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Oak Furniture Retailer OAKEA goes back to basics

Oak Furniture Retailer OAKEA goes back to basics

Malvern Oak Furniture

Hereford, Herefordshire (PRWEB UK) 24 February 2013

As online retail sales still increase year on year, by 8.7 % in January 2013, whilst retail sales overall dropped by 0.6 %, according to The Office for National Statistics’ Retail Sales figures for January, Oak Furniture specialist OAKEA of Hereford goes back to basics, and focuses efforts on their online offers.

Furniture retailers need to adapt to the new reality of the general public using the internet as the key source of information, when shopping. In addition, the general public is drawn by a consistently lower price level online. But although online shopping is safer than ever, it is still associated with confidence issues – especially online shopping for high ticket items such as Oak Furniture. Is it taking longer than promised? What happens to my payment if they don’t deliver my oak sideboard? What if I am not happy with this oak bed?

These issues have been addressed by better technology, allowing for better presentations and descriptions. Furthermore, a comprehensive feedback and testimonials culture has evolved, adding extra credibility to online offers.

OAKEA is now launching a comprehensive program for their online sales to ensure complete satisfaction and confidence.

OAKEA furniture, who commissions production in Vietnam of their own Furniture designs stocks four ranges of Oak Furniture and one range of Pine Bedroom Furniture. These ranges cover the spectrum of popular styles: The French style Bretagne range covers a wide selection of Oak Bedroom furniture and Oak Dining Room Furniture. So does the Utah range of modern Oak Furniture, the Utah also boasts practical features, with items such as an oak sideboard with a pull out laptop drawer, and fully flexible oak wardrobes. The Ludlow Oak Furniture is super modern, square and minimalistic and includes a range of oak dining tables with a unique extension mechanism, in which the legs follow the extension. The most recent addition is the traditional Malvern oak furniture for dining and lounge, a chunky, but smooth design with bronze effect metal drop handles. The highlights of the Malvern oak collection include a compact, but substantial looking, corner oak TV unit, a chunky extending oak dining table, and a selection of units in unusual sizes for awkward spaces.

OAKEA’s new confidence program is adding an extra dimension to safe credit card transactions, money back guarantee, price match promise and a listing on the independent review site Trustpilot. Now the customer can also pay on delivery. A source at OAKEA explains: “It sounds simple, but think about it. You have found the right oak bookcase or oak wardrobe online, and you want to order it. But naturally, you are concerned about parting with your money as you order from a website, and your concern doesn’t stop until you have the furniture in your house. Well, if you can pay by handing a cheque over to the driver on delivery, then you have peace of mind, as all risks are eradicated. You also get the feel good factor that we don’t just talk about online shopping confidence. We also take on all the risks, which backs up everything we say.”

For more information on OAKEA’s products and delivery options, find them online, or phone 01432 274395.


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Connect Iowa Joins Forces with Iowa Association of Regional Councils to Improve High-Speed Internet Access, Adoption & Use Across the State

Connect Iowa Joins Forces with Iowa Association of Regional Councils to Improve High-Speed Internet Access, Adoption & Use Across the State

Des Moines, IA (PRWEB) January 20, 2012

Today, Connect Iowa and the Iowa Association of Regional Councils (IARC) announced a new partnership to launch a statewide “Connected” community engagement program aimed at increasing broadband access, adoption, and use. High-speed Internet is the key to attracting quality jobs, improving education, putting people in touch with government services, and building an all-around better quality of life. In collaboration with Connect Iowa, members of the Iowa Association of Regional Councils are taking charge of expanding broadband’s reach in their communities.

Last week, staff of regional Council of Governments (COGs) from all over the state took an intensive weeklong Connect Iowa training and began forming teams of local leaders who want to help create the plan for broadband expansion in their community. These leaders arrived back home this week with a critical new mission: revive their communities through broadband expansion.

“Getting all of Iowa connected to quality broadband is vital to the economic development of our state. Iowa’s Councils of Governments, in conjunction with IARC, will be the driving force in getting the Connect Iowa initiative up and running in each of their regions,” says Iowa Association of Regional Councils Executive Director Nichole Warren. “They’ll be reaching out to their community leaders and asking them to join the local planning teams.”

Last week, Connect Iowa announced the formation of a new broadband advisory committee that will help guide and oversee this new initiative.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with IARC to begin working in the local communities,” says Connect Iowa Program Manager Amy Kuhlers. “Change happens at the local level and by drawing in our relationships with the providers and local leaders and combining that with the intelligence we’ve gathered through our maps and research, we can identify solutions that best fit the community.”

Connected is a community-based initiative to accelerate broadband access, adoption, and use. The certification process benefits communities through a process of assessment, benchmarking, and planning by helping participants identify their community’s technological strengths and challenges and helping community partners match up with local opportunities.

“Connect Iowa’s Connected community program is an amazing opportunity for towns and regions across the state to assess their broadband needs and find real solutions,” says Kuhlers. “The aim is to put the tools in the hands of the community, help them do a detailed assessment of what the true local needs are, and then construct an informed plan to get the community connected in the most efficient way possible. It could be updating a school’s network or getting access to an unserved community, but the best part is that each plan will be custom-tailored to each region’s own specific needs and landscape.”

Anyone with an interest in bringing better broadband to local homes and businesses is encouraged to join in the community planning effort. For more information on how to get involved, please contact Kuhlers at akuhlers(at)connectiowa(dot)org or 515-421-2561.

About Connect Iowa: Connect Iowa is a subsidiary of Connected Nation and operates as a nonprofit in the state of Iowa to promote broadband access, adoption, and use. The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) is leading the initiative to increase broadband Internet access throughout rural Iowa. Connect Iowa was commissioned by the state to work with all broadband providers in Iowa to create detailed maps of broadband coverage and develop a statewide plan for the deployment and adoption of broadband. For more information visit:

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