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Zooming down the highway connected to the Internet

Article by Carol White

How neat would it be to be rolling along and checking the road conditions, making your next campground reservation or updating your Personal Travel Website? Of course, if you are the driver, we don’t think this is a good idea, but for your co-pilot or other passengers, what a great convenience.

This is now a very real possibility with cellular data cards, also known as “air cards.” The first thing you need to know is that they have nothing to do with your cellular phone service. Forget all about that. What is similar is that they use cellular technology (the towers, routing, etc.), but without those pesky minutes or long distance to worry about.

A cellular data card can be purchased from any cellular carrier (or you can buy your own elsewhere and sign up for the service) and fits into a PCM-CIA or ExpressCard slot on your PC. There is no connection to your cellular phone at all. In fact your cell service and your cellular data service can be from two different providers, however, you may save money if you use the same provider for cell phone and cellular data service.. Your data card has a tiny antenna on it that communicates with the cellular towers and tells them that you are transmitting as a “data only” customer from this device.

The cards themselves range from with rebate up to 0 or so. The service to go with the card ranges from about a month to for unlimited access at the highest speeds, depending upon the provider. All the large cellular companies provide this service;

So where can you use them? You will have Internet access automatically connected anytime that you are in cell phone range. If you can talk on your cell phone, you can let your fingers fly on the Internet. Like your cell phone, you don’t have to be in the service area of your provider – any cell service will do! What you will notice is that different companies have different technologies in both their cards and their service. This will cause some connections to be much faster than others around the country.

If you are a “power user”, it’s important to check the speeds of the cards and the quality of service at locations that you may use frequently. It’s much easier to get a card working fast in urban areas and along main highway corridors than off the beaten path. Just as your cell phone “drops” calls, your data card can “drop” service, either entirely or to a much slower network. If you are a MAC user, you may need to download some scripts to get your card to work – if it will work at all – something to check carefully before you buy. To find the cellular card option that’s best for you, the independent reviews at CNET and PCMag are a good place to start.

If you are having trouble always finding wi-fi “hot spots,” this is another way to connect to the Internet reliably and fairly cost effectively. Of course you can also use these when you are home – depending upon your individual situation, perhaps even in place of your regular Internet service.

So if you travel mostly in areas where you can get cellular service, a cellular data card may be the perfect solution. You can have all your work done before you arrive at your destination and be ready to play – not be buried behind your PC. After all, isn’t that why we have RVs?

About the Author

Carol White is the co-author of the award-winning book, “Live Your Road Trip Dream” ( – the ultimate road trip planning guide for extended road trips. Carol and her husband Phil have traveled over 50,000 road miles in the past several years, visiting all forty-eight of the contiguous states and having visited all of the National Parks in those states. They now spend their days helping others to live their dreams.

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Pittsburgh?s Gillece Services Now Offering Honeywell?s Prestige 2.0

Pittsburgh’s Gillece Solutions Now Providing Honeywell’s Prestige two.0® Comfort Technique Programmable Thermostat

Gillece Services, the Pittsburgh Region’s Trusted Provider of Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electrical Solutions

(PRWEB) February 03, 2012

Gillece Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, and Waterproofing Solutions is now providing Honeywell’s Prestige two. Comfort Technique Programmable Thermostat for Pittsburgh location homeowners. Sensible, portable, and simple to use, the Honeywell Prestige two. Comfort System Programmable Thermostat supplied by Gillece Services can potentially save up to 33% on annual power costs – or up to $ 200 per year – when programmed as directed by manufacturer.    

Although financial savings is a important benefit, what’s equally advantageous about this exceptional thermostat is that it is so straightforward to read. Some programmable thermostats have challenging-to-uncover or hidden buttons, but, the Prestige 2. Comfort System Programmable Thermostat provided by Gillece has a high-definition, complete color, touch screen display with everything the client requirements visible straight on the screen. Amazingly, its visual clarity is mentioned to be up to three instances far better than most typical thermostats.

The unit is also easy to use simple to plan. Its smart technologies asks the client questions and then programs itself based on answers. So, it practically applications itself. It connects to the World wide web, so that the client can monitor and manage their house heating and cooling program over the World wide web from a Computer, sensible phone, or tablet.* And, the consumer can use the temperature-sensing Portable Comfort Control remote all more than the house to adjust and readjust desired temperatures.            

As if that wasn’t enough, Gillece’s Honeywell Prestige two. Comfort Method Programmable Thermostat displays the outdoor temperature right on the property screen of the thermostat.** This way the customer know precisely what’s going on outside at any offered moment in time and adjusts accordingly. Its 7-day programming enables custom settings for each and every single day of the week. And, it can automatically adjust a home’s temperature when utility rates are at their highest to assist conserve on energy expenses.

Gillece Solutions also gives elite Indoor Air Good quality systems, such as air filtration, air purification, and air humidification, which can all be controlled from the Prestige 2. Comfort Technique Programmable Thermostat’s single remote manage. So, not only does Gillece Solutions supply a customer the very best in major home HVAC (Heating and Cooling) appliances like furnaces and air conditioners, Gillece also offers a consumer the greatest, most modern day way to manage and keep the utilizes of these appliances within the house.

For over 30 years, Gillece Solutions has been the Pittsburgh area’s a single-cease shop for Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Indoor Air Top quality, and Water Conditioning solutions – emergency, maintenance and replacement. Family members owned and operated, President Tom Gillece innovated the Gillece “There The Same Day or You Don’t Pay!”*** service policy, and “Always Here to Take Your Call!” consumer philosophy.

*with Total Connect Comfort Solutions

**with Wireless Outdoor Air Sensor

***restrictions apply – call for details


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