions as properly,” added Rak, who will be giving an in-depth group-wide presentation on his recently created reporting and sales system, PREMIER. “And we will also provide ample opportunities for group-wide brainstorming and the creating and strengthening of ‘collaborelationships’ in between the Agency Owners.”

Curriculum for the conference is getting ready and presented by Rak, President &amp CEO S. Boyd Karren, and several of the Agency Owners from the SearchMarketMe network.

“Several of our Agency Owners have genuinely turn out to be experts in their field, and they will be helping to teach their colleagues,” said Rak. “It will be a strong collection of classes and instructors.”

Amongst the course titles on the agenda:

Sales topics:

Pay-for-performance Models &amp Setup

Negotiation Styles

Making use of the “X-Ray” Keyword Investigation Tool as a Prospecting Assist

Fulfillment topics:

Social Media Pay-per-click

E-mail and SMS List Management

Analytics Conversions &amp Objectives

For prospective Agency Owners searching to begin their own internet advertising agencies, SearchMarketMe will conduct 1 final “Kick Off Training” weekend, September 9 &amp 10, just before the national conference in October.

“New Agency Owners who join up prior to the September coaching can nonetheless qualify to attend the conference,” said SearchMarketMe’s President &amp CEO, S. Boyd Karren. “These conferences are always beneficial for our Agency Owners, but specifically so for the new Agency Owners.”

SearchMarketMe, LLC, is a Seattle, Washington-based coaching and support organization that assists entrepreneurs in opening and operating independently-branded web advertising and marketing agencies around the world. Opened in 2007, the company’s 99 Agency Owners are located throughout the United States, Canada, and the Middle East. For much more information about the SearchMarketMe Agency Owner Program, commence by visiting the SearchMarketMe Net internet site and request an Opportunity Overview.

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