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Yellow Bridge Interactive Blog Contest Winner Announced

Yellow Bridge Interactive Blog Contest Winner Announced

Pittsburgh (PRWEB) December 17, 2012

From late October through early December, the Pittsburgh graphic and web design firm, Yellow Bridge Interactive, held a contest for who could write the most imaginative and insightful blog post about what direction web design would take next. The web design contest aimed to engage the local design community in a fun and friendly competition. With respect to the past rapid development of the Internet with all its improved style and functionality, Yellow Bridge was curious what users thought would happen over the next decade.

The two winners were awarded prizes for their excellent entries. Andrew Mortimer, taking first place, won a Kindle Fire HD. Sadie Stresky, taking second, was awarded a $ 100 Amazon gift card. Yellow Bridge congratulates and thanks all participants who took the time to publish and submit their thoughts on what the Internet would hold in the future.

In “A Picture of Web Design 10 Years from Now,” Andrew Mortimer predicts in his post that, as has already been trending, the Internet will continue to develop in a way that reflects the users themselves. Just as we create Internet avatars for us now, we will continue developing our online selves, and the Internet will grow to accommodate this even more. With each new generation, the Internet becomes accessible to more people as more grow up with these technologies. The increased popularization will expand the use of the Internet, and the Internet will become more available, more intuitive, and favor the user more and more.

In “Web Design and the Internet, 10 Years from Now,” Sadie Stresky envisions a future where technology has advanced to the point of total cloud integration. Today, we tend to integrate computer-related devices, such as smartphones, tablets, printers, and MP3 players. In the future, however, this scope will be far more encompassing, including household appliances like washing machines and vacuum cleaners. The appliances and devices in a home will be programmed to communicate with each other to “create a seamless user experience.”

Yellow Bridge Interactive is a web design firm in the South Hills of Pittsburgh. The company works with businesses to design and redesign websites, set up blogs, design logos, and provide SEO-friendly website consulting. YBI periodically hosts contests and polls to engage members of Pittsburgh’s growing web design community.

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