How To Save Video From Internet To Computer

How To Save Youtube Videos To Your Computer. No Downloads!

Check out my Call of Duty clan, be sure to subscribe PEOPLE! THIS IS FOR EASILY VIEWING THE YOUTUBE VIDEO WHEN YOU HAVE INTERNET ACCESS! SO DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT IT NOT WORKING WITH NOT INTERNET! THIS IS JUST FOR WHEN YOU ARE ONLINE AND DO NOT WANT TO TYPE IN YOUTUBE AND SEARCH A VID AND ALL THAT OTHER STUFF. NO DOWNLOADS NEEDED. Here is the instructions if you want to skip the video (there is a demenstration if you get stuck). 1. Go to youtube and go to the video you want to save 2. Look over toward the description on the right, you will see something that, “Embed:” highlight the code and go to edit-copy or hit control+C for. 3. Open up note pad. Paste the code by going to edit-paste or hit control+V for windows or Apple+V for mac. 4. You should get the code that was under Embed. If not, repeat steps 2&3 5. Now on notepad go to file-save as 6. Change the “Save as Type:” by clicking on it. Now select “all files” 7. Clear the field that says *.txt and replace it with (name of video here).html and make sure you know where you are saving it to. 8. Open up the file and it will be the standalone of the video! You can watch the video now! Randy Orton Sting wwe ecw hot cool small big large wierd stuff cool um ecw Sub 4 Sub jordan rutledge jordanrutledge01 productions films contest win subscribers youtube partner Get Ya Free Sub Get em While There Hot ™It takes place in Kitty Hawk , and it happens on December 1900 .I think the seagulls would laugh because it would