Start-up Company Nicira May Revolutionize the Internet, According to Top Financial Site Penny Stock Detectives

Start-up Company Nicira May Revolutionize the Internet, According to Top Financial Site Penny Stock Detectives

Start-up Company Nicira May Revolutionize the Internet

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 25, 2012

Danny Esposito, co-editor for Penny Stock Detectives, believes the greatest opportunities to be had in technology stocks can be found in start-up stocks. As reported by Esposito in a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, one start-up stock, Nicira, which has not gone public yet, had a “crazy” idea of creating software to route information instead of hardware. Dismissed as nonsense at first, the company persevered and is getting other technology companies involved with software that could revolutionize the Internet.

“One of the biggest problems on the Internet today is security. We are constantly worried about our personal computers being hacked and our credit card information being used,” comments Esposito. “The thing with the Internet is that it is made up of various hardware platforms: routers and servers created by technology stocks today. The hardware is unreliable, which makes it vulnerable to hackers. Also, the hardware is limited by what it can do. This, in turn, places limits on the Internet.”

According to Esposito, virtualization is an established technology that has improved the way computing is done today. Virtualization is a software replica of a piece of hardware. So, to infiltrate the Internet, this start-up used virtualization to install and run its software program throughout the Internet.

Nicira discovered that, with virtualization, its software could imitate and, more importantly, control all of the hardware that exists throughout the Internet, notes Esposito. The editor describes the software as being the brain that controls all of its extensions; in this case the routers and servers around the world.

The software places itself on top of the hardware, but in its own software world. This means that hackers could not break into it unless they had the specific software passwords. This would make the Internet more secure, according to Esposito.

Another advantage with this software, according to Esposito, is that it can be created to be more powerful than a roomful of servers and routers. The editor feels that this means that the speed of the Internet would improve for everyone as well; revolutionizing what technology stocks are doing today.

If a room full of servers and routers breaks down, the software finds another home on another server in a place within 30 miles of where the breakdown takes place. This could potentially mean that Nicira has found a way for the Internet to avoid ever being unavailable to users, comments Esposito.

The market for such a product could surpass $ 2.0 trillion in revenue, according to Esposito’s article. Due to Nicira’s influence, other technology stocks are experimenting in this area. Esposito thinks this sounds like an interesting area to explore.

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