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Three Kinds of Networking Products

Article by Vekky sun

Network is information transmission, receiving, sharing virtual platform, through which the various points, surface, body of information linked together, so as to realize the sharing of resources. It is one of the people use communication tools. As a tool, it will be more and more easy to use. There will be more and more function, the content will be more abundant.

Network will help to read the text, pictures viewing, video playback, download transfer, chat games and other software tools from the text, pictures, sound, video, etc. to bring extremely rich and beautiful to use and enjoy. Network is also a resource-sharing channel, but it is after all a tool for mankind. I believe that one day, the network will bring people extremely good even beyond the human body itself can bring feelings with the help of software tools function. Then I would like to introduce you three kinds of network products, antennas, wifi routers and modems, cables and adapters.

1. WIFI Booster Wireless Antenna for Router

A wireless router antenna is a device for transmitting and receiving radio waves over a range of radio frequencies. The greater the range of frequencies over which the antenna operates, the more broadband the antenna is said to be in its operation. Most of us must be enjoying the great benefits of wireless Internet. A wireless Internet antenna booster actually plays an important role to extend the Wi-Fi network range.

Wi-Fi has developed from synergy of wireless communication, computer networking and Internet technology. It has radically changed the way we connect and communicate. Wi-Fi signal boosters are devices that help in enhancing the signal strength and range of Wi-Fi signals.

2. WIFI Router Signal Amplifier

The wifi signal booster aids to boost the signal of network you receive at a particular point of distance. If you develop or buy wifi signal booster, you are able to assure that the signal reception is enhanced and even go higher than your targets, given that the flow in the radio frequency carrier waves gets stronger, and also you maximize your time surfing the web anywhere you might be.

Good quality and powerful Wi-Fi signal amplifiers can bring about a threefold increase in signal strength. Bidirectional signal boosters increase the strength of transmitted, as well as received signals. Check out the boosters available in the market and choose one which suits your range and signal strength requirements.

3. Wireless USB LAN Adapter

A wireless USB LAN adapter basically enables you to share files, folders, printers, other network resources and Internet access. This useful and handy device lets you tether to a network at any time if you are within its enabled range. Simply buy a USB wireless LAN adapter and plug it into your computer. It will act as both a hub for other devices and for your own device it will be receiving antenna that will get signals generated by another Wi-Fi or any such device. This is also a really successful and helpful way of resource sharing. Maximum number of users can benefit from the same network utilities and resources using wireless adapters.

The wireless lan adapter is the most pop products in the business office and especially for the laptop. It provides the convenient lan network for the people who want to surfing the internet without any troublesome with the cords. Do you wish to select a great wireless adapter for the notebook computer? It is time to enjoy a handy circle.

With the development of science and technology, the wireless network technology will become more and more mature. Interested to know more this, want to enjoy the benefits of wireless networks without hassle. If yes, then can be the best solution provider for you.

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Trifecta Partners with the Kentucky Horse Park on First of Three Websites

Trifecta Partners with the Kentucky Horse Park on First of Three Websites

Kentucky Horse Park website

Lexington, KY (PRWEB) February 18, 2014

On Monday, January 20, 2014, Trifecta launched a new website for the Kentucky Horse Park, featuring a responsive web design, which services site users from a wide range of Internet devices.

Having worked with the horse park since 2012, this was the first of three opportunities for Trifecta to work with the park from a web design perspective. Currently in the works are new websites for the International Museum of the Horse and the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation, which will be launched later this winter and also will be responsive in nature.

“The horse park needed a site that caters as much to people with mobile devices as it does to people with traditional desktops and laptops,” said Jonathan Moore, partner at Trifecta. “By utilizing a responsive website design, we are able to give users a great web browsing experience, no matter what kind of Internet access they may be employing.”

A responsive website essentially responds to a user’s device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop, delivering content in a manner most compatible with the user environment. With Internet browsing habits generally trending more toward mobile devices, Trifecta offered a responsive website to satisfy the horse park’s growing demand. Instead of building a separate mobile website or developing smartphone apps, businesses and agencies like the horse park can opt for websites that adapt automatically to a user’s screen size.

“We want the park’s many different user groups to be able to access a fully functioning website no matter what type of device they will be using,” said John Nicholson, executive director of the Kentucky Horse Park. “A responsive site was key, but it was just as important to create a site that shows the beauty of our horses and property, entices visitors to come see us, and provides easy, user-friendly access to all of our site information.”

The Kentucky Horse Park website also features a cleaner, aesthetically pleasing look that facilitates easier navigation for the park’s multiple user groups. With a vast amount of content to offer, the website is organized to promote efficient browsing for both horse park regulars and first-time tourists, as well.

In a short amount of time, Trifecta has garnered much attention in the Lexington area by designing award-winning websites and web applications (web apps). Along with the three Kentucky Horse Park web properties, Trifecta has long been associated with the American Saddlebred Museum and is also designing a new website for the New York-based Harness Racing Museum and Hall of Fame.

In the midst of its busiest year yet, Trifecta currently is expanding to meet the needs of Lexington’s website development market, as well as into other realms of marketing and digital media. The company also continues its focus in 2014 on bringing clients into the smartphone/tablet browsing era through responsive websites.


About Trifecta:

Trifecta was formed in 2010 as a full-service design, custom development and marketing agency. The company operates from its home base at 149 Jefferson Street in Lexington, Kentucky and maintains clients both locally and nationally. For more information, visit

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Three Ways How to Send an Anonymous Email

Three Ways How to Send an Anonymous Email

Borderless Internet

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) August 20, 2013

First of all, what does anonymous actually mean? Where internet computing is concerned, there are two main uses of the term.

The technical meaning of ‘anonymous’ is that the user’s IP address is removed from communication. Since a user’s IP address is the main give away of their identity, removing that IP address gives them an important level of privacy.

The second meaning of anonymous is the conventional one: that the user’s real name does not appear in the communication.

Here are three ways to send an anonymous email that applies to both of these definitions:

1. Set up an or Gmail account without divulging your credentials. These two email providers do not place your IP address in your email headers. This means, if you do not use your real name to set up an account, receivers will not be able to see who or where you are based unless you tell them. However, as the recent NSA controversy has shown, if government or law enforcement agencies have an interest in you, they may simply demand that your email provider hand over your IP address.

2. Set up and use a standard webmail account through an anonymous VPN or Web Master Proxy. If you follow the above procedure (1) but do so entirely through a proxy, neither your IP address nor your identity will ever be tied to that account.

This will ensure that even if a government agency does request access to the email records, they will not be able to locate or identify you. However, you should choose a VPN or proxy provider that is based in a country where there is no law requiring the service provider to record your IP address. VPN providers in EU countries are required to log your IP address as required by the EU Data Retention Directive. There is no law requiring companies in the US to do so.

3. Use an anonymous email sender. There are many free services which allow you to send an email anonymously without setting up an account. They will not include your IP address in the email headers of the correspondence you send.

Make sure to choose a provider based in a different country to your own and be careful not to disclose your identity by other means. The only downside of this option is that most anonymous email providers will only provide the ability to send email anonymously, but no capability to receive messages.

For more details on anonymous emailing, read idcloak’s article: How to send an anonymous email.

idcloak Technologies Inc. is a Dallas-based provider of anonymity, security and anti-censorship proxy services. See for more.

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Cyber Security Company SBL Announce Issue Three of CyberTalk Will Be Dedicated to Unsung Hero Alan Turing

Cyber Security Company SBL Announce Issue Three of CyberTalk Will Be Dedicated to Unsung Hero Alan Turing

(PRWEB) June 24, 2013

Produced with the kind support of the National Museum of Computing, the Alan Turing Commemorative Edition is to be released by SBL in September 2013. The cyber security company who specialize in providing an innovative range of IT solutions have announced that issue three of CyberTalk will be devoted to celebrating the life, work and legacy of one of Britain’s most unsung heroes; Alan Turing.

The Alan Turing special edition of CyberTalk is dedicated to celebrating his lifetime achievements and the impact he has had on the history of computing, computer science and artificial intelligence. The third issue promises to acknowledge the work of both men and women who have contributed to quietly changing and developing the world and have not received the recognition that they rightly deserve.

Turing was highly influential in the world of computer science and formulated computer algorithms with the Turing machine invented by Alan in 1936, aged just 24 years old.

Alan Turing has inspired the third edition of CyberTalk from start to finish, and SBL are excited for the commemorative publication to launch in September 2013.

CyberTalk is read by around 40,000 readers both in hard copy and online and is circulated in various institutes and learning centres in the UK, USA, Norway and Sweden.

SBL have also announced that they are now open to accepting editorial contributors to submit articles for the CyberTalk magazines produced quarterly.

If you have experience in writing articles for publications then submit your article for consideration. Articles for the September Edition need to be submitted by 15th July 2013.

CyberTalk Three will form a major part of SBL’s presence at a number of events throughout September 2013, visit the company’s website for more information on their exhibition dates and pick up your issue of CyberTalk, designed and produced by digital marketing agency Reflect Digital. Previous CyberTalk issues are available to view online now.

Issue 3 Call for articles closes on 17 June 2013.

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