Video Professor Begins Marketing to Federal Government

Video Professor Begins Marketing to Federal Government

(PRWEB) June 4, 2005

The Federal Government spends some $ 200 Billion Dollars a year purchasing products and services from American businesses. A fact not lost on the marketing team at Video Professor, the leader in computer self-tutorials.

“We recognized as a company the enormous potential for us in marketing to the Federal Government,” says Brian Olson, Director of Marketing Communications for Video Professor. “The computer learning needs of government employees are just the same as they are for any other regular business. And just like any other employee, classes are difficult to schedule and instruction manuals are bulky and hard to read and understand.”

The Lakewood, Colorado-based company is known to millions through it’s ads on TV and appearances by CEO and founder John W. Scherer on news programs like FOX & Friends, Neil Cavuto, Tony Snow and ABC’s World News Now along with numerous appearances in local markets like Los Angeles, Atlanta and Denver.

And Video Professor has proven very popular among it’s 5-million customers and the company’s customer service has earned Video Professor membership in the Denver/Boulder Better Business Bureau. The company has a satisfactory rating with the BBB and the company has a ratio of less than 1/10 of one percent of complaints compared to total sales.

“We strive for 100% customer satisfaction.” Says Aimee Techau, director of Customer Service Operations at Video Professor. “And the 1/10 of one percent of complaints have all been handled to the customer’s satisfaction.”

But marketing to the Federal Government presented a whole new challenge to the company. First step was the application for a contract with the General Services Administration. “When I first saw the 90+ page application, I just about fainted,” says Olson. “But one of the great surprises of the contracting process was the support of agencies like the Small Business Administration and the GSA itself. They were extremely helpful in helping us navigate successfully through the application process.”

Video Professor received its Central Contracting Registration in December of 2004 at which time the marketing efforts began, under the leadership of Tim Flores of Video Professor’s Government Contracting Team.

“As just about all government employees have access to high speed Internet connections, the obvious product for us to market is our VP Online Service which offers the complete Video Professor library to stream directly to the user’s computer,” says Flores. “And just like computer users in the private sector, their needs involve lessons in business programs like PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and many other business applications. VP Online offers them the opportunity to learn at their own pace and schedule, and not have to be dependent on often-difficult classroom lessons.”

As with any business, marketing is the key and Video Professor participated in a mini-expo at the Denver Federal Center. It was a first opportunity to market VP Online to the many government agencies located at the Federal Center, which is the #2 purchaser of services from private business outside of Washington DC. Video Professor will also be represented at the Front Range Small Business Showcase on July 27. Between the two shows, over 1700 total government representatives will be attending and have the opportunity to try out Video Professor Tutorial lessons for themselves.

“Video Professor will also be listed on several important government websites including GSA Advantage, which is the most popular shopping website for federal government purchases,” says Flores. “We’ll also be listed in the GSA e-library and GSA e-buy sites plus we’ll have our own Video Professor landing page with the GSA logo for government buyers.”

So Video Professor continues to grow and actively seek out new opportunities to continue the growth of a true entrepreneurial success story. And government contracting provides the company a whole new customer base and an opportunity for government employees to learn what 5-million other Americans already have: a very user-friendly way to learn new, or improve upon, existing computer skills.

And to experience Video Professor’s commitment to the best possible customer service experience.

To learn more about Video Professor’s VP Online learning go to and click on the on-line learning link.

To learn more about the General Services Administration visit their main page at

And if you’d like to view Video Professor’s Better Business Bureau report, visit the Denver/Boulder BBB website at

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