Computer Without Internet

How To Have Fun On The Computer Without Internet

Article by Roberto Sedycias

Many people love computer games and today there are so many Internet dependent games, like virtual world and role playing games that entice people and make them thrilled with the interactive nature of these games. However, there are games on your computer that you can play without the need of any Internet. They are all solitary games, of course, unless you want to play against your computer, but they are living testaments to the fact that a computer does not need to rely on Internet for you to have some fun.

You can play games like Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Minesweeper, and other card games that are each fun in their own way. At least, they are a way to spend time and have some fun if you are in a place where you have a computer but no Internet. Many times, if there is no Internet, people just put the computer down in desperation because a computer seems to lack any purpose if you cannot surf the web or download music or do something interactive.

But, there was a time, once, long ago, when Internet was not there and people still had some fun with computers. For example, if you removed the Internet from your device, you might see that there are other things you would be motivated to do. With things like Microsoft Word Processor, you might be able to unleash your poetic side and write poetry and fiction stories. You can use things like the document choice list to create birthday cards, flyers, hand outs, pamphlets, and well decorate invitations. These things require a creative mind and can be an enjoyable task if you let yourself fly with it and have fun.

Also, the devices like PowerPoint and other things allow you to make creative slideshows. Certainly all of this sounds more like work and a chore than any kind of entertainment but if you use these tools to do something fun, you might find that you actually can have an artistic experience on your computer that makes you highly productive in a way that browsing the Internet browsers could not have made you be.

You can even create movies on the computer without any kind of Internet. For example, with programs like Windows’ Movie Maker and Windows’ Photo Story, you can create amazing videos and movies by using things around your use. Using a webcam, scanner, or camera, you can take photos of various things, whether it be baby pictures leading up to your adulthood, and you can load them onto Photo Story and add audio tracks and visual effects and create a moving and touching slideshow of your life.

Or, with Windows Movie Maker, you can put photo stills together, add audio, and then the program will turn it into an animated movie. You can add your own captions and be the author of a great short film or something using photo stills of a subject that captures your interest. Make movies the old fashioned way and do it without any Internet, turning your computer into a personal film studio where great flicks are made.

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Secure Resolutions Upgrades Their Anti-Virus Engine to Include Anti-Spyware, Anti-Adware, Anti-Dialers, Anti-Hoaxes, Anti-Jokes, and Anti-Hacking Tools

Secure Resolutions Upgrades Their Anti-Virus Engine to Include Anti-Spyware, Anti-Adware, Anti-Dialers, Anti-Hoaxes, Anti-Jokes, and Anti-Hacking Tools

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) June 2, 2005

Secure Resolutions has included a series of new functions in their Resolution Anti-virus™. The remote web-managed solution is designed to armor plate the IT resources for every size of organization against attacks from all types of viruses, worms, Trojans Horses, Dialers, Hoaxes, Jokes, and hacking tools within a managed desktop security solution. This update distinguishes Resolution Antivirus™ as the most advanced and complete solution of its kind.

Resolution Anti-Virus™ offers the following features:

• Centralized Desktop management protection

• Anti-Virus

• Anti-Spyware

• Anti-Adware

• Anti-Dialers

• Anti-Jokes

• Anti-Hoaxes

• Anti-Hacking Tools

• E-mail (MAPI and SMTP, POP3, NNTP)

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• Centralized virus-activity reports

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• Fault tolerance

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Resolution Anti-Virus™ employs multiple technologies to ensure that anti-malware protection is permanently up-to-date on each and every one of the computers on the corporate network; through our patented Distributed Server Proxy and Distributed Server File Sharing. The first of these allows the antivirus protection of computers without an Internet connection to be updated by using other computers with Internet connections as gateways. The second allows computers that have been updated to share their antivirus update files with other machines on the network. This feature reduces the consumption of corporate bandwidth.

Secure Resolutions, Inc is a Software Development Company providing an independent, integrated IT policy driven, managed, desktop solution for the SMB market. Secure Resolutions, Inc. enables SMB to secure their IT infrastructure more effectively, easily and profitably by providing an intelligent suite of integrated security products. For more information please visit or send an email to


Kyla Cottle, Director of Operations

Secure Resolutions

800 295 8870

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Bell Direct Launches new SMS Share Trading for the ASX

Bell Direct Launches new SMS Share Trading for the ASX

Sydney, NSW (PRWEB) February 29, 2008

Bell Direct, Australia’s most innovative and competitively-priced online share trading platform, today launched the first ever SMS share trading service for the Australian Stock Exchange.

From today, Bell Direct customers will be able to enjoy the convenience of buying and selling shares on the ASX from their mobile phone via a simple SMS transaction that is easy, quick and secure.

Chief Operating Officer, Lee Muco, said “Bell Direct’s introduction of SMS share trading into Australia will provide investors with a new level of convenience and fast access to the stock market, allowing users to trade shares using their most familiar accessory – the mobile phone.”

“As long as investors have their mobile phone handy, Bell Direct SMS share trading enables them to trade shares even if they are away from their computer or without Internet access. Given the recent stock market volatility and downturn this functionality has become even more important for certain investors,” Mr. Muco said.

“Whilst Australian investors have previously been able to trade shares via mobile phones, they have had to do so by using WAP internet access, which compared to using SMS, is cumbersome, complicated and can be expensive. Accessing the internet on your phone is still nowhere near as fast and easy as sending an SMS and can carry all sorts of hidden data usage costs, and of course everybody is familiar with how to use SMS,” Mr, Muco said.

Bell Direct customers using SMS share trading will pay a fixed cost of only 55 cents per SMS, and benefit from Bell Direct’s market-beating online brokerage pricing of just $ 15 per trade.

Although brand new to Australia, SMS share trading is already extremely popular in South East Asian markets such as China, Malaysia and South Korea.

According to a recent report by US firm Research & Markets, at the end of 2007 there were 1.48 million mobile stock traders in China, a figure forecast to rise to 2.58 million by the end of 2008.

Mr. Muco said Bell Direct was confident that its SMS share trading facility would also be enthusiastically taken up by Australian investors.

“Australians are increasingly comfortable with SMS as a channel for financial transactions, and with the major banks introducing SMS banking, SMS share trading is a logical and exciting innovation for Bell Direct to introduce,” Mr. Muco said.

Bell Direct was launched in November last year and is the first new online share trading platform to begin operating in Australia in a decade. The company is part-owned by Bell Financial which listed on the ASX in December last year.

The Executive Chairman and principal architect of Bell Direct is Steven Goh, a true innovator in the online share trading industry. Mr Goh created Australia’s first online stockbroker, Sanford Securities, in 1997.

Mr. Goh said that cutting-edge, proprietary technology developed from the ground up and designed to enhance the customer experience was at the core of Bell Direct.

“Our SMS share trading service is an example of how our completely new trading platform is flexible enough to meet the demands of today’s investor for ever-more innovative and convenient products,” Mr. Goh said.

“In technological terms, and in the service we offer our customers we are streets ahead of our competitors, and SMS share trading is just the first of a raft of exciting innovations Bell Direct will be bringing to the Australian investment community this year,” he said.

About Bell Direct –

Bell Direct is the newest, most user-friendly and discount online share trading service available to investors in Australia , including the lowest cost-per-trade ever offered by an online broker at just $ 15, Bell Direct was developed by the same pioneering team that created Australia’s very first online share brokerage, What makes Bell Direct unique is its world-class, proprietary web 2.0 technology designed specifically for an enhanced customer experience and value proposition which competitors cannot match. Bell Direct is independent and Australian-owned, and has the backing of Bell Financial, the ASX-listed parent of one of Australia’s largest and most respected private client stockbroking firms, Bell Potter Securities. Visit Bell Direct to see the future of online share trading in Australia.


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Locket® Portable Flashdrive Offers Perfect, Secure Alternative to On the web Storage Services

New Berlin, WI (PRWEB) September 14, 2008

What net-based info storage services and Locket®, a portable USB flashdrive, have in typical is that both are straightforward to use and a lot more practical than old-school manual filing systems, which can be a challenge to maintain organized and up-to-date. But the similarities end there, due to the fact “At the heart of the issue,” explains Bob Milosch, president of Locket, “is regardless of whether or not any information on the World wide web is fully 100 percent secure, even with extensive security measures in place.”

In reality, US Bank Wells Fargo touts that all account information on its product, called vSafe, is encrypted when exiting the user’s computer and enters the program at the bank. The institution also delivers additional security devices.

“With identity theft topping the list of the Federal Trade Commission’s best consumer fraud complaints once more for the seventh year in a row in 2007,” Milosch cautions, “consumers need to be conscious of and educated on the most secure way to retailer quite private and vital information – and they want to turn to the professionals.”

Locket was meticulously developed with one particular critical best benefit in mind – to be a self-contained portable program that is fully secure. All of the data and commands necessary to operate Locket are securely stored on the flashdrive. When you need to move rapidly, you simply have to grab and go with your Locket. You can view, add, alter, and print your information securely — from any laptop or computer — with out an Web connection.

Judy Nowak of Milwaukee, WI, is a Locket user and says that what attracted her most to the device was that it is practical — and secure, particularly with the ever-increasing threat of ID theft. “I like figuring out that Locket is the one secure spot that I can put every thing that I wouldn’t want outsiders to know – and they can’t get into it,” she says.

Also for security purposes, Nowak makes use of distinct user names and passwords to obtain access to a selection of on-line resources. “Locket’s websites and passwords feature has been a lifesaver. I go into that screen, link to a distinct website – and my user and password data is safe, all in one particular spot, and appropriate at my fingertips,” she explains.

Locket is developed to be intuitive and user-friendly even for those with the most simple computer abilities. The initial log-on screens will walk you by way of the method of generating your password. Once your password is set, and encrypted (or matched to your flashdrive), you can quickly start making use of Locket.

“Although banking services like vSafe promote the integration with a customer’s on-line banking services, it just makes far better sense to trust the authorities that have put their item by way of rigorous R&ampD to make certain complete security,” Milosch concludes. “Locket enables users to retailer a assortment of documents, including financial statements, in a actually electronically secure and portable device.”

About Locket:

Locket is the one particular spot to preserve all of your vital facts and data. Locket keeps individual medical records, financial statements, emergency get in touch with data, and other essential facts that you will need in the time of an emergency. If you pick, you can also store copies of your preferred photos, journals, and recipes that are priceless keepsakes. Locket assists you document your life and create a legacy for your family.

In case of identity theft, Locket files provide the details essential to make quick get in touch with with your most trusted resources and all of your accounts. The options are competitor products that may not be as secure or portable, outdated manual systems that are impractical, or getting entirely unprepared – and frantically searching for the minute details of your accounts and resources, which can demand hours of your time and is incredibly frustrating under a stressful situation.

In a natural disaster, like a fire or flood, Locket is a useful tool, too. The American Red Cross recommends every single family prepare for disasters before they strike by building a disaster provide kit. They really should contain water, food, tools and medication, as properly as important family documents. Locket keeps those documents safe and secure on its flashdrive – so you can grab it and go. Locket gives the identical features and advantages in the event of a individual disaster, including the death of a loved one.

As a company-to-company promotional tool, Locket’s packaging and Homebase plan screens can be customized with a logo or business name and make contact with data to build consumer loyalty.

Members of the media can make contact with Lisa Deppe at 888.562.5385 or e-mail at: ldeppe @

Locket can be found on the World wide web at:



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