Connect Remote Computer Over Internet

Remote Desktop Over Internet on Windows 7(Step by Step Detailed Tutorial)

This is a demonstration of remote desktop over internet so that a computer can be accessed at a remote location without having to go into that location and use the computer as if we were sitting in front of that computer. This Tutorial is done on computers both using Windows 7 Professional but the procedure is just the same on different version of windows that offer remote desktop. Here I am using dynamic IP for the computer to which the port is being forwarded but it is really easy to change that to static so that you donot have to worry about ever changing dynamic IPs. You can just google it. Its easy. Also for security reason you might want to change the default port that remote desktop uses which is 3389. I will put how to do so in my future video. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will try answer them to the best of my knowledge. Thank You Najir Pandey

How to Remote Control your computer over the internet

remote controlling your computer employing a straightforward world wide web system vkbl111 socompolice apologize for sound.. my throat is killing me
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