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Select Legal Breakfast Seminars, Cloud Vs On-Premise – A Unique Decision For Every Law Firm

Select Legal Breakfast Seminars, Cloud Vs On-Premise – A Unique Decision For Every Law Firm


Hessle, East Yorkshire (PRWEB UK) 8 October 2013

Many Partners are currently considering the merits of cloud computing but at the same time they recognise the need to protect their firm’s investment in existing inhouse infrastructure. This seminar programme, which offers four dates at four locations, is designed to present a balanced view of ‘cloud’ vs ‘on-premise’ for law firms to enable informed IT decision-making.

Delegates attending will hear from a selection of LAWFUSION users – including Cartwright King, Pepperells Solicitors, H & R Hughes and Silver Fitzgerald – re their experiences with the ‘cloud’ vs ‘on-premise’ decision. They will share details re what they have chosen and why. Attendees will also receive a practical checklist of key points all law firms should consider when contemplating a move to the cloud.

Steve Dixon, Co-owner and Development Director at Select Legal said, “Our breakfast seminars are short and to the point starting at 8.30 am until 10.30 am. Registration opens and 7.45 am when breakfast will be served. This seminar is for anyone working for a law firm involved with making strategic IT decisions for the Practice.”

The breakfast seminar dates and locations are:

1.    Tuesday 15 Oct – London

2.    Wednesday 23 Oct – South Yorkshire

3.    Thursday 7 Nov – Leicestershire

4.    Tuesday 12 Nov – Hull

MORE INFO: For details re venues and what will be covered etc.– please visit the Select Legal website here.

BOOKING FORM: To book your place there is an online booking form here.

SEMINAR HOTLINE: If you wish to speak to someone at Select Legal about the breakfast seminars – there is a dedicated hotline open 9am-5pm weekdays – 01482 628883.

Steve Dixon, Select Legal Director added, “We were one of the first legal software suppliers to offer a cloud option to lawyers back in 2008, but cloud is not right for every firm at this moment. Every situation is unique and there is much to consider. Select Legal has hundreds of happy users in both camps using LAWFUSION to run and grow their businesses and having been in the legal software business for 20 years+ we are well positioned to help law firms make this decision. These seminars are designed to outline the key considerations decision makers at law firms will need to make re the cloud vs on-premise dilemma.”

With LAWFUSION Direct, Select’s cloud based option, for a monthly fee law firms will get a full suite of practice management software as well as all the fully integrated Microsoft Office and Exchange products running from the LAWFUSION cloud. LAWFUSION is of course available as a traditional ‘on-premise’ option too for law firms that wish to host their own software on their own servers inhouse.

For more information about the Select Legal Breakfast Seminars or LAWFUSION please call 01482 628883.


About Select Legal Systems Ltd

Select Legal systems celebrates 21 years as a specialist software provider to law firms this year. Our flagship product, LAWFUSION, is a comprehensive suite of software providing everything from legal accounts and time recording to case management and marketing and everything in between. LAWFUSION, the system of choice for over 160 UK law firms, is available for the cloud or as a traditional on-premise installation. Originally designed for the 30-100 user law firm, LAWFUSION has moved forward in line with market demand. We now have different versions of LAWFUSION for different sized law firms. For example our largest LAWFUSION site has over 250 users and LAWFUSION Small firm and LAWFUSION Solo are available for growing law firms and start ups.


LAWFUSION™ is Select’s flagship product and provides robust and reliable applications for managing every area today’s discerning law firm, including:








►    The Generic Workflow Tool

►    Conveyancing

►    Commercial

►    Crime

►    Employment

►    Debt Collection

►    Family

     Ancillary Relief
►    Personal Injury

     Trip & Slip
     Industrial Disease
    Medical Negligence

►    Wills

►    Probate

     Lasting Powers of Attorney
►    PPI

►    Immigration

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After the Revolution in Touch Computing Made Possible by Windows 8, Senior Care Corner?s New Tips for Selecting Computers for Seniors

After the Revolution in Touch Computing Made Possible by Windows 8, Senior Care Corner’s New Tips for Selecting Computers for Seniors

Senior Care Corner

Greenville, SC (PRWEB) October 30, 2012

The art of selecting a computer for senior loved ones was redefined going into the 2012 holiday season by Microsoft’s introduction of Windows 8 and the accompanying announcements of new computing devices utilizing the Windows 8 touchscreen capability. Among the beneficiaries are older adults and the family members seeking to demonstrate how easy it is to gain the benefits of going online and participating in social networking.

Reflecting this major change in product offerings, and both the opportunities and confusion that it may drive just as the shopping season begins, Senior Care Corner has developed new tips for those choosing computing gifts for senior loved ones.

“We’re thrilled by the opportunity the wide range of touchscreen devices offers to seniors previously unable to use or uncomfortable using computers” says Barry Birkett of Senior Care Corner. “We want to help family caregivers and other loved ones open new doors for older adults through the web and social networking.”

Considerations When Selecting Computing Devices for Seniors

Taking into account these points can improve the likelihood a device purchased for a senior loved one will provide enjoyment and other benefits well after a gift is unwrapped.

Consider how the device will be used.

    If intended for basic web access, reading e-books and document creation, there typically isn’t a need the fastest and most expensive processors or large amounts of memory.
    Applications such as home movie editing or game playing benefit from faster processors and greater amounts of both RAM and storage memory as well as larger screens or monitors.

Consider where the device will be used.

    When use is to be limited to a single location, such as a desk or table at home, desktop or all-in-one computers can be an economical way to buy any level of capability with the plus of greatest screen size optionality, both for touch and non-touch screens.
    If mobility is needed, whether within the home or for travel, a laptop, tablet or one of the new convertibles (laptops that convert to be used as tablets) provide the greatest flexibility but also tradeoffs between screen size and ease of portability.

Consider how the device will connect to the web.

    Use exclusively at home for those aging in place, the homes of family members, or other areas with Wi-Fi, including public hotspots, can mean that the built-in Wi-Fi capability in most portable devices should be sufficient.
    Devices used where Wi-Fi is not available, or if private or sensitive information (such as banking or healthcare data) is to be communicated or viewed over the web, cellular broadband capability should be considered. This is an option in many devices or may be added via USB attachment or portable hotspot from cellular companies. Note that many smartphones can be “tethered” to computers and tablets to connect them to the web.

Consider any physical limitations of the intended users.

    Larger screens may provide greatest access and enjoyment to those with reduced vision.
    Touchscreens, now widely available in all sizes with devices using Windows 8, may provide greatest access to those whose manual dexterity is limited, such as by arthritis or injury.

Consider compatibility with devices used by family and friends.

    File sharing, especially with documents, is often easiest with compatible devices.
    Family members providing “tech support” to seniors may be limited in their ability to address issues on devices that are not compatible with their own.

About Senior Care Corner

Senior Care Corner (on the web at provides solutions, information and tools to family caregivers and others who care for and about senior adults to help them improve the lives of the seniors in their lives. Their blog, biweekly podcast and bookstore address a wide variety of topics family caregivers can use to better understand the wants and needs of their senior loved ones.

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Computers for Seniors

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Learn More at here: or call 888-230-388 Telikin Holiday Special on CBS and CW Networks 2010 Telikin is a simple and easy to use touchscreen computer that combines video chat, photo sharing, email and many more popular features into a sleek, touchscreen device. Originally designed as a “senior computer” (a computer for seniors and baby boomers), the Telikin has also proved popular with families, children and individuals looking for an easy to use computer or PC or Mac alternative. The Telikin Computer’s easy to use interface, large touchscreen (LCD), and features like video chat, email, safe web browsing, games and more make it a great senior friendly computer and popular PC alternative for baby boomers, families and children. Features like easy to use video chat, photo sharing, email, contact and calendar syncing, a word processor, games, Facebook syncing and much more make a Telikin Computer an excellent family communication center as well as a great computer for mom or dad. Photo albums automatically sync with Facebook accounts to display photos on your wall right within the built-in photo viewer! No need to login and go to the wall to share and view photos of loved ones, just touch the screen and view Facebook photos right from the albums screen! The easy to use video chat, like all the Telikin’s features, are easliy accessible by the click of a mouse or single touch of the beautiful widescreen LCD touch display. Simply touch a contact