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Computer Games: The Effects of It on the Children

Article by Marilyn White

These days we all are addicted towards internet and computer. They are anonymous to our lives. Starting from official tasks and other important piece of work; they even help us while enjoying ourselves. Internet without computer is like a human without brain. Why only us; the children of small ages also are addicted towards the magical world of internet. Internet makes their lives more content and their studies more interesting. They spend most of the time in front of the computer and make their own world of joy. They have groups of friends on internet and they play games, chat with them and spend their leisure hours.

There are certain advantages of online games exist:

- Online games can help the child with proper choice. There are certain games exists that will help the child to take care of its pets. The games will revolve around choosing the correct pat for the family and how to feed it and how to take care of it.

- Certain puzzles are there that will help the child with solving idea and enjoying while finding something new. The puzzles will help to develop the brain. Sometimes there are certain games exist that required two or more players. This will build the bonding and a strong friendship will pop out.

- Concentration and several other positive aspects of online games are there. Parents can play the games with their child; so they can become good friends and can enjoy at the same time.

Play along with your kids:

Computer games are one of the most interesting types of games for children these days. Boys and girls of different ages are indulged into the games and spend their pass times. There are several games available on internet. There are different games for boys available on internet and boys enjoy their games with other friends and spend their leisure time. On the other hand certain girl games also available on internet. Actually certain websites are there that feature online competitive games and players from different parts of the world plays for those online competitions.

There are certain drawbacks as well:

Certain disadvantages are also there. Reports suggest that these computer games are very much addictive and children do not concentrate on their studies as they are attracted towards those games. They live a life away from others and thus lose their social connection with friends and family. Continuous looking at the computer screen may affect their eyes too. Well, everything has its own advantage and drawbacks. We will need to minimize the drawback part. Parents can screen the online games for kids under 5 and can play along with them to make the enjoyment part maximum.

About the Author

Marilyn White has the largest collection of online games for kids under 5. The collection includes girls games, racing games, barbie games, racing games, puzzle games and much more.

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Children and Teens Media Consumption Trends, Brand Attitudes and Behaviour Surveyed in New CHILDWISE Report Published at

Children and Teens Media Consumption Trends, Brand Attitudes and Behaviour Surveyed in New CHILDWISE Report Published at

London, UK (PRWEB) January 21, 2014

What are the key media preferences of children (aged 5-16) in the UK? How much time do children spend on the Internet? What are their favourite websites? What is the frequency of using social networks? What devices do children use to play games? How often do children play games consoles? What are their favourite computer games? What are the major mobile phone activities of children (aged 5-16) in the UK? What are the key differences in phone usage between the main sub-groups? What are the key methods of payment for children’s mobile phones? What are the leading types of applications used by children in the UK? What are the preferred TV channels and programmes? What devices are used to watch TV? What are the differences in viewing TV between the sexes? How much time do children spend to listen to music? What are their favourite groups and singers? How often do children download music? What are the children’s reading preferences? How often do they purchase or download books? What are the key devices used by children in the UK to access media? What is the equipment children cannot live without? What are the children’s attitudes towards money saving and spending? What are the main purchases made by the UK children? What are the differences in buying preferences between ages and sexes? How much time do children spend playing sport? What is their opinion about time spent playing sport in school? What is the influence of the London Olympics 2012 on the children’s behaviour? What are the major activities of children (aged 5-16) in the UK? What career prospects do children have? What is their attitude towards education? What are their post school plans? These and many other burning issues are discussed in the survey report.

New study “The CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2013-14” elaborated by CHILDWISE has been recently published by Market Publishers Ltd.

Report Details:

Title: The CHILDWISE Monitor Report 2013-14

Published: January, 2014

Pages: 247

Price:    US$ 2,650.00

The survey report is a comprehensive annual overview of the children’s and teenagers’ (aged 5-16) media consumption trends, their key behaviours and brand attitudes in the UK. It provides detailed trend summaries covering the following areas: internet, computers, game consoles, mobile phones, applications, TV, music, reading, money, self purchase, sports, activities, the London 2012 Olympics, activities, careers and education. The study describes the major areas of interest of the 5-16 year-old children in the UK, identifies and characterises their preferences, investigates the preferred pastimes, determines the most demanded products, and also features the surveyed children’s attitudes towards sports and education.

Issues Covered in Each Examined Area Include:

    Internet (favourite websites, access frequency, time spent online, gaming, social networking and gaming).
    Computers (usage and ownership, laptops / tablets).
    Games consoles (games console ownership, favourite games, gaming behaviour, time spent playing games consoles).
    Mobile phones (ownership, usage, makes of phone, time spent using, smartphones, how are calls paid for, who pays, monthly spend).
    Applications (usage, last applications downloaded, favourite applications, paying for applications and in-app purchases).
    TV (time spent watching TV, referred channels, favourite programmes, TV ownership, on-demand TV programmes).
    Music (accessing music, favourite music groups, preferred radio stations, music downloads).
    Reading (favourite books, frequency / time spent reading, ebook readers and reading online).
    Money (earnings and pocket money, ad-hoc handouts, saving and sending).
    Self purchase (buying online, categories bought from and next new gadgets).
    Sports (opinion on amount of sport in school and weekly hours out of/in school).
    The London 2012 Olympics (impact, recall, and awareness of Rio 2016 Olympics).
    Activities (frequency of ad hoc activities, out-of-school activities, collecting things, involvement in music making).
    Education and careers (plans for college/post school, career prospects and attitudes to education).

More new research reports by the publisher can be found at CHILDWISE page.

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Microsoft Grants $7.5 Million in Software and Technology to Youth Villages; Grant Boosts Technology for At-Risk Children

Microsoft Grants $ 7.5 Million in Software and Technology to Youth Villages; Grant Boosts Technology for At-Risk Children

Memphis, Tenn. (PRWEB) April 24, 2013

Microsoft has awarded a grant of $ 7.5 million in software and technology to Youth Villages, one of the nation’s largest providers of help to children with emotional and behavioral problems and their families.

The grant is part of Microsoft’s YouthSpark initiative, which is designed to create opportunities for 300 million youth around the world. It will provide software and support on Youth Villages’ residential campuses, supply technology for young adults being helped through its transitional living program and improve the organization’s internal and external communications systems.

“Microsoft is one of our most important partners,” said Patrick Lawler, Youth Villages CEO. “Since 1997, their generosity has allowed us to provide the best computer technology to our kids. This grant means Microsoft’s total support of Youth Villages’ children comes to nearly $ 13 million, which has helped our youth learn computer skills and allowed us to support our staff with modern clinical records and office technology.”

Microsoft YouthSpark is a global initiative committed to create opportunities for 300 million youth in more than 100 countries over the next three years. This companywide initiative includes company programs that empower youth to imagine and realize their full potential by connecting them with greater opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship.

The grant allows children receiving help at schools on Youth Villages’ residential campuses to use the latest Microsoft software and curriculum to improve their computer literacy and learn the fundamentals of word processing, spreadsheets, the Internet and presentations. Youth Villages’ residential campuses are located in Memphis and Linden, Tenn., Atlanta, Boston and Portland, Ore.

Young adults in the Youth Villages transitional living program in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Massachusetts, Mississippi and North Carolina use computers powered by Microsoft to study for their GED certificates, apply for colleges, prepare resumes and search for and apply for their first jobs.

“Microsoft’s continued support allows us to do our best work for children and families,” said Anne Coggin, director of education at Youth Villages. “For our kids, the computer lab is a wonder, offering diverse learning opportunities and a ticket to becoming technologically literate, something that will be crucial for their success as adults.”

The grant also provides the technology to enhance internal and external communications systems for more than 2,700 Youth Villages staff members who perform critical functions each day, such as accessing medical records, documenting treatment plans and reporting to parents and referral partners. Youth Villages’ counselors, teachers and staff will help more than 20,000 children and families this year from 67 offices throughout the country.

“Through YouthSpark, we’ve made a commitment to provide opportunities for youth to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace,” said Marietta Davis, general manager of Microsoft’s Greater Southeast District. “The Youth Villages grant will give at-risk youth the technology and training critical to success in the technology economy. I’ve been so impressed with the organization that I joined its national board of directors last year.”

About Youth Villages

Youth Villages is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to helping emotionally and behaviorally troubled children and their families live successfully. Founded in 1986, Youth Villages helps more than 20,000 children and families each year from more than 20 states and Washington, D.C., through its Evidentiary Family Restoration ™ approach. Involving intensive work with the child and family, as well as a focus on measuring outcomes, keeping children in the community whenever safely possible and providing accountability to families and funders, EFR produces lasting success for children.

Youth Villages uses its EFR approach in a wide array of programs, including intensive in-home services, residential treatment, foster care and adoption, transitional living services, mentoring and crisis services. EFR consistently produces success rates twice that of traditional services at one-third the cost of traditional care. Named one of the Top 50 Nonprofits to Work For by Nonprofit Times and Best Companies Group in 2010 and 2011, Youth Villages has been recognized by Harvard Business School and U.S. News & World Report, and was identified by The White House as one of the nation’s most promising results-oriented nonprofit organizations. For more information about Youth Villages, visit

Microsoft grant to Youth Villages-add two –

About Microsoft YouthSpark

Microsoft YouthSpark is a global initiative that aims to create opportunities for 300 million youth in more than 100 countries during the next three years. This companywide initiative includes Citizenship and other company programs — both new and enhanced — that empower youth to imagine and realize their full potential by connecting them with greater opportunities for education, employment and entrepreneurship. Find out more at

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Note to editors: For more information, news and perspectives from Microsoft, please visit the Microsoft News Center at Web links, telephone numbers and titles were correct at time of publication, but may have changed. For additional assistance, journalists and analysts may contact Microsoft’s Rapid Response Team or other appropriate contacts listed at

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Project Wild Thing attempts to convert one million children to the benefits of outdoor play

Project Wild Thing attempts to convert one million children to the benefits of outdoor play

Ivy Bond gets close to nature in a still from the Project Wild Thing documentary

(PRWEB UK) 21 September 2012

A nationwide nature marketing campaign has been launched by film producers Green Lions, aiming to persuade one million children to play outdoors and enjoy the benefits of nature.

The UK-wide nature campaign is big, bold and innovative – to be seen on billboards, in maternity units and on screen. Running the campaign is filmmaker David Bond, who has appointed himself Marketing Director for Nature, in an attempt to advertise the benefits of nature to the nation. In the film David Bond takes advice from nature, psychology and marketing specialists, including Simon Middleton, author of Build A Brand In 30 Days and CEO of brand consultancy firm Brand Strategy Guru.

The campaign backed by the National Trust, NHS Sustainable Development Unit, Play England, Play Wales, Playboard NI, Arla, Good For Nothing and Britdoc.

David Bond said: “According to UNICEF we are raising the unhappiest kids in the developed world. Fewer than 10% of children play in wild places, compared with 50% a generation ago, kids roam far less and half of kids have been stopped from climbing trees, and 20% from playing conkers or tag.

“The lure of the indoors – with TV, the internet and computer games – is creating a generation that has no connection with the natural world. My kids are 3 and 5 and they scream if I switch off the TV. I’m now fighting to get my kids back before it’s too late. I’ve spoken to teenagers across the UK many of whom say, ‘Why would I want to go outside – staying indoors is much more fun’. I don’t want to hear that from my children.”

As well as a traditional advertising campaign, PROJECT WILD THING will deliver:

OUT AND ABOUT baby packs for new parents (example attached). After giving birth and alongside the ubiquitous Bounty Pack, mothers will receive a pack to help them think about how they can spend time outside with their baby. Run as a trial study across three major hospitals, this pack will aim to tackle the problem at the source by encouraging parents to help their kids be outdoors right from the start.

The WILDTIME app, available from, is a technological toy that delivers information about where the best fun is really to be found. WILDTIME is designed to help parents and kids who are looking for fun in the outdoors, but are not sure where to find it.

A WILD PLEDGE for people to sign that affirms commitment to the natural world by pledging to match screen time with outdoor time. By gathering signatures, Bond is attempting to lobby government for more natural learning and playtime in schools.

According to David Bond, “I’m blown away by the number of people wanting to join the campaign. Big brands like Apple, Shell and BP all use symbols of nature to advertise their products for a profit. I am advertising nature because it’s good for you and it’s free. My crusade is one small step towards encouraging people to spend less time watching screens, and more time outside.”

The Project Wild Thing campaign challenges parents and children in towns, cities and the countryside across the UK to leave behind the cosy indoors and get outside into the wild. With the help of advertising and marketing experts, Bond’s goal is to persuade one million children of the benefits of Nature – an amazing, free, wonder-product – in just two weeks.

“Spending time outdoors is fun, it’s good for you and it’s free. Given the opportunity, kids love being outdoors. They just need to be given the opportunity. If we don’t act now, a generation of children will miss out on developing a fundamental connection with nature. Without future custodians of the natural world, who will look after our planet 50 years from now?”

Bond’s marketing campaign is being filmed for a documentary. The British feature-length documentary PROJECT WILD THING, is being produced by film producers Green Lions, in conjunction with the BRITDOC Foundation ( It is due to be released nationwide in cinemas in Summer 2013. A major campaign to encourage children to spend more time in nature will accompany the film’s release.

Company Information:

David Bond is available for interview. Stills and video footage from the campaign are also available.

For further information contact:

Ashley Jones, Producer, Project Wild Thing

ashley (at) greenlions (dot) com / 07881 828 928 /


Simon Middleton is a brand consultant and author whose book ‘Build A Brand In 30 Days’ advises businesses and organisations how to establish brand stories quickly and effectively.


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Redemtech Helps KINfolk Connect Seriously Ill Children with Outside World

Redemtech Helps KINfolk Connect Seriously Ill Children with Outside World

Columbus, Ohio (PRWEB) September 9, 2008 -–

Redemtech, (, a world leader in IT asset disposition and Technology Change Management (TCM) services, is helping KINfolk and a top five pharmaceutical corporation expand the drug company’s laptop computer donations program to benefit seriously ill children. KINfolk is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization.

Based on the success of similar contributions in the past, the pharmaceutical company will donate 100 additional IBM T41 computers to KINfolk, with most of the units provided to young patients at Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children. KINfolk, based in Wilmington, Del., uses technology such as laptop computers and Internet access to help connect seriously ill children to their families, friends and other online opportunities.

Redemtech, which is the first commercial Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (CMAR) in North America, will install Windows XP Professional operating systems (OS) and the Microsoft Office Suite on all of the donated laptops for a $ 5 administration fee per software application.

“This latest donation will allow more than 5,000 ill and injured children annually—who otherwise may not have had the opportunity—to communicate with the outside world,” said Robert Houghton, president and CEO of Redemtech. “Providing laptops for these young patients truly reinforces the value that a donation program can have for others.”

Because Redemtech has been able to minimize OS and imaging costs, KINfolk is able to use grants and funding to expand their valuable service to additional homes and facilities throughout the country.

“Everyone from young children to parents can use the computers to stay in touch with the outside world—whether they are communicating with friends, providing updates on the child’s condition, paying bills or keeping pace with school work,” said Melinda McGuigan, KINfolk’s executive director.

Redemtech worked with KINfolk to provide the specifications for the PCs received and the OS installed to complete the paperwork required to ensure eligibility in the Community Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher program.

KINfolk participates in Redemtech’s TakeBack program, which provides free asset recovery and recycling services at the donated systems’ end of life. The program not only saves recycling fees, but it ensures the electronic waste is disposed of in a safe manner.

“We believe that all IT equipment should be recycled, and this type of contribution enables companies of all sizes to put outdated equipment to use to meet others’ needs,” McGuigan said.

About KINfolk

Since 1999, KINfolk has been lending laptop computers and Internet access to children whose lives have been disrupted by disease and injury. Working with corporate donors, the non-profit organization provides laptop computers, operating systems, Internet access and filters and tracking software to children and families nationwide to keep them in touch with their support network at a time when they need it most. Visit

About Redemtech

Redemtech Technology Change Management (TCM) services help organizations increase IT asset utilization and assure regulatory compliance during technology transitions. Redemtech provides an outsourced solution to TCM that uses best practices and automated technologies to implement and manage processes for deploying, redeploying and decommissioning computer systems. Redemtech clients can realize a 40 percent to 70 percent reduction in asset recovery and disposition costs, while achieving 100 percent warranted data security and environmental compliance assurance. Redemtech is a wholly owned subsidiary of Micro Electronics, one of the largest privately held technology companies in the United States. For more information on Redemtech visit



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Keeping an Eye on Your Children with Simple Computer & Internet Monitoring Software

Article by Jay Thurston

Let’s face it. We all know that the net is filled with inappropriate topic matter, and of course, we worry about what our kids are undertaking on the property computer when we’re not about. Whether or not it is pornography, drugs or alcohol you’re probably worried about your kid(ren) “researching” it on the web.

You’ve most likely regarded as some type of pc monitoring software package to “maintain an eye” on them. Net blockers that come with our computers and browsers can only go so far. So, now that we know we need some type of monitoring computer software, where do we go from here?

There are tons of possibilities out there when it comes to computer and net monitoring software package, and it does get overwhelming. My wife and I did some research and soon discovered that there are lots of choices that didn’t genuinely satisfy us. Most of the computer software was too confusing, too expensive and not basic adequate to do just what we required. I’m sure that most parents are seeking for the identical items we want:

1. Easy-to-use monitoring software program.2. Software program that runs continuously and discreetly.three. The ability to know about inappropriate pc use Right away.4. Only know the poor things that the youngsters do on the computer, but leave the rest alone. We do not want to know every single detail. (Our kids DO deserve some privacy!)five. Affordability.

We soon discovered that we couldn’t locate this and we decided that, “sometimes too considerably is not sufficient.”

I stated to my wife, “An individual must design a system that only picks up key phrases that could relate to inappropriate topic matter, and that details should be automatically emailed to the user(parent).”

And this is how was born.

We speedily brought the thought to a programmer, who happens to be related, and the rest is history.

We produced affordable, effective, secure and Valuable computer and world wide web monitoring computer software that is designed for the user.

We also donate ten% of our proceeds to the Children’s Miracle Network. Please visit to see why.

About the Author

Creator and Owner of

LightLogger Keylogger – Laptop or computer and World wide web Monitoring Software. Versatile monitoring computer software that secretly records all actions on your Computer. Much more info at
Video Rating: / 5

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Dating with children

Write-up by PeeterSan

There’s no doubt about it, on-line dating has been 1 of the fantastic achievement stories of the computer age – a logical extension of the old ad in the individual column of a weekly community paper.

But be ever conscious: the woman you meet could come as a package, albeit an attractive 1. If she’s divorced with children, main school or teenage, realise that they’re a major factor in the future good results of your relationship. Show some interest in her children’s welfare, health and education, and you’ll establish some of the most crucial credentials you’ll need.

A mate between marriages numerous years ago lived in Mt Isa, a flat, hot, dusty outback Australian mining town where 5000 guys from some 60 nationalities function the copper, lead, gold and zinc deposits deep underground. The Isa’s a hard location. Drinking is the significant recreation, and the Aussie drinking culture is not a pretty 1.

As the breakfast announcer at the neighborhood radio station he was hosting an outside broadcast when he got chatting to an appealing divorcee with three kids to cut a extended story short, they moved in together and it was bliss for the next 5 years till he contracted bowel cancer and died the cause for the pleased union was merely that Stewie was constantly on hand for the kids – a teenage son and daughter, and their 11 year old younger sister. He willingly helped them with their homework and sports coaching trips, as nicely as which he coached them in little issues such as table manners and social etiquette.

She eventually remarried, and the children have all benefitted in a variety of methods from Stew’s gentle influence. Women you meet on dating web sites can be beautiful, but vulnerable, and the kiddies should be portion of the deal.

About the Author

Barry BowenSite for On the web Dating in UK? Sunday Night Social is a UK based cost-free dating website, for members in between 30 and 45, Browse, Chat, and Date appropriate now.

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