State Dept., USAID, Diversity Experts Confirmed to Speak to Engineers at Go Global! Web Summit ? By Water Citizen

State Dept., USAID, Diversity Experts Confirmed to Speak to Engineers at Go Global! Web Summit – By Water Citizen

Washington, DC (PRWEB) May 06, 2014

Speakers have been confirmed for the Go Global! Web Summit for Engineers, Architects, and Construction Industry Professionals (“EACs”), which will be held online Monday through Friday, May 12-16, at 12 noon, 3 p.m., and 6 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time. All sessions are free.

Said WaterCitizen.Com Founder and Go Global! Co-Organizer Cat Shrier, “The Go Global! Career Summit provides a tremendous opportunity for engineers, architects, and construction industry professionals around the world to explore opportunities and prepare themselves to make a greater impact and play on an international stage.”

Mon., May 12: Setting the Vision! Opening day of the Go Global! Summit features “Refugee-Entrepreneur,” Global HR Strategist and Diversity Strategist Mohamed Ly on “Going Glocal,” how multilingual, multicultural, and international executives, professionals, and students achieve success in the global job market and workplace. Go Global! Organizers Moe Vara (Global Empowering Solutions) and Cat Shrier (WaterCitizen.Com) also speak on this “visions-setting” day.

    Noon EDT: Play Big, Go Global, and Land the Job of Your Dreams! Moe Vara, Global Empowering Solutions
    3 p.m. EDT: Is An International Career for You? Dr. Cat Shrier, WaterCitizen.Com
    6 p.m. EDT: Going “Glocal:” Global Careers, Local Jobs Mohamed Ly, Global Career Compass

Day 2: Tue., May 13: Getting Prepared! Day two focuses on getting prepared for a global career, with Moe Vara, Michelle Riklan (Five Star Career Services and Producer of the National Career Summit), and Shanna Landolt (The Landolt Group) on essential job specifications, customizing CVs and LinkedIn Profiles, and strategies for “EACs” to use LinkedIn for their global career search.

    Noon EDT: THE Job Specifications for You as an Expat Moe Vara, Global Empowering Solutions
    3 p.m. EDT: Customize Your CV and LinkedIn Profiles Michelle Riklan, Five Star Career Services
    6 p.m. EDT: LinkedIn Strategies for Landing an International Job Shanna Landolt, The Landolt Group

Day 3: Wed., May 14: Finding Your Career Paths! On day three, the Summit dives into specific strategies for EACs to find their international career paths. Karen Silk (Capital International Staffing Ltd, UK) will talk about the importance of “branding” yourself when working with recruiters, as well as her “Create the World You Want – A Career in Engineering” campaign to address the shortage of engineers by recruiting young women into the profession. Global mobility opportunities within a multinational company will be explored by a panel presentation from Golder Associates, with Ginger Kryzanowski (Global Talent Management Team, Calgary), Dr. George Annandale (Author of ” Quenching the Thirst: Sustainable Water Resources and Climate Change,” Denver), and Roberto Mezzalama (Former Golder Europe Managing Principal, Turin). Blaine Leonard, former President of the American Society of Civil Engineers, will discuss networking opportunities and critical considerations for engineers exploring overseas opportunities.

    Noon: How Recruiters Can Help You Land Your Expat Job Karen Silk, Capital International Staffing Ltd.
    3 p.m.: Global Mobility Within a Multinational Company Ginger Kryzanowski, George Annandale, Roberto Mezzalama, Golder Associates
    6 p.m.: How You Can Network Your Way to Your Expat Job Blaine Leonard, Former President, American Society of Civil Engineers

Thu., May 15: Preparing for Leadership! On day four, innovation, engineering, and education expert Sally Bendersky (SB Coaching) will share how EACs can become world-class communicators. The evening brings a special extended panel discussion on Culture and Leadership for Expat EACs. Discussing how EACs work at the front lines of civil, diplomatic, security, and humanitarian efforts, as well as the application of EAC innovations overseas, will be international flood resiliency expert Gerry Galloway (University of Maryland, former US Army Corps of Engineers); Dr. Ku McMahan (US Agency for International Development Office of Science and Technology); and Donna McIntire (Energy & Sustainable Design Unit for the Department of State).

    Noon: Q&A Session Moe Vara, Global Empowering Solutions, and Cat Shrier, WaterCitizen.Com
    3 p.m. Becoming a World Class Communicator Sally Bendersky, SB Coaching
    6 p.m.: Culture and Leadership for Expat Engineers, Architects, and Construction Industry Professionals (EACs) Dr. Gerry Galloway, University of Maryland; Dr. Ku McMahan, USAID; Donna McIntire, US Department of State

Fri ., May 16: Starting Your Global Career! The Summit concludes with UK Overseas Recruitment Consultant James Cunnane-Neilan on how to master the interview to get hired for top pay. Finally, Moe Vara and Dr. Cat Shrier will provide a very special session on how listeners can take what they have heard over the course of the Web Summit to launch their own expat EAC careers.

    Noon: Master the Interview to Get Hired for Top Pay James Cunnane-Neilan, Ashton Consulting
    3 p.m.: The Time to Start is NOW! Moe Vara, Global Empowering Solutions, and Cat Shrier, WaterCitizen.Com

Attendees can join by computer, phone, or Skype, and sessions will be available free after airtime for the full week of the program. Registration is available by clicking “Go Global Career Telesummit” or To see the complete coverage on Water Citizen News, visit http://www.WaterCitizen.Com.

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