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Lights 4 Living Responds to Lamp That Reacts to Mood by Changing Colour

Lights 4 Living Responds to Lamp That Reacts to Mood by Changing Colour

(PRWEB UK) 21 May 2013

An Italian man has created a lamp that reacts to human emotion by reading the expressions on a person’s face via a webcam device by hacking a RGB LED lamp and using an Arduino Duemilanove microcontroller, reports Tech Hive with ‘Hacked lamp changes colour based on your mood, warns others to leave you alone’ on May 20.

The technology works by mapping facial expressions to a number of markers via a webcam that matches it to a colour and then displays it on the lamp. It uses an OpenCV programming toolkit for the image processing that’s needed and facial expression recognition. The programme will even look for details such as the position of the chin or eyebrows.

While the lamp currently relies on a webcam, Vittorio Cuculo from Milan, is working on integrating software into a lamp without the need for a computer.

As suppliers of many different lighting products, Lights 4 Living is intrigued by the latest developments in lighting.

A spokesperson from Lights 4 Living said:

“Vittorio Cuculo has provided an interesting take on how we can use lighting, not only to light a room, but convey our emotion. This provides a new and fun way to interact with lighting and approach home lighting differently.”

Lights 4 Living are a leading lighting company based in Bath that stock a wide and ever-growing range of home lighting. With over thirty-five years in the lighting industry, Lights 4 Living have a great relationship with many lighting manufacturers so can offer unbeatable competitive prices on ceiling lights, picture lights, wall lights and more.

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