The History of Computer Training

Article by Caitlina Fuller

If you are like a lot of people you can barely recall what the world was like before computers were in every office and every home. The world is much different than it was 30 years ago because of computer and one of the benefits of all of the computers is that they have made training for a wide variety of things a lot easier. The history of computer training is a history that has been evolving since the 1980′s and continues to evolve to the current day in new and exciting ways.

Computer training as we now know it started with the aviation industry in the 1980′s. The reason for this is that the industry was spending millions of dollars to properly train its associates and the cost was starting to get out of hand. The industry started using computer based training, reducing costs, allowing for people to be trained from anywhere in the world, and the safety concerns were reduced as well.

By the early 1990′s the computer based training had advanced somewhat, being offered in the corporate setting. These lessons were limited as the capabilities of computers was still evolving at this time. The progress that was made with the computer based training during this time was such that it prompted people to continue to push forward, as computer training was looking to be a very promising option for most corporations, saving on time and money.

By the late 1990′s computer based training was almost what it is today. There were streaming videos, real time lessons, and more and more online courses being offered. The late 90′s computer training was much like the computer classes that we are able to take today for a wide variety of things.

Today you can take computer classes in just about every topic you want. Corporate industries are using these training programs and many people have found getting an education is a lot easier when they can do it all online. This is a great way to keep on top of education and training without having to travel or spend more money than is necessary on travel or education.

It seems as though computer training will only progress and continue in the future. This has become the ideal way to train people from all over the world to do a wide variety of things. Schooling, on the job training, learning new languages, working out, even hobbies are learned through computer training courses, time will only tell how these capabilities will be expanded upon and improved. We live in a computer age, and this really is the way that things are done more and more today.

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