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MinuteHound Releases New Software That Helps Bike Messengers Keep on Track and on Time

MinuteHound Releases New Software That Helps Bike Messengers Keep on Track and on Time

MinuteHound Cloud Based Attendance Software

New York, NY (PRWEB) October 16, 2013

MinuteHound is excited to release a new product dedicated to efficiently maintaining a fleet of bicycles while keeping costs low. The new program ensures riders complete timely deliveries while also reducing waste. Using the time clock software is a cost-effective method of providing rapid delivery and maintaining accountability in urban environments clogged by excessive traffic. The program also allows individual riders to operate their own businesses successfully as sole proprietors.

Necessarily, the speed with which deliveries are made, the most efficient use of time, and accuracy are the three chief attributes in the competitive marketplace. After all, the services provided are largely the same. MinuteHound’s timeclock software and fingerprint scanner are already a fixture at many businesses looking to reduce the costs of timecard fraud, inaccurate payroll, and record keeping supplies. Bicycle messengers and deliverers offer a new and interesting way to use their excellent equipment.

MinuteHound touts its plug-and-play design, which makes the system not only easy but also flexible. The fingerprint scanner plugs into any computer with a USB port. Another advantage is that it maintains its time information in the cloud; managers can access it from any computer with an Internet connection. Combining these two advantages with the portability of an Internet-capable, full-sized laptop make MinuteHound’s software portable, which is ideal for riders on bikes. The scanner gets its power through the USB connection, so a laptop outfitted with a Windows operating system will fire it up as soon as it is connected.

MinuteHound states the idea is for the rider to arrive, make his or her item or information delivery, and then scan his or her fingerprint to mark the exact time. It is also a simple matter to add signature gathering software on the laptop; this has the added benefit of creating not only an easy-to-manage manifest but also ready-made performance assessments on timeliness and accuracy, which, in turn, provide instant testimonials on the performance of both the business and the rider. Both riders and businesses can use the generated data to prove their timeliness and accuracy whenever they advertise to new clientele. No matter how trustworthy or personable someone is in convincing someone of something, nothing beats cold, hard facts and performance reports.

MinuteHound’s software still has the same additional features that have made it as popular as it is in the business world. It still has 128-bit encryption for the scanned fingerprints and still breaks up the scanned fingerprint data into four distinct packets and sends them to servers in four different locations. The system also maintains accurate payroll information for either hourly or “by delivery” payment. Employee vacation tracking is also easy by using an online based application.

MinuteHound Contact Information

Website: http://www.MinuteHound.com

Email: info@MinuteHound.com

Phone: (800) 351-7237

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Archos Portable Internet Tablet

Article by online1559

The Archos Portable Internet Tablet isn’t a tweaked version of the Frenchie’s five inch touch screen tablet: it’s running a whole new operating system, Android, you might have seen on phones. That means it’s incredibly easy to browse the web over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and you can tune into FM radio or listen to music stashed either on board or on a micro SD card.

It is worth noting that the Archos 5 had some negative reviews, but following several firmware releases the product is now very stable and a joy to use. What a brilliant piece of kit with up to 500gb (eat your heart out apple!!). The best you can get from the ipod currently is 64gb, pathetic if you carry a large video collection.

The android market is growing and the Archos portable internet tablet has lots to offer. The dvr station allows you to record direct from a source such as Sky, Cable etc. This is just brilliant especially if you want to record the latest episode of your favourite program and watch it on the way to work the next day. I can’t believe how much music you can put on this, with loads of room to spare and the picture and sound quality are excellent. Despite its size, you won’t find it difficult carrying the Archos portable Internet Tablet in your pocket, it’s just over a centimetre thin, with a well placed headphone slot for when you’re on the move and it’s supremely comfortable to hold.

Archos is clearly gunning for the iPod touch with the Archos 5. The Archos portable Internet Tablet is perfect if you find yourself squinting at video on the Apple PMP’s small screen, but if you want a media player that doubles up for gaming its perfect. I have to say my ipod touch is now totally redundant and soon to be sold as this is a more than adequate replacement with added features.

Finally codec support on this is immense and you should not have any problems throwing anything at this. Highly recommended now as a finished product!!

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