Top 10 computer manufacturers in the world

this is the top 10 computer manufacturers in the world if you would like to buy a computer choose this brands ad companies.
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  • Greg Turovsky:

    dell should get a higher rank they mass produce a really great alienwares
    and they werw the first company thats not a 3rd party to make massed
    produced quality products

  • Tobluato Bluham:

    @slightlyoutofreach01 You don’t know what a pc is then…. A pc stands for
    PERSONAL COMPUTER and a mac is a pc… this is 1st grade work..

  • mel cans:


  • jathanator:

    lol yeah. i can agree with this line-up. whats the criteria, for the
    selection? if its just general opinion, then youre accurate. if its
    sales… i think IBM takes first because of the military contracts. if its
    popularity… Dell would need a much higher rank. overall though i say its

  • Elenh macuser:

    you are right

  • MrMysteryman0001:

    update:apple receives so much hype from just about everybody, but only 9%
    of the americans who own computers use apples

  • Lubomir Caja:

    hp sucks i had 3 hp computers al of them fucked up. never gonna buy HP
    again. hp can suck my ballzzz im gettng my alienware aurora r3 next week
    can’t wait!

  • Elenh macuser:

    ok in my opinion apple is the best..

  • Smokey Dawg:

    Acer is way better than hp and compaq. compaq is the worst computer in the

  • slightlyoutofreach01:

    Is this by sales, user rating or opinion? If you go by sales, Apple is
    pretty close to the bottom. They’ve made a killing with the iPad and
    iPhone, but they’ve never been that big when it comes to PC’s.

  • jajola123:

    Dell? Nah man not even top 3 Alienware 2, Apple 1. CybertronPC and if your
    looking for low cost gaming pc go MetropolitanPersonalComputers

  • Elenh macuser:

    yes but pc’s are cheaper

  • Jackie Yu:

    is it getting better the higher number it is or lower

  • Graystripe000:


  • Mitch Cady:

    Were is cyber power? Alien ware and apple suck a little to hard to be on
    the list…..

  • jajola123:

    1-10 1.Alienware 2.Apple 3.Asus 4.Cyberpc 5.Dell 6.Stealthpc
    7.MetropolitanPersonalcomputers 8.Toshiba 9. Sony 10. WarriorPcUSA top 10
    for gaming in the new york area

  • blaby4ever:

    whats the name of that track dude, its waves lol

  • TheMegakaran:

    yeahhh kind offffffffffff i am not sure about acer but i have a list that
    tell’s me from microsoft

  • jordo1171:

    That is a reasonable list,but, Alien ware is a part of Dell. :/

  • Zoey Koh:

    nice song -.-

  • slightlyoutofreach01:

    True; by and large an Apple computer will cost you much more than a PC with
    the equivalent specifications. I could go on, but I’m not big on the whole
    Apple VS PC thing, and I prefer to just let people enjoy whatever tech they

  • Elenh macuser:


  • 246alive .:

    you ranked apple #1 sorry you just lost all creditability there no offense
    but macs are user friendly but are not user capable they are overpriced and
    not as good as a comparable pc this person probably doesnt know anything
    about computers

  • William McCurdy:

    This video is totally wrong.

  • justakidd4ever:

    Toshiba sux

  • kliv berberi:

    I am a student and i will buy a desktop that i will use to animate ,
    photoshop, and also for gaming. Not sure what graphic card to choose. My
    budget for my new desktop its up to 1400$.

  • FoodMoTron3k:

    Isnt this whole argument relative/subjective? Obviously no OEM can offer
    support that covers everything. If im running 3DS Max (or any other 3D
    package) and im having trouble rendering across the network with an
    external rendering engine (Vray, etc), can I call up Apple for help? Like I
    said…. relative and subjective.

  • EziekielNightwind:

    Apple has the worst support. If your MAC breaks, they suggest buying a new

  • Trowter:

    @thexboxfanboi LOLOLOLOLOL your funny as

  • SmexxyDomo:

    cyberpower has a pretty bad one

  • Ascot Shark:

    WOW really? no way our dv6000 has never had a problem nether have any of
    the otehr laptops i bought and sold over year but i always kept my dv6000 X)

  • ELinktricTears:

    who is chris’s waifu?

  • marie:

    apple and dell

  • MrMusAddict:

    Does this guy really have a glass of wine, an iPad, three 30′ monitors, and
    a macbook with his face on it, all in the same picture? Man, talk about the
    geekiest douche in existence…

  • nick1296:

    Apple has the best support!

  • volure1:

    It depends on how you experience with the company for me. Support with
    Lenovo Really sucks.

  • Schyzofrenic87:

    Apple worst. Alienware best ( even tho DELL is shite on their normal stuff )

  • Pat Bonnar:

    I stopped using HP about 12 years ago. I bought a top of the line scanner.,
    plugged it in it did not work. I called HP they said, “Oh. you have to buy
    another disk for $40.00″. What? I just bought it. “Sorry about that”. I
    packed it up returned it to the store and will never buy anything from them
    again. Pat

  • supakiwibaby:

    some interesting points here..

  • 101tech4you:

    3 years after I bought my mbp it broke apple fixid it for me

  • Daniel Lapidus:

    Last time my MacbookPro broke, due to a spill, Apple was only helpful in
    referring me to Simutek. If I fixed it with apple, I would almost be paying
    the same price I payed for it…

  • robnaj:

    720p sucks wast of money your video should be in 4K.

  • robnaj:

    You should buy the Microsoft computers that were in shows like Smallvile
    aka the ones that are all Microsoft branded. Samsung , LG , HP, Lenovo and
    Sony in my opinion make Good looking computers.

  • ankit pasi:

    apple worst support internationally. In Dubai, you cant get your macbook’s
    loose keys fixed even if you fucking pay for it. Thats how retarded the
    support for apple here is. They actually make you want to go back in time
    and NOT make the decision to purchase the mac.

  • TecBookPro:

    HP was ok when i first got my Compaq Laptop, i purchased a faulty laptop,
    then they sent me a new one, that one was also faulty, so they sent me a
    laptop worth double of what i paid. Yes this was a pain in the ass but i
    did get a better laptop in the end. Their phone/technical support on the
    other hand is appalling, Apple wins by far with their Apple Care support.

  • Man Hunter:

    Apple has the worst hardware; overpriced PC boxes. Their mice and keyboard
    fall apart in 3 weeks. They’re great display PCs like you see in stores,
    just not very practical.

  • TOKIOHOTEL1000000:

    the best support? fix it yourself!

  • N2505:

    HP powerbook. Nah I dont like it. ehm Apple FTW

  • Jack White:

    Best support: HP, whenever my i send them my laptop i receive it on time
    and good as new. Worst support: Dell and Apple, my old dell laptop broke
    then i called Dell support and they said i should send them the laptop,
    after 8 days they said they couldn’t fix it. =__= My sister uses a Macbook
    pro and some keyboard buttons weren’t working, Apple insisted that she
    dropped it and broke it’s hardware inside, then she went to a local
    computer shop and paid 15$ after 2 hours the engineer fixed it lol

  • rabbitphobia:

    @AKCharlie47 So when you have a hardware failure you call the company and
    TELL them whats wrong and they say ok “oh brilliant one” you know
    everything so lets just take your word for it no support for da special
    man. oh AND you can repair hardware huh? So I imagine you repaired a H/D?
    idiot you replace not repair the hardware and thus repair the PC. So noobs
    as you put it DO NEED SUPPORT but you are so special you can do everything
    from brain surgery to and not excluding self procreation.

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  • Leo:

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