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Local Boston Author Releases Debut Book; ?Ruins of the Mind?

Local Boston Author Releases Debut Book; “Ruins of the Mind”

Swampscott, MA (PRWEB) April 24, 2012

Author J.P. Stadtlander ( announced today the official launch of his debut book “Ruins of the Mind” on May 15th, 2012. The book, an anthology of short stories, focuses on science fiction, unusual circumstances and touches on the possibilities of what might be right under our nose.

An elderly home in north-eastern, Ohio has hired a handyman that has an unusual effect on those around him. At the same time he is hired, strange things seem to affect the residents of this quiet retirement home. Justice is served for those who are uncaring or unkind, yet rewarded to those who are compassionate and kind to others. Discover an elderly home like no other in “The Lantern”

A species which has existed with us for tens of thousands of years is about to make itself known to us. However, the knowledge of its existence is not the unusual part of this story, the reason for their coming into communication with us could spell certain doom for our entire way of life. Learn how in “The Ter’roc”.

J.P. taps into his psyche as well as that of the reader. He enjoys exploring the implausible, yet still finding a way to make it possible. “I have always loved the possibility of ‘what-if’ and enjoy trying to put myself in other people’s shoes and learning to discover how they might think and act if really put into the situations.”, states J.P. Stadtlander

The book also contains a story that puts the reader in the shoes of a character who is on one of the flights that collides with the World Trade Center and recounts what the people on the aircraft also went through in real time prior to the act. Experience it yourself in “Feathers in the Wind”.

“Ruins of the Mind” will be available in paperback on Amazon and at independent bookstores nationwide as well as Kindle and eBook on May 15th, 2012.

About J.P. Stadtlander

Born and raised in Ohio, J.P. has been writing for fifteen years and finds inspiration through such authors as Dean Koontz and Stephen King. He has been working in Information Technology since 1995 and performs lectures to parents on child computer and internet safety. He currently lives in northern Massachusetts with his family.


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MinuteHound Releases New Software That Helps Bike Messengers Keep on Track and on Time

MinuteHound Releases New Software That Helps Bike Messengers Keep on Track and on Time

MinuteHound Cloud Based Attendance Software

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 16, 2013

MinuteHound is excited to release a new product dedicated to efficiently maintaining a fleet of bicycles while keeping costs low. The new program ensures riders complete timely deliveries while also reducing waste. Using the time clock software is a cost-effective method of providing rapid delivery and maintaining accountability in urban environments clogged by excessive traffic. The program also allows individual riders to operate their own businesses successfully as sole proprietors.

Necessarily, the speed with which deliveries are made, the most efficient use of time, and accuracy are the three chief attributes in the competitive marketplace. After all, the services provided are largely the same. MinuteHound’s timeclock software and fingerprint scanner are already a fixture at many businesses looking to reduce the costs of timecard fraud, inaccurate payroll, and record keeping supplies. Bicycle messengers and deliverers offer a new and interesting way to use their excellent equipment.

MinuteHound touts its plug-and-play design, which makes the system not only easy but also flexible. The fingerprint scanner plugs into any computer with a USB port. Another advantage is that it maintains its time information in the cloud; managers can access it from any computer with an Internet connection. Combining these two advantages with the portability of an Internet-capable, full-sized laptop make MinuteHound’s software portable, which is ideal for riders on bikes. The scanner gets its power through the USB connection, so a laptop outfitted with a Windows operating system will fire it up as soon as it is connected.

MinuteHound states the idea is for the rider to arrive, make his or her item or information delivery, and then scan his or her fingerprint to mark the exact time. It is also a simple matter to add signature gathering software on the laptop; this has the added benefit of creating not only an easy-to-manage manifest but also ready-made performance assessments on timeliness and accuracy, which, in turn, provide instant testimonials on the performance of both the business and the rider. Both riders and businesses can use the generated data to prove their timeliness and accuracy whenever they advertise to new clientele. No matter how trustworthy or personable someone is in convincing someone of something, nothing beats cold, hard facts and performance reports.

MinuteHound’s software still has the same additional features that have made it as popular as it is in the business world. It still has 128-bit encryption for the scanned fingerprints and still breaks up the scanned fingerprint data into four distinct packets and sends them to servers in four different locations. The system also maintains accurate payroll information for either hourly or “by delivery” payment. Employee vacation tracking is also easy by using an online based application.

MinuteHound Contact Information



Phone: (800) 351-7237

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Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner Releases 5 Free Training Videos on How To Become an Internet Millionaire at

Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner Releases 5 Free Training Videos on How To Become an Internet Millionaire at

Jeff Usner

San Antonio, TX (PRWEB) July 09, 2012

Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner announces the release of 5 free training videos on how to become an internet millionaire. New training for online marketers looking for new strategies, methods, and techniques to boost business success by mirroring the processes and systems of the world’s highest paid marketers and business people.

An internet millionaire himself, Jeff Usner created the various training that he offers completely free at The hottest trends, latest money making avenues, and most profitable business models are all shared in the free training. Anyone can learn from, adopt, and build on these tips. There is no question how much the internet is bombarded with new business information everyday, but Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner only shares the most effective and most convenient ones.

The best part about the new training is how new marketers learn the insider secrets and information of the leaders and innovators within the field. The insights and expertise of all the biggest marketers can be used as a blueprint for anyone to create a successful business model that will thrive online even amidst the fast changing world of internet marketing.

Furthermore, secrets on driving traffic, media buying, SEO and SEM plus top social media techniques are discussed and explained to give marketers both old and new insight on how to use these venues as vehicles for online business success.

Consequently, the secret millionaire Jeff Usner is very pleased to announce that the Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Succeed book is now available for pre order. Followers, supporters, and students of Jeff Usner will have a blast finally getting all access to the best and most productive techniques and methods used by the internet millionaire himself to crank out millions and millions off the internet. Nothing is held back in this book and any marketer interested to boost sales in the most immediate time will find the much needed tips and tricks all laid out in this internet millionaire book, step by step, and truly tried and tested. The author is no less than the living proof of the effectiveness of the methods and processes that can be found in the book.

Also check out the new and improved website of the author plus more information and details on how to pre order Internet Millionaire: Your Blueprint to Success on the official website of Secret Millionaire, Access to events, products, and coaching can also be found here.

As a highly sought business coach and mentor, Usner continuously searches for ways to reach his growing number of followers, supporters, and clients. The new internet marketing training ground at plus the new internet millionaire book is sure to be a hit with all marketers both established and starting out for the information shared on both venues are top notch.

Apart from doing the videos, Jeff Usner is also busy with doing community and outreach work in his hometown of San Antonio. He is a long time advocate of giving back particularly to the most vulnerable. Through the years he has given thousands and thousands to numerous nonprofit organizations in San Antonio which includes those who reach out to the elderly, at risk youth, and many others deprived of basic social services.


Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner is an internet millionaire and a highly sought business coach and mentor. He helps small and big business alike create systems and funnels which will transform their business processes into the most productive, most efficient, and most profitable systems possible.

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Urgent Care 2.0 Releases “The 10 Commandments Of Internet Marketing For Urgent Care” (Part 1 and 2)

Urgent Care 2.0 Releases “The 10 Commandments Of Internet Marketing For Urgent Care” (Part 1 and 2)

The 10 Commandments Of Internet Marketing For Urgent Care

Oklahoma City, OK (PRWEB) April 09, 2014

1st Commandment of Internet Marketing for Urgent Care – “Thou shalt have no other jobs before me”!

Internet marketing is a jealous master. If full attention is not placed on it, it can be assumed that the plan will die off rather quickly. Many marketers will say that they are keeping up, but secretly they have failed to stay ahead of it. Many staffed marketing directors are given several tasks as a part of their job description with Internet Marketing being one of them. The major mistake is to think that Internet Marketing can be given part time effort with full time benefits. This is a lie. Internet Marketing requires a specific dedication. Here are a few reasons why:

1. The pace of Internet Marketing is light years ahead of every other form of marketing.

The key is to have relevant and timely influence in order to attract new business. That can be quite difficult with an audience that is very fast paced. The slow moving commercials and print media can miss such a target. The internet is where to catch them. By the time the video or print is finished the market may have shifted. The part time Internet Marketers may miss those shifts and not realize it causing them to continue down a path of irrelevancy.

2. The technical knowledge needed is far more demanding to execute efficient Internet Marketing.

Due to the need to have good computer and technical skills, a part time Internet Marketer will never fully master the tools and techniques needed to get the most out of Internet Marketing. The lack of technical skills not only provide limited ROI potential, it can also can cause significant losses. (Example – Not knowing how to properly configure tools such as Google Adwords)

3. The only consistency with Internet Marketing is change.

Part time Internet Marketers are always behind the curve. Things change and they are scrambling to catch up. The joke is told about how a new computer is outdated before you get it in the car to take home, well Internet Marketing is faster than that. It takes a fully focused Internet Marketing team to stay ahead of the changes and develop plans to grow with the changes rather than surviving them.

2nd Commandment of Internet Marketing for Urgent Care – “Thou shalt make thy website easy to find on Google”!

This is the second of a 10 blog series. To get the most out of this series it best to read them from the beginning as they build on each other. Click Here to view all of the blogs in this series. These are the top areas Urgent Care clinics struggle with when it comes to Internet Marketing. It can be a tricky task, but these 10 commandments will help.

This commandment focuses on SEO. (Search Engine Optimization) The reason for the commandment having “Google” instead of “search engines” is that Google has the majority of the market share. They also own YouTube which is the 2nd largest search engine. When it comes to ranking that’s the only one that really matters. Also, if a website is ranking well on Google it is likely to be ranking well on most other major search engines as well.

For any given DMA (Designated Marketing Area) the term “Urgent Care” always gets the highest amount of activity on Google. When the results pull up it will place several options on the first page. In most cases the first to show up are paid ads. Under that we will find the organic positioning that is graded based on SEO. To rank in the top spots there are several factors that are taken into consideration. Here’s a list of some of the key base factors:

1. Domain Age – The older the domain name the better. This shows Google that the business has been established for “x” amount of years and older companies are typically more stable and relevant.

2. Page Rank Authority – Google grades every website for authority and gives them a score between 0 – 10. The higher the number the better. This score is based on other websites that link to the site as a relevant source of information. The key is both volume and quality of these links.

3. Citation Flow – How many web directories of a listing for that business? The more the better. It takes a perfect match of Name, Address and phone number to count as a citation.

4. Trust Flow – This is graded by how many links pointing to the site are from trusted sources. The main purpose of this factor is quality control of links.

5. Indexed Page Count – How many pages are indexed in the search engine? Just because the page is created does not guarantee its acceptance on the search engines. There are a few factors that could keep this from being done correctly. Most of it comes down to how well the website in question has been built and the tools being used to market it. The more pages of quality information the better.

6. Backlinks – This metric is about the total volume of links pointing to the website, where are they coming from and where exactly are they linking to on the website. Some of these rules have changed drastically over the past couple of years, so it’s important to consult with a professional on this matter.

7. Social Relevancy – Google has begun to look to crowd sourcing when it comes to relevancy. How many people are following this company and how are engaged are they with their audience?

These are just 7 of several metrics that need to be reviewed, monitored and modified on a regular basis to rank well for a particular keyword. The main factor though is not only look inward. All of these metrics need to be compared with the competition. The activity level needs to be more then them. The amount of work needed to rank number one will change based on the market, keyword and competition.

Keep up with the next 8 in this series by connecting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and Pinterest. They will also be on the website –

To request a free urgent care marketing consultation Click Here.

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Oxygen Software Releases Rugged Forensic Kit

Oxygen Software Releases Rugged Forensic Kit

Oxygen Rugged Forensic Kit

Moscow, Russia (PRWEB) February 07, 2013

Oxygen’s previously available Forensic Kit was a tremendous success among forensic customers working in the field. Releasing a rugged edition of the popular all-in-one solution provides powerful mobile acquisition and analysis features to those customers working in extreme conditions. Designed for greatest portability under the most extreme conditions, Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit is a truly unique mobile solution, serving as a field laboratory that is always available. The solution is specially built and configured to be used and to be usable in the field.

The kit includes a rugged, lightweight Windows 7 tablet with a pre-installed and pre-activated copy of Oxygen Forensic Suite Analyst. The solution includes the complete set of cables and has all cable drivers pre-installed and pre-configured to ensure immediate connectivity with all types of devices being acquired. The kit can be carried in the supplied waterproof Peli case.

About Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit is an all-in-one, ready to use solution offering rapid on-scene acquisition and analysis of information from a wide range of mobile devices. Compared to other forensic hardware, Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit not simply extracts data, but allows performing a quick but comprehensive analysis on the spot. The combination of a touch screen and a highly intuitive user interface allows working with acquired evidence without leaving the scene. Extracted information can be also brought to a forensic lab for further analysis and reporting. Evidence collected with Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit can be used in the court.

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit includes everything to start working immediately. Including all necessary connectivity cables, the kit has all the drivers and software already installed and pre-configured. If no cable is available for a particular device, the kit comes with a pre-installed and pre-configured Bluetooth connection.

The solution is highly extensible, offering a range of add-ons extending battery runtime, allowing extra charging and connectivity options. The computer runs a 32-bit version of Windows 7, allowing additional software to be installed without a hassle.

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit comes with a license for Oxygen Forensic Suite Analyst, the most advanced and highly acclaimed mobile forensic software. The tool will help specialists extract information from more than 6500 models of smartphones, cell phones and tablets, and perform a highly sophisticated analysis of all activities of the owner of the device.

What’s Included

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit includes a combination of rugged hardware and pre-installed software to enable instant deployment and seamless connectivity with most types of mobile hardware. The kit includes:

    A highly rugged Tablet PC 7″ MaxView touch screen, Intel Atom 1.6 GHz, 64Gb SSD, 2GB RAM, 2 x USB ports, 1 x LAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera w/LED;
    Preinstalled Windows 7 OS Home Premium 32 bit;
    Preinstalled, pre-activated, pre-configured and ready to use Oxygen Forensic Suite, Analyst license;
    Additional DVD Box with Oxygen Forensic Suite, USB Dongle Analyst license to install on an extra desktop PC;
    Android Rooting add-on included in both Internet and USB Dongle licenses;
    Oxygen Cable Set: the complete set of cables;
    Preinstalled and pre-configured Oxygen Drivers Pack to support all cables;
    Printed Getting Started Guide for Oxygen Forensic Suite;
    Printed Connection Instructions Guide;
    Rugged Peli case.

Who Can Use Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit is a perfect solution for the field. Users of Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit include the police and military forces, criminal investigators, forensic specialists, intelligence and special services.

Pricing and Availability

Oxygen Forensic Rugged Kit is available immediately. North American pricing is set to US $ 7999, while European customers will pay € 6499. Local pricing may vary.

A more affordable non-rugged edition is also available for $ 5499 / € 3999.

Optional accessories are available at

About Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013

Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013 helps investigators and forensic specialists access and analyze data from a variety of mobile devices such as cell phones, smartphones, communicators, PDA and tablet PCs. Currently supporting more than 6,300 different models, Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013 covers the widest range of mobile devices compared to competition, and allows fully automated acquisition and analysis of supported devices.

The unique Timeline feature offers convenient, single-place access to all activities and movements performed by the user arranged by date and time. Investigators can track user location at every moment, build and map their historic routes, and clearly see all activities performed by the user at each location. Timeline is now available for analyzing DMG images.

Another signature feature of Oxygen Forensic Suite allows investigators performing a global search on all devices ever analyzed with the toolkit. The global search quickly reveals any connections (e.g. common contacts, exchanged calls, texts or emails) between the phone owners.

Oxygen’s statistical analysis tools allow investigators discover social connections between the users of multiple mobile devices. Calls, text messages and Skype conversations are analyzed to produce charts and tables revealing the users’ closest circle at a glance.

Oxygen Forensic Suite 2013 guarantees zero-footprint operation, leaving no traces and making no modifications to the content of the devices, making it the tool of choice among government and law enforcement agencies, security services and forensic organizations in more than fifty countries.

About Oxygen Software

Founded in 2000, Oxygen Software offers the most advanced forensic data examination tools for smartphones and mobile devices. The company is dedicated in delivering the most universal forensic solution covering the widest range of mobile devices running Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iOS, and Android operating systems. As a result, Oxygen Forensic Suite receives great response at forensic conferences, exhibitions and trainings, and occupies a spot in the top of the list in relevant tests for extracting more data than competitors.

# # #

More information about the company and its forensic solutions is available at


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Nathan Sloan Releases New Internet Marketing Resource Centre

Nathan Sloan Releases New Internet Marketing Resource Centre

(PRWEB) November 24, 2012

Nathan Sloan from Internet Marketing to Freedom has just released a brand new Internet marketing resources centre on his core site, which helps struggling internet marketers and business owners to propel their success forward.

“I’m excited to be releasing this new resource centre as it gives new internet marketers direct access to the tools, resources and services I’ve used to build my successful internet business. I hope that this helps Internet marketers to achieve results faster and cut through some of the issues they would ordinarily face.” Said Mr Sloan.

The new Internet Marketing to Freedom resources area includes a number of resources grouped into 11 core categories. The categories are:

    Best Computer For Internet Marketers
    Where To Buy Your Domain Names
    Where To Get the Best Hosting
    How To Create A Professional Website
    How To Build A Big Twitter Following
    Your Professional Email Marketing System
    How To Find Profitable Keywords
    How To Track Your Website Visitors
    Essential Software
    Traffic And Back Link Solutions
    Products To Help Speed Up Your Results

Each of these category areas have a list of recommended reading, products and services, which Nathan Sloan has personally used in creating his business and recommends you, use as well.

Visit the Internet Marketing to Freedom resources section here:

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Awareness Technologies Releases Additional Data Loss Prevention Features

Awareness Technologies Releases Additional Data Loss Prevention Features

Westport, CT (PRWEB) June 26, 2013

Awareness Technologies, Inc. (ATI), the only provider of Complete Insider Threat Security On Demand, today announced it has released an advanced Windows Client with robust new Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features. With InterGuard’s patented Single Agent architecture, organizations can now monitor, discover, and prevent data loss and leakage in Webmail attachments – such as Gmail, and Yahoo Mail – as well as monitor and record Skype messages. The new upgrade, which is free to ATI’s current DLP customers, further sets the bar for organizations and resellers looking for complete data leakage prevention.

InterGuard’s popular end-point security suite includes Data Loss Prevention, PC & mobile device monitoring, web filtering, and lost laptop recovery. The new enhancements for DLP now include the ability to scan Webmail attachments for File Type and Alert Words in the attachment’s content. This is significant because prior to this release, Webmail attachments could not be scanned by traditional appliance and software-based DLP solutions. Using InterGuard’s unique endpoint architecture, an organization’s security team can now block and/or report data transfers for computers, whether on or off network. InterGuard’s tiny stealth client, which is always on and working, will prevent the movement of protected file types and sensitive content even if the computer is not connected to the Internet.

According to Brad Miller, CEO of Awareness Technologies, “Unlike appliance-based DLP solutions, InterGuard’s end point security suite works both on and off network as well as if not connected to the Internet.”

There are more than 450 million users of Google’s Gmail. In the past six months, more than 60 million Microsoft customers have converted from Hotmail to Besides the potential personal use of Webmail by employees, many companies are now migrating their corporate email to a cloud-based solution, and adopting cloud- based storage and apps such as Google Docs. Webmail presents a risk of data loss from behind the corporate firewall because employees can easily send large files with potential confidential company information. Users with company laptops also present a threat when they move off the corporate network. While a company can easily monitor attachments in traditional corporate email clients, webmail monitoring has long been a problem. Now organizations can monitor attachments sent by an employee’s Webmail as easily as they can those in Exchange or other desktop email clients.

Awareness Technologies is the pioneer in Unified Insider Threat Prevention. Awareness Technologies’ true cloud-based service is easily available and affordable for businesses of any size. Awareness Technologies uniquely protects users at the endpoint by offering multiple best-in-class technologies including PC and Mobile device monitoring, Web Filtering, Data Loss Prevention and Laptop Recovery, through one tiny agent download and one control console.

Awareness Technologies was named one of the Top 20 Cloud Security Vendors in 2011 by CRN and is a member of the Ingram Micro Managed Services and Cloud Computing Seismic program, which offers education, training, and vendor support. Awareness Technologies has been named to the Deloitte Technology Fast 500, Inc. 5000, and Software 500 lists. Awareness Technologies’ consumer product, WebWatcher for PCs, is the most recent winner of PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice for Web Monitoring.

For more information, please visit


Brad Miller | CEO

(917) 453-1347 (cell)


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Combined PC Support Services Inc. releases its On-Line Internet based PC and Software repair service.

Combined PC Support Services Inc. releases its On-Line Internet based PC and Software repair service.

(PRWEB) September 4, 2001

September 1st, 2001

Combined PC Support Services officially releases its Internet based On-Line PC Software Repair Services through its website My PC Crashed.Com. (

We repair PC’s and software over the Internet. While, this concept is new to home computer users and small businesses, the technology is not. The IT departments in most of the larger firms in US that have distributed offices perform this service daily. But, this, as a consumer service is one of the newest things to hit the Internet.

This magic is done by using remote control technology that allows us to run the customers computer, while they watch, just like we were sitting there with them. The customer is always aware of everything the technician does and is in control at all times.

Our staff cleans files, removes programs, repairs broken files, replaces drivers, performs preventative maintenance and tests software, all, while the customer watches. We also install software and train users to use it, right on their own computer.

Our service can literally remove the damage done by years of software use, in less than one hour.

Our clients simply attach to our technicians via the net and watch while we perform a series of tests and repairs to bring your computer back to its maximum potential while cleaning up all those irritating software problems. This is not an automated service, as only a skilled PC technician can perform this manual restoration service. Our computer tech’s can repair almost any PC problem, as long as it doesn’t require a screwdriver.

If you have an older or underachieving computer, don’t throw it away. Let our experienced tech’s return it back to its days of glory and extend its useful lifespan. Also, you don’t have to unplug it and haul it across town to use our services.

There are a series of services outlined on our website at

If you need additional information, we can be contacted at our website by clicking on any of the “Live Customer Assistance” icons, or by phone at (770) 893-3799

Thank you,

Ross Carnes

Combined PC Support Services Inc.

PO Box 691

Jasper, Georgia 30143

Phone: (770) 893-3799

Fax: (770) 893-1104

Pager: (770) 224-4097

Pager E-Mail:

Cell Phone:(678) 234-1096


Corp. Web Page:

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StatSoft Releases STATISTICA Version 10 Analytics Solutions

StatSoft Releases STATISTICA Version 10 Analytics Solutions

Tulsa, OK (PRWEB) January 18, 2011

STATISTICA 10 introduces numerous new features and capabilities that take full advantage of Intel® multi-core processor technology regarding performance, data connectivity, graphics, and data analysis and predictive modeling, including:

         Significant performance and scalability improvements
         New modeling capabilities, e.g., procedures for credit and insurance risk modeling
         Even more flexible and scalable graphics
         Microsoft SharePoint integration
         Direct connection to OLAP cubes

A key performance goal for the STATISTICA 10 analytic platform was to utilize the capabilities of Intel’s latest multi-core processor technology. STATISTICA software is built with the latest generation of software development tools, and all performance-critical data processing and data analysis/modeling algorithms in STATISTICA have been redesigned to take full advantage of the Intel multicore architecture to ensure best-in-class performance against the exponentially growing data volumes expected over the next decade.

StatSoft’s VP for Platform Development George Butler says: “StatSoft’s strong relationship with Intel and our focus on taking full advantage of their latest processor technologies have enabled us to achieve data processing performance that was unthinkable only a few years ago.”

Asked what that means for StatSoft’s clients, Dr. Thomas Hill, VP for Analytic Solutions, replies that “StatSoft’s clients running the STATISTICA solutions on the latest Intel-based hardware can solve analytic and predictive modeling tasks three to four times faster, even on twice or three times the data volume, and this performance will only accelerate as Intel continues to chase Moore’s law.”

“In today’s fast-paced, technology-oriented world, the software business is a growing and highly competitive environment and StatSoft’s new flagship platform demonstrates continued success with high-performance analysis, modeling, and reporting,” said J. Scott Harrison, Director, Developer and ISV Scale Programs, Intel Software and Services Group . “The Intel Software Partner Program is a venue for collaboration between the hardware and software community resulting in innovative solutions and more choices for consumers.”

For a complete list of new STATISTICA features and capabilities, see

About StatSoft® Inc.

StatSoft, Inc. (, founded in 1984, is one of the largest producers of enterprise and desktop software for Data Analysis, Data Mining, Quality Control/Six Sigma, and Web/Server-based Analytics. Its products are used worldwide at most major universities, corporations, and government agencies and are supported with training and consulting services by a worldwide network of StatSoft offices in 24 countries on all continents.

About the Intel® Software Partner Program

The Intel Software Partner Program is a global, online membership program for independent software vendors (ISVs) developing commercially available applications for Intel platforms and technologies. The program gives ISVs access to a portfolio of resources that support the key stages of their business cycle from planning and development to marketing and sales. For more information, or to enroll in the program, go to

According to Wikipedia, “Moore’s law describes a long-term trend in the history of computing hardware. The number of transistors that can be placed inexpensively on an integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years. The trend has continued for more than half a century and is not expected to stop until 2015 or later”

# # #

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