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Secrets Of How To Remove Virus From Your Computer The Easy Way

Article by Michael Silvester

Virus virus everywhere.

Viruses are the most common threat on the Internet. Computer shops are making thousands of dollars every week fixing people’s computers that are infected with viruses. The viruses that could have been prevented in the first place with a few easy steps.

The most important thing that you need on your computer is an anti-virus software program. There are many programs out there, that will do the job. And there are many out there that are completely useless. In particular free programs.

Unfortunately, even the best of antivirus programs can’t fix a virus until they know about it. If a brand new virus has been written, and you have it there’s nothing you can do about it until the anti-virus software company has an update that will fix that problem.It’s not a complete loss, just make sure you have an anti-virus software program that updates on a regular basis. The reason you need this is because new viruses are being written every day, and the software companies work hard to solve these problems for you every day also.

Always make sure that your anti-virus program is updated. Some anti-virus programs need to be updated manually, some do it automatically. No matter which one you have make sure it’s updated all the time. I Make sure mine is updated every day.There may not be new updates to download, but at least you know, you’re safe.

Okay, now that your anti-virus software is up to date, you need to run a full system scan. Anti-virus software programs are all different, so there is no similar way to do this. But there will be an option in your software to do a full system scan. Just make sure you select everything you possibly can to be scanned and the software will go ahead and do that for you.

The software will then search through every single file in your computer for a virus. If it finds one. It will give you the option to delete it or it may even just do it automatically. If your particular software program does not have that way to delete the virus. It will contain the virus until it has an update ready to deal with this virus.

Another hot tip is always keep your version of Microsoft, updated as well. People the right virus is a clever little buggers, and always finding new ways to gain access to your computer or ways to infect your computer with a virus. So make sure your operating system and any additional programs you have up to date. So that no one can exploit your system.

About the Author

I am a Self confessed Internet Junky and I’ve had my fair share of Computer Infections and Lived to tell the tale. Click the link below to findout what Antivirus software saves me every time.

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Start-up Company Nicira May Revolutionize the Internet, According to Top Financial Site Penny Stock Detectives

Start-up Company Nicira May Revolutionize the Internet, According to Top Financial Site Penny Stock Detectives

Start-up Company Nicira May Revolutionize the Internet

New York, NY (PRWEB) April 25, 2012

Danny Esposito, co-editor for Penny Stock Detectives, believes the greatest opportunities to be had in technology stocks can be found in start-up stocks. As reported by Esposito in a recent Penny Stock Detectives article, one start-up stock, Nicira, which has not gone public yet, had a “crazy” idea of creating software to route information instead of hardware. Dismissed as nonsense at first, the company persevered and is getting other technology companies involved with software that could revolutionize the Internet.

“One of the biggest problems on the Internet today is security. We are constantly worried about our personal computers being hacked and our credit card information being used,” comments Esposito. “The thing with the Internet is that it is made up of various hardware platforms: routers and servers created by technology stocks today. The hardware is unreliable, which makes it vulnerable to hackers. Also, the hardware is limited by what it can do. This, in turn, places limits on the Internet.”

According to Esposito, virtualization is an established technology that has improved the way computing is done today. Virtualization is a software replica of a piece of hardware. So, to infiltrate the Internet, this start-up used virtualization to install and run its software program throughout the Internet.

Nicira discovered that, with virtualization, its software could imitate and, more importantly, control all of the hardware that exists throughout the Internet, notes Esposito. The editor describes the software as being the brain that controls all of its extensions; in this case the routers and servers around the world.

The software places itself on top of the hardware, but in its own software world. This means that hackers could not break into it unless they had the specific software passwords. This would make the Internet more secure, according to Esposito.

Another advantage with this software, according to Esposito, is that it can be created to be more powerful than a roomful of servers and routers. The editor feels that this means that the speed of the Internet would improve for everyone as well; revolutionizing what technology stocks are doing today.

If a room full of servers and routers breaks down, the software finds another home on another server in a place within 30 miles of where the breakdown takes place. This could potentially mean that Nicira has found a way for the Internet to avoid ever being unavailable to users, comments Esposito.

The market for such a product could surpass $ 2.0 trillion in revenue, according to Esposito’s article. Due to Nicira’s influence, other technology stocks are experimenting in this area. Esposito thinks this sounds like an interesting area to explore.

Published every business day, Penny Stock Detectives researches and analyzes low-priced opportunities in the stock market and individual stock market sectors. Penny Stock Detectives reports on penny stocks, small-cap stocks, micro-cap stocks, high-profit potential plays mostly under $ 10, and the stock market in general.

To see the full article and to learn more about Penny Stock Detectives, visit

The editors of Penny Stock Detectives believe low-priced stocks, when researched properly, present investors with great opportunities to accumulate wealth and to increase the value of their investment portfolios. You can learn more about Penny Stock Detectives at

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Story of the World, Vol. 1: Ancient Times Chapter 5

History will never be the same. This spirited reading of the first in Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World history series brings to life the stories and records of the peoples of ancient times. Now more than ever, other countries and customs affect our everyday lives-and our children need to learn about the people who live all around the globe. Susan Wise Bauer has provided a captivating guide to the history of the ancient world. Written in an engaging, straightforward manner, The Story of the World weaves world history into a storybook format. This volume covers the major historical events from the beginning of civilization to the fall of the Roman Empire. This Story of the World audiobook is a collaboration between Jim Weiss, whose voice is liquid gold (CNN TV), and Susan Wise Bauer, whose writing has been described as timeless and intelligent (Publishers Weekly). It may be used along with the print book, as a supplement to a traditional history curriculum, or independently. Susan Wise Bauer is a novelist and educator. With her mother, Jessie Wise, she co-authored The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Revised Edition, Norton, 2009), a book that has rapidly become an educational standard. Susan teaches at The College of William and Mary in Virginia. She was home-educated herself; she and her husband Peter teach their four children at home as well. Visit her homepage at Jim Weiss has been a storyteller for over 25 years
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Is Wireless Cell Phone, Computer, Internet Radiation Wifi Slowly Killing People Part 3

Qlink Pendant : Qlink Pendant Reviews: Home Radiation Protection : I learned that in February 1996, Congress had passed a law prohibiting local governments from denying permits for cell phone antennae because of environmental concerns – so long as they comply with Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules. I also learned that the FCC had just issued regulations setting public exposure limits for microwave radiation at levels at least ten thousand times higher than levels which, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, were causing reports of illness from all over the world. Levels that are at least ten thousand times higher than the levels that had forced me to leave behind my home, my family, and my friends, and to run for my life, never to be able to return home again. The Cellular Phone Task Force, along with over 50 other grass roots organisations and individuals around the US, became involved in a legal challenge of the FCC’s absurd standards and its pre-emption of local control. This was taken all the way to the US Supreme Court. Dozens of cities, towns and public officials, including several US senators and representatives, submitted briefs urging the High Court to hear our case. But in January 2001, the Supreme Court, without comment, declined. You will hear statements by supposed experts – always the same few, in the pay of the telecommunications industry – to the effect that cell phones/cell towers
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Connect Iowa Joins Forces with Iowa Association of Regional Councils to Improve High-Speed Internet Access, Adoption & Use Across the State

Connect Iowa Joins Forces with Iowa Association of Regional Councils to Improve High-Speed Internet Access, Adoption & Use Across the State

Des Moines, IA (PRWEB) January 20, 2012

Today, Connect Iowa and the Iowa Association of Regional Councils (IARC) announced a new partnership to launch a statewide “Connected” community engagement program aimed at increasing broadband access, adoption, and use. High-speed Internet is the key to attracting quality jobs, improving education, putting people in touch with government services, and building an all-around better quality of life. In collaboration with Connect Iowa, members of the Iowa Association of Regional Councils are taking charge of expanding broadband’s reach in their communities.

Last week, staff of regional Council of Governments (COGs) from all over the state took an intensive weeklong Connect Iowa training and began forming teams of local leaders who want to help create the plan for broadband expansion in their community. These leaders arrived back home this week with a critical new mission: revive their communities through broadband expansion.

“Getting all of Iowa connected to quality broadband is vital to the economic development of our state. Iowa’s Councils of Governments, in conjunction with IARC, will be the driving force in getting the Connect Iowa initiative up and running in each of their regions,” says Iowa Association of Regional Councils Executive Director Nichole Warren. “They’ll be reaching out to their community leaders and asking them to join the local planning teams.”

Last week, Connect Iowa announced the formation of a new broadband advisory committee that will help guide and oversee this new initiative.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with IARC to begin working in the local communities,” says Connect Iowa Program Manager Amy Kuhlers. “Change happens at the local level and by drawing in our relationships with the providers and local leaders and combining that with the intelligence we’ve gathered through our maps and research, we can identify solutions that best fit the community.”

Connected is a community-based initiative to accelerate broadband access, adoption, and use. The certification process benefits communities through a process of assessment, benchmarking, and planning by helping participants identify their community’s technological strengths and challenges and helping community partners match up with local opportunities.

“Connect Iowa’s Connected community program is an amazing opportunity for towns and regions across the state to assess their broadband needs and find real solutions,” says Kuhlers. “The aim is to put the tools in the hands of the community, help them do a detailed assessment of what the true local needs are, and then construct an informed plan to get the community connected in the most efficient way possible. It could be updating a school’s network or getting access to an unserved community, but the best part is that each plan will be custom-tailored to each region’s own specific needs and landscape.”

Anyone with an interest in bringing better broadband to local homes and businesses is encouraged to join in the community planning effort. For more information on how to get involved, please contact Kuhlers at akuhlers(at)connectiowa(dot)org or 515-421-2561.

About Connect Iowa: Connect Iowa is a subsidiary of Connected Nation and operates as a nonprofit in the state of Iowa to promote broadband access, adoption, and use. The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) is leading the initiative to increase broadband Internet access throughout rural Iowa. Connect Iowa was commissioned by the state to work with all broadband providers in Iowa to create detailed maps of broadband coverage and develop a statewide plan for the deployment and adoption of broadband. For more information visit:

Follow Connect Iowa on Facebook and Twitter.

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Vision247 invests in the future of multi-platform broadcast

Vision247 invests in the future of multi-platform broadcast

London, UK (PRWEB) March 01, 2012

Broadcast specialist Vision247, has increased the capacity and redundancy of its content distribution network (CDN) with a major infrastructure upgrade to its online and satellite playout facilities in central London. This significant program of upgrades improves broadcast content delivery for satellite, IPTV, and over-the-top (OTT) internet improving management, delivery and monetisation of content.

Unlike most broadcast video platforms, Vision247 provides a true one-stop shop, delivering all technical services from a single source, including content capture, processing and then delivery of satellite, online streaming video, and video on demand (VOD) services to world-wide audiences.

Vision247’s has invested more than £500,000 on improved infrastructure, upgrading both the IP routing infrastructure with Cisco equipment and the private fibre optic network between the company’s central London headquarters and the key internet hub located in London Docklands. These upgrades significantly improve delivery of Vision247’s CDN which currently connects to the largest IP networks in the world. By achieving a capacity of 640 Gbs across the CDN Vision247 is provisioned with greater flexibility in relation to how video streams are delivered in the future.

Matt Vidmar, CTO of Vision247 said: “This new equipment delivers extraordinary value and diversity to our operational department. It enables us to extend new and exciting high quality and interactive services to customers around the world, with the guarantee of a robust, resilient network to distribute television content, in any form, to multiple platforms.”

About Vision247

First to market in the provision of functional internet delivered broadcast, Vision247 provides a complete solution to clients wanting to create compelling TV and video services for connected audiences worldwide. The Vision IPTV platform can be customised for clients and supports all current commercial models from subscription, pay-as-you-go to PPV and advertiser funded.


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All About Comming Up With A Perfect Internet Based Business Opportunity

Article by Johnny Sogaard

In this day and age, internet businesses is not as it once were. Get some useful information on a internet based business opportunity, a lot of you will find it fun. Although many people find the Internet a little bit overwhelming at times, for the savvy job hunter it is the best tool that has ever been made. The number of Internet business opportunities available nowadays are overwhelming, and those numbers are only going to rise. For starters, there is Internet based business opportunity in traditional sectors. Sales, consulting, freelance writing, and many other fields of human expertise all get a boost through Internet job searches. In addition to that, however, there are new fields that only exist on the Internet now. It has never been easier to start a home based business. Some of the best Internet based business opportunity jobs are in the computing industry. People skilled in IT jobs are in demand all over the Internet. One of my friends started an Internet computer service franchise, and is doing extremely well. Business was slow at first, but soon he was able to gather a sizable client base. Nowadays, he works as his own boss, working with business clients all over town. A lot of businesses don’t want to hire a full-time IT professionals, but do need to know that they have someone on call in case the systems break down. That is where he makes his niche.

To understand the next part of this article, you need to have a clear grasp of the material that has already been presented to you. Of course, many of the best Internet based business opportunity careers revolve around the creation of content. The competition for Internet advertising revenue is fierce, and if you can create good, high-quality content, there will always be a job for you. Keyword optimization is part of this, but it isn’t the only part. If you want to start an Internet home business, you have to know how to write on a variety of different subjects. Being able to research and write high-quality articles that will keep the attention of someone once they surf in is sometimes as important as luring them in in the first place! Many of the best Internet based business opportunities are for people in niche markets. If you produce a product with a very specific clientele, it might be difficult to get it stocked in stores. If you make it available for people to search over the Internet, however, you will soon find the cash rolling in. I’ve made quite a chunk of change by producing novelties shirts and selling them online, and you can too! Just take your idea and run with it. The key to Internet based business opportunity is that you need to take the initiative. Having this article about a internet based business opportunity should assist you a great deal the next time you find yourself in need of it.

About the Author

The author of this article Johnny aka Gnubas is the owner of, which gives you handy information about Buying A Business Is A Tough Desicion and Money Making Home Business Opportunity.

This ebook contains various documents for IT Provider such as presentation of company profile, proposal of LAN installation, contract service, HRD and payroll application, internet, contract of LAN installation, website, subscription of internet, examples of documentation of LAN Installation technique, agenda of delivery and reception of website work, website, agenda of being ready to operate internet, computer service ticket and user of computer history card. The ebook is significantly suitable for those who want and have profession as IT consultant, IT contractor, programmer, and ISP and the benefits for those who get it are ; 1. To save time for some hours in searching out the related documents in internet. 2. To save cost of paying legal consultant fee. 3. To make you easier to complete the related document on time. Further, you just edit and adapt to the specification required by any work. This ebook has two (2) versions of language : Indonesian and English each of which is for USD.00 or equivalent to Rp.45000 in Indonesia. Automatic order can be done at : For manual order, you can transfer the money (Rp. 45000) per title version of language into the BCA KCP Kampung Baru Account No. 8430089243 on behalf of Ahmad Suhendro, and then please confirm by email to with the examples, the language version as ordered, total money transferred, date of transfer, bank’s name and your bank account number. And then, the ebook
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Easy2 Launches Tablet Version of its Product Demos – Providing Manufacturers and Retailers a Complete Multichannel Merchandising Platform

Easy2 Launches Tablet Version of its Product Demos – Providing Manufacturers and Retailers a Complete Multichannel Merchandising Platform

Cleveland, Ohio (PRWEB) March 14, 2012

Easy2® Technologies, the leading provider of multichannel merchandising content and technology, announces the launch of the first tablet-optimized product demos available to manufacturers and retailers. Product demos help educate online and mobile shoppers by allowing them to interact with engaging product content such as image galleries, 360-degree image rotations, and video; all of which reduces hesitation and gives shoppers the confidence to buy.

“In the last 8 months, Easy2 has been first-to-market with smartphone-optimized product demos and product selectors, as well as a tablet version of our product selectors, and now, tablet-optimized product demos,” said George Koenig, Easy2 Vice President of Sales and Business Development. “We help manufacturers and retailers provide a consistent experience across all shopping devices because each of them is used differently, in different places and under different circumstances. We’ve already made the mobile shopping experience better, and now with tablet versions of our merchandising tools, we’ve made shopping while sitting on the couch better, too. We’re helping manufacturers and retailers increase their conversions and sales, regardless of what device shoppers use.”

Tablet usage has been growing rapidly, with 12% of the US Internet population owning or using a tablet (28 million shoppers and growing), a number that is expected to double to 23% in 2012. In addition, tablet users prefer to shop on their tablets instead of on a laptop or desktop computer.*

“The tablet is a completely different user experience than using a smartphone or a desktop computer to shop,” said Jerry Spelic, Easy2 Director of Marketing. “Tablet product demos are optimized for the tablet experience, which is very tactile because of its touchscreen interface. Shoppers are able to touch the screen, pinch and stretch images, and swipe content with their fingers. It’s extremely interactive.”

“Our SaaS technology platform generates mobile versions of all of our products,” said Koenig, “which means we save our clients valuable time. A product demo created using Easy2 tools is automatically available as a web demo, smartphone demo and a tablet demo. That is a true multichannel merchandising strategy to connect with shoppers whenever, and wherever, they shop.”

For more information on the Easy2 Tablet Product Demos, please contact Easy2 at info(at)easy2(dot)com, 216.812.3200 or 877.299.3366.

About Easy2 Technologies: Easy2 ( connects manufacturers, retailers and consumers with engaging and educational merchandising content. Clients include leading consumer products manufacturers and online retailers such as Lowe’s, Sears, Toys ‘R Us, DeWALT, Britax, D-link and over 150 others.

Source: Frank N. Magid Associates, Inc. (2011)



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