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Computer Games: The Effects of It on the Children

Article by Marilyn White

These days we all are addicted towards internet and computer. They are anonymous to our lives. Starting from official tasks and other important piece of work; they even help us while enjoying ourselves. Internet without computer is like a human without brain. Why only us; the children of small ages also are addicted towards the magical world of internet. Internet makes their lives more content and their studies more interesting. They spend most of the time in front of the computer and make their own world of joy. They have groups of friends on internet and they play games, chat with them and spend their leisure hours.

There are certain advantages of online games exist:

- Online games can help the child with proper choice. There are certain games exists that will help the child to take care of its pets. The games will revolve around choosing the correct pat for the family and how to feed it and how to take care of it.

- Certain puzzles are there that will help the child with solving idea and enjoying while finding something new. The puzzles will help to develop the brain. Sometimes there are certain games exist that required two or more players. This will build the bonding and a strong friendship will pop out.

- Concentration and several other positive aspects of online games are there. Parents can play the games with their child; so they can become good friends and can enjoy at the same time.

Play along with your kids:

Computer games are one of the most interesting types of games for children these days. Boys and girls of different ages are indulged into the games and spend their pass times. There are several games available on internet. There are different games for boys available on internet and boys enjoy their games with other friends and spend their leisure time. On the other hand certain girl games also available on internet. Actually certain websites are there that feature online competitive games and players from different parts of the world plays for those online competitions.

There are certain drawbacks as well:

Certain disadvantages are also there. Reports suggest that these computer games are very much addictive and children do not concentrate on their studies as they are attracted towards those games. They live a life away from others and thus lose their social connection with friends and family. Continuous looking at the computer screen may affect their eyes too. Well, everything has its own advantage and drawbacks. We will need to minimize the drawback part. Parents can screen the online games for kids under 5 and can play along with them to make the enjoyment part maximum.

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