Ultimate Vocabulary Creator eReflect Salutes Native Speaker’s Endeavor To Preserve Dying Language

Ultimate Vocabulary Creator eReflect Salutes Native Speaker’s Endeavor To Preserve Dying Language

New York City, NY (PRWEB) January 27, 2015

In a touching video about language, Marie Wilcox, the last fluent speaker of Wukchumni, teaches humanity that drive and preservation can make a difference in the world. eReflect recommends this video about Wilcox’s native language, and her efforts to to preserve it. In an inspirational short film titled “Marie’s Dictionary,” the story of Wilcox and her native Indian language is beautifully illustrated. The language is on the verge of extinction, and Wilcox, the last native speaker, was convinced of the need for the young children in her family to learn her native language. This is what inspired Wilcox to begin creating a Wukchumni dictionary, eReflect says.

Wilcox started to write down the language she learned at an early age but has rarely spoken. She started writing down words that came to mind on random pieces of paper, but later her approach became more systematic. Wilcox started typing Wukchumni words and stories on a computer so that she could later pass them on to her family. After many years of continuous effort, Wilcox has compiled a dictionary to help these children learn the Wukchumni language. “Marie’s Dictionary” is the ultimate vocabulary builder: a word database that is essential for the preservation and continuation of a language.

eReflect salutes Marie Wilcox for her extraordinary efforts to keep her language alive through this self-driven initiative to compile the first Wukchumni dictionary. Although not a professionally edited dictionary, Wilcox’s knowledge and mastery of the Wukchumni language helped her create a more than adequate dictionary that offers word definitions, spelling, and pronunciation information for hundreds of Wukchumni words. With the help of her daughter, Wilcox has managed to bring “Marie’s Dictionary” to life. She and her grandson also created an audio dictionary version in which Wilcox records the English and the Wukchumni words. Her 7-year endeavor now complete, Marie has put together an indispensable and priceless tool to help preserve her native language.

eReflect remarked today, “Marie’s story is truly inspiring. She single-handedly tried to create a legacy of her language and culture and pass it down to anyone that might wish to learn it. She’s a strong woman who proves that language is a central human aspect we need to preserve. Marie was the only fluent speaker Wukchumni. Her effort is already impacting the life of her grandson, who’s learning the language. With Marie’s help he speaks the language and gradually improves vocabulary knowledge that connects him to his heritage.”


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