Teleradiology Interpretation Services Provider CRRS Listed Among Top Radiology Readers

Teleradiology Interpretation Services Provider CRRS Listed Among Top Radiology Readers

Westbury, NY (PRWEB) May 15, 2014

Last month, the Radiology Business Journal released its first annual report on the radiology interpretation services industry. CRRS, a boutique Westbury-based teleradiology operation, landed on the report’s list of the 20 largest radiology and teleradiology-services providers in the country.

Complete Radiology Reading Services (CRRS), a physician-owned general and subspecialty teleradiology services outfit, offers customized virtual radiology services to hospitals and practices across the country. Off-site radiology coverage can reduce or eliminate the need for healthcare providers to cover a full-time radiologist salary, minimizing providers’ liability insurance costs and allowing radiology practices and hospitals to maximize their returns.

CRRS founder Dr. Allen Rothpearl said that the Journal’s inaugural report is an important first step in measuring the development of the teleradiology segment of the broader radiology market. “We’re very happy to have received recognition from the RBJ – an authority in our industry – and to be grouped with some of the biggest outfits in the country, many of which have a significantly larger staff and have been been operating on a national level for longer than we have,” he said.

Rothpearl said that the honor is underlined by the fact that the report covers both on-site and virtual radiological service providers. “We’re still happy to be a big fish in a small pond, but to be noted for our work in this broader context is definitely gratifying,” he said, adding that the shifting sands of the radiology market are leading some remote providers to reframe their approach. “Even the term ‘teleradiology’ may be obsolete within the next decade.”

While some of the major teleradiology players are working reposition themselves as full-service radiology interpretation providers, many smaller companies are trying to corner specific regions or specialties. “In both cases, we’re starting to see a general shift toward delivering more final interpretations of radiological images,” said Rothpearl. “The traditional role of teleradiology has been to provide supplemental and preliminary interpretation, but market pressure is widening our niche considerably.”

About Complete Radiology Reading Services:

Complete Radiology Reading Services, PLLC (CRRS) was established in 2002 by Dr. Allen Rothpearl, a board-certified radiologist. Dr. Rothpearl recognized that organizations often have a need for radiology services, but may not have access to on-site radiologists for economic or geographical reasons. To meet this need, he formed CRRS.

CRRS has general and subspecialty board-certified radiologists on staff. From the beginning, our physician-owned practice has been servicing primary care clinics, urgent care centers and imaging centers. We have the knowledge and experience to work with fully established medical practices in order to provide imaging services that allow them to expand their services within their communities.

Our radiologists have subspeciality skills in radiology as well as knowledge of the relevant coverage issues for all types of radiology practices. We have focused our efforts on developing our technical skills and knowledge of current state of the art telemedicine systems, computers, networking and internet access. This focus allows us to give our clients easy, efficient and effective access to the specialty and subspecialty expertise in all areas of diagnostic imaging. Interaction between your office and ours is seamless. Reports are delivered promptly, via e-mail or fax, and are dictated in a complete and easy to read format. Emergency cases are called in and preliminary findings can be sent out immediately. Our final reports are finished products, and can be printed and signed on your letterhead, or ours.

Visit us online at, or find us on Facebook.

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