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Hav a Tampa Cigar Sale

Miami, FL (PRWEB) February 24, 2013, the Internet’s go-to website for tobacco and tobacco accessories, announced today that it will soon be offering a new variety of flavors from the popular Hav-A-Tampa cigar brand – the world’s top-selling wood-tipped cigar.

Hav-A-Tampa Cigars date all the way back to 1902, when a box company owner named Roland Wilson registered the name and began making deals to develop a cigar brand. By the early 1930’s, the company had begun dominating the small cigar market with their “Tampa Jewels” and “Tampa Sweets” lines. By the end of the century, the company was selling almost 900 million cigars a year and was ranked as the second-largest cigar company in the United States. previously did not carry a large selection of Hav-A-Tampas, but with this announcement the website will now be offering various package sizes of Hav-A-Tampa Jewels Sweets in Original and Vanilla, as well as cartons of various Hav-A-Tampa Little Cigars.

According to General Manager Nick Gordon, Hav-A-Tampa cigars are almost as much of a pleasure to carry as they are to smoke. “Hav-A-Tampas have this great history down here in Florida,” Gordon says. “They’re absolutely legendary. In a lot of ways, they helped put this state on the map as far as machine cigar production. Everything used to be all about Cuba and traditional hand rolling, no one ever thought machine-rolled cigars would catch on.”

Hav-A-Tampas are best-known for their birchwood tips, which provided a consistent draw as well as a bit of extra flavor. Whether the latter was intended or not, it became a major part of the Hav-A-Tampa smoking experience, and cigar lovers around the world began buying the little cigars in droves.

“They’re a mild cigar with a pleasant aroma,” says Gordon. “Most people – from aficionados to casual smokers – thoroughly enjoy them.”

The home base Hav-A-Tampa factory was closed in 2011, not long after the company was bought by Altadis USA – the makers of Montecristos, VegaFinas and Playboy Cigars. This has left many wondering if Hav-A-Tampas will have their chance to make a comeback.

“For now,” says Gordon. “These cigars are rare commodities. Smoke them while you got them.”

About the Product:

Hav-A-Tampa has been a major player in the American cigar market for over 100 years, offering the famous Hav-A-Tampa Tampa Jewels and Tampa Sweets as well as Philly Blunts. Known for their mild flavor and birchwood tips, Hav-A-Tampas became the most popular wooden cigar in the world and helped steer the company upward for generations. Today the cigars are a rare commodity as the future of their production remains uncertain.

About the Company: is the Internet’s No. 1 name in cigars and cigar accessories. Packing one of the largest inventories of any online store and offering their stock at heavily-discounted prices, has become synonymous with both affordability and service quality. The site also carries a varied assortment of tobacco accessories like humidors, cigar kits and ashtrays.

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Revolution Television Network Launches a 24/7 Live Streaming Network. is a 24/7/365 Live Streaming Network That Broadcasts In HD Over The Internet 10/29/12

Revolution Television Network Launches a 24/7 Live Streaming Network. is a 24/7/365 Live Streaming Network That Broadcasts In HD Over The Internet 10/29/12

RevTV launches to give teens quality viewing alternatives 24/7

Phoenix, Arizona (PRWEB) October 29, 2012

Revolution Television Network launches a 24/7 live streaming network. is a 24/7/365 live streaming network that broadcasts in HD over the Internet. REVtv can be viewed on your MAC/PC, smart phone or other mobile device, tablet, or IPTV.

REVtv is an international youth and young adult media network developed for the purpose of “turning the hearts of a generation to Jesus” through media! A “Christian-Media-Entertainment-Ministry”, REVtv will broadcast a mix of original programming (including- Reality shows, Sitcoms, Dramas, Music entertainment, Talk shows, and much more); special events (Movies, The World’s Top Christian conferences and events, etc.); and programming produced by some of the nation’s premier youth and young adult leaders (Steven Furtick, Mathew Barnett, Ravi Zavharias, and more)!

An edgy, out-of-the-box media powerhouse, REVtv is unlike anything Christian media has ever seen! With shows like “Non-Profit”, an “Office-Like” sitcom that follows the irreverent, dysfunctional staff of a local church, “Born This Way” that chronicles the stories of teens and young adults who have come out of a lifestyle of homosexuality, and “Global Adventures” a documentary-style program that follows the highs and lows of ministry in some of the most exotic and remote locations on the Planet.

For additional information about please call (480) 382-REV9

or email us at info(at)revtv(dot)com

Revolution Television Network /


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Understanding Hardware “Bottlenecks” and How to Avoid Them (NCIX Tech Tips #81)

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DEFCON 17: Computer and Internet Security Law – A Year in Review 2008 – 2009

Speaker: Robert Clark Attorney This presentation reviews the important prosecutions, precedents and legal opinions of the last year that affect internet and computer security. We will discuss the differences between legal decisions from criminal cases and civil lawsuits and what that means to the security professional. This presentation is strongly audience driven and it quickly becomes an open forum for questions and debate. This year the past key precedents have involved: the Fifth Amendment and passphrases to an encrypted hard drive (UPDATE- the case is in and Government wins appeal. The Defendant MUST produce an unencrypted hard drive to the grand jury!!!); Fourth Amendment searches; Pirate Bay prosecution in Sweden; use of CFAA in civil cases against departing employees and trade secrets; forensics and use of metadata; FTC injunction against CyberSpy software and its RemoteSpy; reverse engineering; Facebook and privacy rights; and, a case of forensics to support a default judgment (no actual trial) against a party that used several file deletion programs to hide and delete evidence. For more information visit: To download the video visit:

How to import / convert physical computers to virtual machines using VMware Workstation This video overviews importing or converting a physical computer (also called a physical machine) to virtual machines using VMware Workstation. This video uses VMware Workstation 7, but the same basic steps apply to other versions of Workstation. The video provides detailed information about the options available in the conversion wizard and walks you through all the steps.
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What Is Internet Marketing & Why YouTube – Do you want to master Internet Marketing? Learn strategies for understanding what Internet Marketing is and secrets for success. Find out how the pros do it all without getting overwhelmed. Then learn why YouTube is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. Marketing on YouTube can be one of your greatest sources for traffic… if you know how to utilize YouTube for marketing. Join’s co-founders, Nick Bogatin and Michael Bloxton, as they share with you the techniques they use for their private consulting clients.

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