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WaveMaker 6.0 Makes SaaS Simple

WaveMaker 6.0 Makes SaaS Simple

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) November 18, 2009

WaveMaker today announced general availability of the first open source cloud development platform. WaveMaker 6.0 is available under the Apache open source license, providing organizations with the features and benefits found in proprietary cloud development platforms – such as and Azure – at a fraction of the cost.

With an open source community of 15,000 active developers, WaveMaker has established itself as a leading rapid application development platform for cloud computing. WaveMaker’s browser-based, drag and drop platform makes it easy for anyone to prototype, develop and customize great looking web applications.

Because WaveMaker 6.0 was built using open source standards, it is the only cloud development platform to support deployment to any cloud, running on any Java server and connecting to any database. WaveMaker’s studio was even built using WaveMaker, demonstrating the power of WaveMaker technology.

WaveMaker 6.0 also introduces the industry’s first automated multi-tenant support. For this feature, WaveMaker’s server-side security module automatically isolates all database access between the tenants or customers of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application.

WaveMaker also announced a reference application that demonstrates the capabilities of WaveMaker 6.0. This application, called EnterTweet, combines a standard employee directory application with the Twitter web services API to provide a customized Twitter client for the Enterprise. Best of all, this application was built and deployed as a multi-tenant application onto EC2 in less than 10 minutes! For more information, see the short WaveMaker EnterTweet video.

“WaveMaker’s open source cloud development platform provides an important approach for customers adopting cloud computing,” said Judith Hurwitz, author of Cloud Computing for Dummies and President of Hurwitz & Associates. “WaveMaker’s ability to create partnerships with IBM, Amazon and RightScale also illustrates the value of an open source business model.”

“WaveMaker is easing the migration path for Java developers who want to bring existing application logic and data into a SaaS environment, while still retaining control over their deployment options,” stated Phil Wainewright, industry analyst at Procullux Ventures. “With automated support for robust multi-tenant databases, WaveMaker 6.0 advances software developers even further along the path towards realizing the full benefits of the SaaS model.”

“Cloud computing is fast maturing, but one lagging indicator is developer tools designed specifically for cloud deployment,” said James Governor, principal analyst at RedMonk. “WaveMaker aims to change that with their 6.0 release, an open source toolset, and relationships with key players such as IBM, Amazon and RightScale.”

About WaveMaker

WaveMaker is the only open source cloud development platform, with a 15,000-strong developer community and a leadership role in the Cloud Quick Start Program in partnership with IBM, Amazon and RightScale. WaveMaker makes it ridiculously easy to build, deploy and customize cloud applications with drag and drop development tools, one-click cloud deployment and end user self-service customization. WaveMaker customers like Ameren, Best Western, KANA, New Zealand Post and Pioneer Energy have built amazing-looking web applications with minimal learning curve and up to 98% less code. For more information, please visit

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New SmartTeam Performance Cloud Combines Goal Setting and Performance Management in One Simple Online Tool

New SmartTeam Performance Cloud Combines Goal Setting and Performance Management in One Simple Online Tool

NEW! SmartTeam Performance Cloud

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) July 24, 2013, the premier online learning and performance solution for small to medium businesses, recently launched a new all-in-one online performance management and employee appraisal tool to help companies track and manage organizational goals and measure results with real-time visibility.

The “SmartTeam Performance Cloud” was launched July 10, 2013 and is designed to drive high-level collaboration on company objectives as well as create standardization and visibility across an organization to ultimately boost employee engagement and productivity. Like the existing SmartTeam Learning Cloud—which enables companies to deliver and track online training—the SmartTeam Performance Cloud is a fully hosted solution accessible from any computer with Internet access and requires no additional server space.

“With the launch of the SmartTeam Performance Cloud, we can now provide growing businesses with a complete turnkey solution for managing employee development,” says SmartTeam Vice President of Product Management and Marketing Kurt Stansbury. “Not only can companies manage and track online training, but now they have a tool that allows them to set individual, team, and company-wide goals, as well as complete employee appraisals to make sure those goals are being met. We’ve put everything they need to manage learning and performance in one easily accessible place.”

Key features of the SmartTeam Performance Cloud include:

    A portal to formalize and share company goals online
    Ability to assign, track and complete employee appraisals
    Tools to track and update progress toward performance initiatives
    Custom templates, competency assessments and appraisal forms
    Detailed search capability

About SmartTeam

SmartTeam is a convenient, affordable and fully hosted online learning and performance solution for small to medium businesses. A division of online education leader VectorLearning and headquartered in Tampa, Florida, SmartTeam provides a fully interactive professional development course library as well as robust tracking and management; goal alignment; and employee appraisal capabilities through a user-friendly web-based platform to help growing businesses manage staff development. SmartTeam offers live support seven days a week, as well as a broad range of features and administrative tools. For further information call 866-565-7465 or visit

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Simple Things to Consider While Buying Desktop Computers

Article by Eflex Computers

Desktop computers are the popular choice for the majority of the computer literate populace of the world. More popularly known as personal computers or PCs, these are found in every office, shop and home. They have become almost indispensable from our lives.

Personal computers are very crucial in today’s society. A desktop computer can be used for a variety of useful purposes such as document processing, record maintenance, application development, designing etc. Many people use computers to browse the Internet and check Emails. Youngsters love to play games on PCs.

A personal computer comprises of essentially a CPU, a monitor, an externally attached computer mouse and keyboard. However, there is no dearth of accessories that you can keep on adding to your computer system. While buying a computer, one should have fair idea of computer components or configuration. There are certain factors that one needs to keep in mind while buying a computer. One important factor is to think of the configuration of your computer.

People use computers for various types of works. Your works can be as simplest like data typing to most complex ones like 3D designing. The complexity of work largely decides the best configuration of your desktop computer. If you are buying a computer just for internet browsing, your personal computer does not need a very high configuration. On the other hand, you need to think about the internet connectivity. Again for internet, there are several types of options available these days. From cable based WAN connectivity and Wi-Fi to USB modem based data travelers are also available. Choose one that best suits your needs and comes well within your budget.

If you are more into designing and graphical usage of computers, you need higher configurations with bigger monitor size too. A large monitor will help you to minutely observe the tiny specifications of your designs. It will better your designing capabilities. The cost of a high configuration PC is obviously higher and hence you need to check your budget at the same time.

Another important factor to consider these days is the power consumption of your computers. There are few desktop models that consume lots of energy. Therefore, you should buy a desktop that is reasonable in power consumption. These days, lots many energy-efficient computer models are available in the market. Initially, they may cost little higher but they assure you of huge power savings. Make up your mind to buy a less energy consuming PC to help support energy efficiency campaign of the world.

Your computer buying experience can be more pleasurable if you gather information and remain updated on ongoing developments in the computer world. In the world of computers, innovation is an everyday affair. Almost every day a new product hits the market. Be updated if you want to buy the latest versions of your computer components.

The best way to remain updated is to read reviews on desktop computers. You should gather as much information as you can. Your knowledge will help you to make the best purchasing decision.

About the Author

Eflex Computers is a UK registered company specialising in the production of Custom desktop computers, Gaming PC’s and in the refurbishment and resale of High Quality Business and cheap Laptops. See our full range of Cheap Laptops & Cheap Desktop Computers, fast UK delivery and unbeatable prices.

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Keeping an Eye on Your Children with Simple Computer & Internet Monitoring Software

Article by Jay Thurston

Let’s face it. We all know that the net is filled with inappropriate topic matter, and of course, we worry about what our kids are undertaking on the property computer when we’re not about. Whether or not it is pornography, drugs or alcohol you’re probably worried about your kid(ren) “researching” it on the web.

You’ve most likely regarded as some type of pc monitoring software package to “maintain an eye” on them. Net blockers that come with our computers and browsers can only go so far. So, now that we know we need some type of monitoring computer software, where do we go from here?

There are tons of possibilities out there when it comes to computer and net monitoring software package, and it does get overwhelming. My wife and I did some research and soon discovered that there are lots of choices that didn’t genuinely satisfy us. Most of the computer software was too confusing, too expensive and not basic adequate to do just what we required. I’m sure that most parents are seeking for the identical items we want:

1. Easy-to-use monitoring software program.2. Software program that runs continuously and discreetly.three. The ability to know about inappropriate pc use Right away.4. Only know the poor things that the youngsters do on the computer, but leave the rest alone. We do not want to know every single detail. (Our kids DO deserve some privacy!)five. Affordability.

We soon discovered that we couldn’t locate this and we decided that, “sometimes too considerably is not sufficient.”

I stated to my wife, “An individual must design a system that only picks up key phrases that could relate to inappropriate topic matter, and that details should be automatically emailed to the user(parent).”

And this is how was born.

We speedily brought the thought to a programmer, who happens to be related, and the rest is history.

We produced affordable, effective, secure and Valuable computer and world wide web monitoring computer software that is designed for the user.

We also donate ten% of our proceeds to the Children’s Miracle Network. Please visit to see why.

About the Author

Creator and Owner of

LightLogger Keylogger – Laptop or computer and World wide web Monitoring Software. Versatile monitoring computer software that secretly records all actions on your Computer. Much more info at
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