Solar Powered Home Office – Computers, Lights and paper shredder! – DIY solar system – easy to make

video shows a computer, lamp, and paper shredder all running off of a small DIY solar power system. great easy way to go solar. for instructions on how to se…
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  • gene mayne:

    Hi can you tell me what wire I can use for running lights using leds
    ,from the battery bank or charge controller very lowlight only´╗┐

  • DIY Solar:

    This is cool, even a small gadgets you are using Solar power on it, Very
    easy to make, nice sharing.´╗┐

  • desertsun02:

    thanks. the panels are connected to charge controller and the charge
    controller is connected to the batteries. then you connect the inverter to
    the battery bank. to watch a video on how to hook up solar system just go
    to my video titled, “how to hook up solar panels (with battery bank)”

  • Francisco Rayado:

    Thanks for posting this great video! I just have one question, is there a
    reason why you connected the inverter to the batteries directly? I already
    have everything, I just have to piece them together but I always imagined
    that the inverter was connected to the charge controller under the load
    terminals. This is confusing!

  • Sean McCloy:

    Can a 12 volt fan run off the DC or would you prefer to run a house fan
    from a 110 inverted? I can see people setting this up for their car and
    enjoying some relief from the oppressive heat a 12 volt fan is about as
    spartan as I care to get. I like the setup. Are you running your wifi off
    this? HL people probably don’t have WIFI to power they just sip off the
    internet of a business?

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    tnx for info!…

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