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Connect to Linux computers with puTTY or Winscp from a Windows computer

This demo shows how one can use puTTY or Winscp software program on a Windows computer to connect to a Linux computer. You can search google and download these open source software.

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eReflect Reports About The Pen That Can See If You Made A Spelling Error

eReflect Reports About The Pen That Can See If You Made A Spelling Error

New York City, NY (PRWEB) December 03, 2013

A German start-up company has developed Lernstift (German for “learning pen”), a Linux-computer based pen that using patent pending technology to detect spelling errors when the user writes out text in longhand on paper, or even in the air. In this short announcement, eReflect, developer of Ultimate Spelling™ software, recently discussed the educational potential of Lernstift and how such pioneering technologies can be used for improving spelling.

The Lernstift is still in development but available for pre-order. Using cutting-edge technology it seeks to help students with their spelling in a way that’s both reliable and fun; the pen vibrates each time a misspelling is recognized by the pen’s computer, urging the speller to reconsider the last word written.

Lernstift runs on an AAA battery. By using a non-optical motion sensor the pen is able to identify letters, symbols, and other characters. Its 3D technology allows the pen to recognize mistakes even if the pen holder draws or writes in the air. The computer-integrated pen is Wi-Fi powered allowing people to instantly check their handwriting on a connected device.

eReflect reports that such advanced spelling aid tools could be easily introduced in language classes for both native and non-native English speakers in an effort to provide reliable and instant feedback on misspellings. However, eReflect emphasized that while word processing spellcheckers and “smartpens” might let us save face by warning us about embarrassing misspellings, the most reliable go-to spellchecker is the brain. Having a firm grounding in spelling rules and orthography will let people confidently write both on computers and paper without worrying about a misspelling getting away.

eReflect predicts that in a few years time, such smartpens might be a common spelling aid in schools, offices and other fields where handwriting is used. Especially for young spellers, such learning aids might facilitate and even accelerate spelling learning thanks to its instant feedback.

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